The drama continues for electronics giant Samsung, as it posts preliminary results for yet another lackluster quarter. The company reported a 12 percent drop in revenue and a 37 percent decrease in operating profit during the fourth quarter of 2014.

Specifically, Samsung posted preliminary revenue of roughly 52 trillion won ($47.3 billion) and operating profits of roughly 5.2 trillion won ($4.7 billion). Compared to the year ago quarter in 2013, the company earned 8.3 trillion won ($7.6 billion) on sales of 59.3 trillion won ($54.9 billion) – leaving for a sharp decrease.

Sales and profits did increase from the third quarter. However, this happens with every phone giant as customers make Christmas and holiday purchases during the fourth quarter.

Comparing Samsung’s numbers to Apple’s, things are looking troublesome for the South Korea-based company. Apple is expected to post between 65 to 69 million phone sales during the holiday quarter, crossing $70 billion in revenue, analysts say (we’ll know for sure later this month).

Samsung said it plans to slim down its line of smartphones and put more of a focus on emerging markets, where it’s currently facing competition from China-based Xiaomi, to help bounce back.


  • iPodDroid

    You know maybe if they stopped releasing so many phones, and stopped being so cocky against their competitors just MAYBE this wouldn’t be happening.

    • GuyWithTheThings


    • BoardDWorld

      Their add campaign burnt a large hole in their pocket. But with their Note 4 they’re definitely established as runner up to iPhone for most people and for a few that use google and are technically inclined to the point where they will utilise the barrage of features it far supersedes iPhone. They’re definitely not going anywhere thanks to this device.

      • George

        The iPhone 6 plus wouldn’t exist without Samsung period.

      • iamzaidan

        And samsung phones wouldnt exist without Apple period.

      • George

        And iphones wouldn’t exist without blackberry and palm period

      • They actually will exist, they already did, including the F700 (http://bit ly/1BF1EKt) which the iPhone resembles as much as later Samsung phones resemble the iPhone.

      • Sorry but your going to have to try again. The iPhone was announced in January 2007 and the F700 was announced in February. Following that the iPhone was released in June or July with the F700 hitting shelves in December. Now to me they don’t really resemble each other but if you think they do, you are proving that Samsung is the one who copied first.. Those are your words not mine. Unless you meant to link another Samsung?

      • How long do you think it takes to design and put together a phone ready
        to be presented at an event? If you think 1 month, then you’re

        Regardless, point is the F700, and other Samsung
        phones like the ones shown below, is an indication that even without Apple, Samsung’s tech would have evolved similar to what is today, probably with a different and less advanced OS. Competition from Apple sped up the evolution, and that’s only a good thing for consumers.

      • The development for each took years I imagine.. but you were arguing that specifically the F700 was shown first & released first and Apple was the one who copied..

      • Sorry for not being clear enough. Wasn’t implying that, was meant to be a remark that Apple’s previous claims of Samsung copying their iPhone design is as BS as saying the iPhone is a copy of the F700, and Samsung could have gotten those same designs without Apple.

      • I understand that, and vice versa. They all share designs but some things samsung just takes a bit too far.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Jay don’t argue with this a*hole he never loses

      • lol he does. don’t let him believe that, it fuels him..

      • Chindavon

        Samsung phones would still look like their Windows BlackJack phone. Period.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        You sir, got owned. What an idiot.

      • Joey_Z

        Speaking of screen size bumped by competition, then yes.

      • BoardDWorld

        Did anyone say otherwise???

  • Bugs Bunnay

    as expected.

  • Who is feeling sad for them? Actually a lot of people don’t get how those companies work… Samsung is still a highly profitable company. Sure, they don’t excel everywhere, but don’t forget that a lot of their margin profifts come from those parts of iPhones and iPads we all buy today…Still.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      they got some sweet flat screens and I love their top of the line refrigerators.

    • Rowan09

      They saw a huge decrease in sales since Apple chose TMSC for most of their chip production. Samsung will make money next year with Apple deciding to use them as the number 1 supplier again for the A9. It goes to show that while they both need each other, Samsung needs Apple more. It’s amazing it too them this long to see they make too many phones. Why would anyone need 8-10 different versions of 1 phone is beyond my comprehension.

    • Joey_Z

      Don’t like their mobile department, but I’m a huge fan for their TVs and SSDs.

  • Slifur

    Now where’s that guy MrE*******? Hahahaha. Samsung should stop making phone and sticked with their refrigerator lol

    • Dan

      I hope not, I prefer my Note 4 over Apple’s yearly offerings.

    • Annie Leonhardt

      MrElectric 😀 lol that clown won’t be on a post like this. xD that guy is an idiot. lol

      • @dongiuj

        “Idiot”? Explain.
        Oh yeah…F*** Samsung! Now everybody push that like button people.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Oh look… Mr Electric on his 2nd account… I can do that too.

      • Slifur

        Yes that’s him for sure hahaha

      • @dongiuj

        Are you kidding? You think somebody would make two accounts on twitter just to say something like this?

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Why do you need two Twitter accounts. Just make a Discus account. xD or login with Google. 😀

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        😀 see.

      • @dongiuj

        See what?

      • Slifur

        He’s not an idiot dude. He is an iTroll! Hahahhaha

  • Tronjheim79

    At least their new washing machines got called “innovative.”

  • springer85


  • Mac Mekawi

    That sad world where a 5 BILLION profit is not good enough!

    • Jake Smith


  • Dante Arellano

    Fukking samesung ataking me cux I have iPhone as user of Mac and iPhone i never going to buy any shite from them

  • Jim Hart

    Too bad Samsung doesn’t copy Apple’s profits like it copies Apple’s products, and stores.