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Japan-based Patchworks wants to stop your iPhone 6 Plus from bending with its new ITG Edge protector that adds another layer of protection to your handset from “#Bendgate”.

Following several reports of iPhone 6 Plus’ bending in pockets, the ITG Edge protector is launching in the US to add a 0.4mm-thick, 11g sheet of tempered glass with a bevel of liquid silicon to match the edges, on top of your handset.

In a video posted by Patchworks, it claims the ITG Edge protector will add another 45 percent of durability to your iPhone 6. With the tempered glass on the handset, it can withstand 101.3 pounds before snapping, where with out it, it would snap with 70 pounds. The company didn’t provide specifics for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Patchworks announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the ITG Edge protector is set to go on sale in the US for $39 for the iPhone 6 model or $45 for an iPhone 6 Plus model.

[Patchworks via The Verge]

  • Gato Mafioso

    So how is this different from other tempered glass screen protectors already out there?

    • Steven Code

      Beacuse they say it different did they not just say that? :p

    • Sunny

      Not at all just a scam

  • Jerry

    When the he hell has their been any reposts of the iPhone 6 bending. This should of been pitched at the 6 plus but obviously the product can’t do it

    • Mike Santoro

      My iPhone 6 has a slight bend in it. If you “aim down the sights” you can notice it. I was shocked when I found out.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        *looks down the sights of my iPhone 6* straight as a whistle…

        Don’t assume everyone bent their phone because you bent it. lol… take care of your tech. It should never be in harms way.

      • Mike Santoro

        *looks down the sights of my iPhone 6* bent like I said.

        Don’t assume someone means someone for EVERYONE because your bigoted self can’t comprehend a simple comment.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Looks like someone is mad? Lol take care of your tech, champ. Stop bending your phone.

      • Mike Santoro

        so mad! raaaaaage!!!!!!!!!

      • Annie Leonhardt


      • mrgerbik


      • Annie Leonhardt


      • InfinitePlusOne

        Got mine since September. Keep it in my pocket every day. Not even bent slightly.

      • mrgerbik

        amazing! guess that means everyone else is wrong!

    • @dongiuj

      Read the title and article again.

    • R M

      Mine bent and was replaced by apple after 4 hours waiting for then to decide. Mine bent in my front pocket before I bought a case it was in the first 2 days I had nothing else in my pockets. The iPhone. 6 plus they replaced it with was slightly thicker and heavier I’m pretty sure they bulked up the case in the most recent 6 pluses made.

      • blastingbigairs

        Same thing happened to me but it did not bend, instead the glass just cracked straight across the phone while in my front pocket. I bent over (not in skinny jeans either) to pick up some dog poop and BAM!! One hairline crack. Apple replaced it no questions asked. They could clearly see that there was no impact or shattered glass. Apple is good like that!!

  • Ds

    I’m more so interested in the thing he snaps onto the bottom of the phone for lining up the screen protector just right..

  • ck125

    Because a tiny sheet of glass is going to prevent it from bending? Yeah ok. Save the $45 people.

  • Impressive how capitalist can make business out of just about anything…

    • Cameron

      Do you think this will sell and give the company and exorbitant amount of money?

      • @dongiuj

        If people LOVE their iPhones and are concerned about how the 6 plus bends then companies can make money. Nobody said anything about “exorbitant amounts”.

      • Cameron

        this was actually just a question, i was simply pointing to the fact that theres so many tempered glass screen protectors out there, and probably about 80% of iphone owners already using regular cases. This is more likely to lose money than make any, and certainly wont be a massive success. I for one already use both a back case and a tempered glass screen protector, and no not because i fear it will bend, i feat scratches, dents and shattering. Have you taken it upon yourself to be his personal dog to reply his questions for him?

  • Great Scott

    I’m sorry but you guys post the absolute worst deals on this site. You can get the exact same tempered glass screen protectors you see everywhere for $1-5. 45 dollars for a screen protector are you kidding me? I have the exact same one with the same exact dimensions and I got it for a dollar.

    • Cmlo_

      I must know lol

    • iamzaidan

      “New screen protector WANTS to stop your iPhone 6 Plus from bending for $45”

      As a tech blog, its their duty to post about everything

      Notice the word WANTS…

      iDB never said New screen protector really does stop your iPhone 6 Plus from bending for $45 so go buy it now…

      Their job-informing u…
      ur job-making ur decision…
      Its that simple

  • Blip dude

    Uhh. . . No

  • blastingbigairs

    Refrain from bending your phone, save $45.

  • George

    Isheep better buy this lmfao

  • @dongiuj

    I thought bending iPhones weren’t an issue. If so then why advertise this and why would a company produce these if it isn’t an issue?

    • Cameron

      Not everyone follows news daily like both you and I to see updates on #bendgate, theres a large percentage of people who still think bendgate is a big issue and might buy into this. Even so, most people arent that dumb to assume a glass screen protector can prevent their phone from bending any more than their regular back cases.

  • Dan

    I paid 4$ on eBay for my glass screen protector, very satisfied.

  • Sunny

    Don’t fall for this scam!

  • Matt Ashcraft

    I threw my iPhone6 as hard as I could against the wall like a boomerang with an Otterbox on, like I do with all my phones when they have an otterbox case to test them out. There was so much force behind it that I noticed there part of my plastic screen cover on the otterbox was pressed outward. I thought nothing of it until I wasn’t able to type on the right side of the screen.

    Took the case off and noticed the iPhone was bent. The phone hit the wall at a the top right corner and at a perfect side ways angle. So the impact was so hard from the case hitting, the phone actually bent within the case. I was amazed. And of course, I just bent it back into place.

    • xTc5oh8

      Maybe it’s just because I can’t afford to be whipping my new iPhone’s at the wall, but that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Lol.

      • Matt Ashcraft

        Maybe, I’ve done that to every phone since the 4s and demonstrate it to my employees all turbine when they complain that their phone broke or their screen is cracked. I’ve never broken an iPhone since I’ve had one.

  • Myke

    I’m sorry but it won’t work. The bend issue is when the aluminium kinks. If enough force is applied the metal will warp and that’s it. The reason the likes of the galaxy note hasn’t had bend issues is because it’s plastic. Plastic has some give to it and is a lot more resistant and will more easily return to its original state.

  • R M

    My 6 plus is paid for by work (should say my 2nd as mine was replaced after bending by apple) I use a nexus 6 way more often iOS is so boring and useless but the good part is the battery lasts days as I really have no use for it besides work email and work calls.