WinterBoard updated for iOS 8

By , Nov 26, 2014

Winterboard theme

Themers rejoice as WinterBoard has been updated to support new features of iOS 8. Clocking at version 0.9.3916, this new version of WinterBoard adds a few features geared towards iOS 8, as well as some features for users that are still on iOS 7.

Besides the many updates that can be found under the hood, the most obvious change users will notice right away is that WinterBoard isn’t a standalone app anymore, and all changes will have to be made directly from the dedicated panel in the Settings app.

Here is the complete changelog from WInterBoard 0.9.3916:

8.x: Support @3x Image Hunting

7.x: Theme .car File PNGs (coolstar)

7.x: Preferences Icons (JunesiPhone)

6.x: Better SharedArtwork Hook

Better Resource Pathing (Surenix)

New @3x WinterBoard Icon (Surenix)

Fix Crash in Bundle Theme Cache

Remove Standalone Application

Image Recorder Now Uses Bundles

While some themes might still work in their current state, most of them will need to be updated to fully word properly.

What themes are you most looking forward to?

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  • Ekitchi

    Wait, is it Suave theme?
    Is it up for iOS 8? Or is it just a “random” image and you guys just crushed my hopes and dreams to make my i6 looks beautiful.

    • Alex Langan

      It’s Soft Remix for iOS 7. To get it to work with ios 8 you might have to do some tinkering in iFile.

      • Ekitchi

        My bad. It actualy looked like the Suave I remember on iOS6. Although I found a Suave HD theme and some more, but it just crops the icons. Not really beautiful. I guess we’ll wait.

      • Alex Langan

        It’s based off of the suave theme from ios 6. It’s a really great theme imo and is free on Cydia.

      • Enrique


      • Enrique


      • Alex Langan

        Apply the theme and find the icons that aren’t working. Go into iFile and find each app (Com.developerofapp.appname for example the new alien blue app is com.reddit.alienblue and Cydia is com.saurik.cydia) and find the 120×120 icon in that folder of your on an iPhone, rename that to AppIcon60x60@2x.png, so this for every app that wasn’t working. Then reapply the theme in Winterboard and respring. This will work for any theme not updated for iOS 8 except if you’re on an iPhone 6+ or an iPad. This also works most of the time if an app got updated and the theme doesn’t apply to that icon anymore and you want theme applied again.

  • Pat

    YAY !!!
    I’ve been waiting for that !

    Thanks dev. and idb teams !
    Keep up the good work

  • Stay close for Myrea. I`m already working on it 🙂

    I also have something new prepared. It`s called diWine+

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Hot biscuits! More freedom from the dullness that is 19814 (nineteen eighty fourteen). Buy it, bend it, break free of iOS boredom…

  • ra1nmaster

    We need Zanilla!

    • cole mahoney

      zanilla on my iP6

      • Edvard Rølvaag

        Some of my icons won’t change when I use Zanilla, anyone know a fix? Settings, phone, tips wether, passbook, videos, health, facebook, fb messenger, music, ibooks, etc. is still default…

      • CS

        Reddit/ iOSThemes had a video posted on how to get non-supported themes (like the one you are talking about) to work. You can also manually fix it in iFile but it isn’t worth it

      • Edvard Rølvaag

        Ok, thx! Can you give me a link?

      • CS

        I haven’t personally tried it but it’s worth a shot
        http://beam (DOT) wtf/yR38

      • ra1nmaster

        Interesting. I had to hack around a bit and add an extra custom theme for some stock apps to get them to theme; it has to do with Apple and their new naming conventions…

      • How did you remove the icon labels? on my winterboard it’s not working.

      • ra1nmaster

        I just use Springtomize, as I’ve actually never got the theme option in Winterboard to work properly.

      • rafsko1

        Whats the tweak for badges?

      • Ex mea sententia


      • rafsko1

        Thanks 🙂

  • Scott

    I always enjoyed themes that used OSX icons in IOS

  • Barry Peeters

    Too bad he dropped the icon on the springboard option though.

  • L J

    Typo in the second sentence “WinterBoard adds a few features geared towards iOS 7, as well as some features for users that are still on iOS 7.

