iOS 8 adoption rate jumps to 68% of iOS devices

By , Jan 6, 2015

iOS 8 adoption rate january 5 2015

According to Apple’s own App Store Distribution support page, 68% of iOS devices are now running iOS 8. This adoption rate has jumped by 4 percentage points since it was last updated on December 22nd. In the meantime, and not surprisingly, iOS 7 adoption rate has decreased by 3 percentage point, only representing 29% of the install base, while earlier iOS versions are still at 4%.

Those doing the math at home will be quick to notice that the numbers don’t add up. Indeed, if you add up the numbers showed above, they amount to 101%, an error most likely due to an awkward round up of numbers. Still, we get the big picture.

These numbers are almost corroborated by analytics firm Mixpanel, which pegs iOS 8 adoption at 69.93% of devices, with iOS 7 trailing behind at 27.86% and earlier software versions representing 2.21%. This is a small discrepancy that can probably be explained by the fact that Mixpanel’s stats are almost in real time, while Apple’s own stats are already a day behind.

OS 8 adoption Mixplanels january 6 2015

This nice little jump in iOS 8 adoption rate over the last month is probably due to this holiday season that just ended. Expected to be yet another record quarter for Apple, this holiday season most likely saw many users being gifted a new iOS device, probably leaving behind their older ones, thus the stark increase in iOS 8 adoption.

By comparison, at the same time last year, iOS 7 was installed on 78% of devices, a pretty big difference which has been an ongoing issue since the release of iOS 8. The fact that iOS 8 needs about 2GB of free storage on devices in order to be downloaded and installed probably still contributes to the slower adoption rate. But if you’re one of these persons who like to look at the glass half full, these numbers are still exceptional when it comes to adoption rate for a mobile device.

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  • regkilla

    Happy on iOS 7.

    • Missing out on iOS 8

      • regkilla

        I would like them iOS 8 only tweaks.

      • Antzboogie

        I bet the updated Jailbreaks from TaiG and Pangu greatly helped as well. They deserve credit because without them many would’ve waited well a good percentage anyway.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        iOS 9 soon to kill iOS 7&8.

    • GzyOnline

      5S on iOS 7.1.2 baby!! Missing out? LOL…. iOS 8 is missing out…on biteSMS! gotta have bite! &DoubleDock &AskToCall(&ALL of deVbug’s tweaks) &CalendarProNotificationCenter &CCToggles &HiddenSettings7(we all know HiddenSettings8, all versions of ’em, don’t work properly) &CustomCover &BackgroundManager &…well i think i’ve made my point.

      Yeah…. VERY happy on iOS 7! ;-D

      • deepdvd

        I do miss CCToggles and Background Manager.

  • Light

    Rounding error in the pie chart?

    • Jeffrey

      I don’t see what’s wrong with it?

      • blu

        29 + 68 + 4 = 101

      • Jeffrey

        Ah like that, thought he meant the picture itself. I can do math do;)

  • Jeffrey

    I don’t think the numbers differ because Apple’s numbers lack behind 1 day, because I don’t think the adoption rate of iOS 8 would grow almost 2% in one day. I think it’s because Mixpanel uses less apps that are only supported for iOS 2-6 so the percentage of ‘earlier software versions’ is smaller which gives iOS 7 and 8 a bit more percentage. This also explains why Apple’s percentage of ‘earlier software versions’ is 4% and Mixpanel’s is 2.2%

  • blu

    My iPad 2 is still on iOS 7. It is jailbroken and works how I like it. Everything else I have that can run iOS 8 has it.

    • BS Detector

      Surprisingly, the ipad 2/3 run better on iOS 8. You’re missing out.

      • blu

        On what?
        I have iOS 8 on a 6, 5 and iPad mini, so I know what it has, and none of them are things I need on my iPad2. If it does what I need it to, what is “better” on iOS 8?

      • BS Detector

        Everything. Firstly is smoother. Second, safari works at least twice as fast. Third, full app support.

      • Guest

        Also, you forgot to mention the random reboots while using safari

      • BS Detector

        Updated and improved apps (both stock and third party). Access to newer plus updated apps at the store using new APIs, and with os restrictions.
        That’s, and security updates. And continuity features. And notification improvements. And quick reply. And…..

      • blu

        Glad you like it, but I don’t need it on my iPad 2.
        I notice no difference in apps between my iOS 8 devices and my iPad 2 on iOS 7. Continuity features, don’t need or want those (and some are not available on the iPad 2). Don’t use any notifications, qucik reply, so what.
        Most everything in iOS 8 can be had in Cydia for iOS 7.

  • leart

    The only thing i miss on ios 6 is that apple is pushing developers to not support older versions of ios, in this way everyone will update to the latest ios , even those with older device, which obliviously will run like sh#t on the latest ios and this will increase the desire to buy a new shinny device

    • Rares

      Argh my eyes.

      • leart

        looks better i guess on ipad screen 😀

  • ARX8

    A good portion of the 29% would be clever iPhone 4 users

    • benjamin owuye jagun

      Why anyone would be using an iPhone 4 in 2015 is anyone’s guess with a screen side that is outdated along with the phone itself.

      • ARX8

        Actually, I meant 4S.
        iOS8 isn’t for iPhone 4. Sorry for the confusion

      • BS Detector

        Poor people. Like most android users.

      • Mr Mop

        Oh please

    • benjamin owuye jagun

      No problem. But still why would anyone use an iPhone 4S in 2015? iOS 8 runs on it like a dog and again it’s very dated now and won’t be getting iOS 9 but the screen is way too small now but it was a great phone for it’s time though and was the last iPhone Steve Jobs had approved before he passed away.

      • leart

        My 4s is still stunning fast, I made my choice not updating it to ios 8

  • Rares

    29%, probaby because ios 8 works like crap even on A7 ipads.

    • benjamin owuye jagun

      Ever since I updated my iPad Air to iOS 8 it occasionally reboots and and it keeps reloading my current tab on Safari even if I just have ONE tab open other than that I have an iPhone 5s and iOS 8 runs fine. One thing I’m not liking is the unwanted Apps like “tips” that you can’t delete which is a little annoying and the sync between my iPhone and iPad is now inconsistent, especially now when I take photos on my iPhone they don’t shop up on my iPad anymore.

  • haerondir

    iOS 8 sucks. I wish I hadn’t updated my iPhone 4S

    • benjamin owuye jagun

      You still have an iPhone 4s in 2015? I’m just glad I have a 5s. I had a 4S updated to iOS 7 and it sucked so I got rid of it and got a 5s and I have looked back.

  • I feel like iOS 7 was far better than iOS 8, there are many reasons behind this. Hope iOS 9 will recover from here