  • NeftyCorrea

    do not UPDATE WINTERBOARD i lost winter board icon on springboard and i lost info.txt on calendar support WINTERBOARD WAS WORKING BOSS till i updated it and lost some functions with info.txt file and lost winterboard icon ON SB ! FIX ASAP SAURIK

    • Barry Peeters

      The icon is supposed to be gone from the Springboard, he said so in his changelog, you can find it back in your settings.

      • NeftyCorrea

        yea i know i just read it I’m still upset tho make life easier instead of going into settings i need to find a way to get info.txt working with winterboard again

      • Bia

        themelib, new addon for winterboard should take care of that for you

      • NeftyCorrea

        What’s themelib ? How does it work never heard of it

    • Cal J

      What does info.txt do?

      • NeftyCorrea

        You can make the date on calendar small different color and same with the number resize only

  • czarczarczar


  • Joey Pants

    Ummm…am I the only one with the a broken settings app as a result of this update? As soon as I tap the icon, it immediately crashes. Uninstalled winterboard, and voila, settings app works again.

    • Justin Linnell

      Same with me

      • Joey Pants

        I guess I’m glad that it’s not only me…

        …but it sucks. I had to uninstall winterboard and now i’m back to ugly ass stock icons, ha.

      • Justin Linnell

        Whenever i download a theme the settings app crashes (even if I respring). No themes installed (just Winterboard) and it works fine (ios 8.1, iPhone 6 plus)

  • Steveomatic

    When I updated to the new Winterboard today I could not open my settings app on my Iphone 6+. I had to remove Winterboard in Cydia for settings to open! Please help.

    • CS

      Try reinstalling. My 6+ has no issues

      • Steveomatic

        That worked. Must have been a glitch the first time around. Thanks!

  • CS

    Satcon8 has been iPhone 6 friendly for a while, and with the new Winterboard update, even more 🙂

  • Winterboard has been working for a while for me but it’s still nice to see an official update with a few new features and bug fixes. My iPad Air 2 looks amazing now thanks to Ayecon:

    • GuyWithTheThings

      Getting an Air 2 tomorrow. And I think if you intended to put a picture, it’s not working.

      • I did intend to put a picture that’s rubbish Disqus for you though

    • Here’t the image I intended to attach (thank a lot Disqus for making me use my MacBook and failing on my iPad without telling me…):

      • Faiz

        How did you get that?

      • The dock and theme is “Ayecon” by Surenix. The wallpaper I got off this website (iDownloadblog) and can be found by searching for “Yosemite Wallpaper”…

  • Steveomatic

    The update crashed my phone. I was unable to open my settings app on my 6+. I had to remove Winterboard in Cydia for settings to open.

  • iPodDroid

    It’s about time! Now for auxo and I’m set!

  • ShawnTXDFW

    Ok so I’m lost. This is probably not the right place to post but not sure where else to go. I’m not sure why initials aren’t showing up after my jailbreak Any help on how can I get them back?

    • ShawnTXDFW

      I also forgot to mention how can I take off the OTA update badge on the Settings Icon. I’m not upgrading my software. I love the benefits of being jailbroken. 😉

  • Enrique

    i want SOFT REMIX 7 on iPhone 6+

  • Scotow

    From my i6, the stock winter board options “hide (un)docked labels” doesn’t work. Someone else in this case ? Bye

  • battosai

    Jaku !!! 😀

  • ra1nmaster

    Ah Thanks! Home screen looks so much better now 🙂

    • Cal J

      No problem. Glad I could help.

  • Jenifer Moreno

    I just jailbroke my iPhone 5s and I don’t know how to use this Cydia I keep trying to get a Xmas themes but when I go to my winterboard I click the theme and nothing happens when it resprings? Someone please help me ! 🙁

  • Philip Hunter

    What’s goin on with the winterboard update for 8.0.2? Does anybody know?

  • Kristen Johnson

    so i don’t know how, but my winterboard icon disappeared from my home screen. Apparently its still there when i’m inside settings.

    • Kristen Johnson

      oh wow i feel really dumb now.

      WinterBoard Isn’t a standalone app anymore, and all changes will have to be made directly from the dedicated panel in the Settings app.

      reading is cruicial people

  • Mike Palomba

    Any good christmas themes that work on the iPhone 6?