ipad mini 3 black red cover

Following today’s announcements, Apple has refreshed its Smart Cover and Smart Case accessories for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. The Smart Covers are made of polyurethane and come in seven vibrant colors, while the Smart Cases have a leather construction and are available in five neutral colors.

Designed to fit the 6.1mm form factor of the iPad Air 2, Apple is selling its Smart Covers and Smart Cases at $39 and $79 respectively, with the iPad mini 3’s versions being $39 and $69 respectively – the iPad mini 3’s leather Smart Case coming in as $10 cheaper than its Air 2 counterpart.


All editions of the iPad cases include “wake on open” and “sleep on close” features, along with keyboard and FaceTime stand positions for propping an iPad. The leather Smart Cases offer additional full-body protection, as they shield the back of the device from dust and scratches.

The new Smart Covers and Smart Cases for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 can be purchased through Apple’s iPad accessories page.

  • neoamaru

    one thing’s certain, i’m loving their cases more than their products (^^)v

  • stoopisdoop

    $79! sssSTOP IT!

    • Jason Baroni

      In Brazil the Air cases comes for a bit more than US$200 🙂

      • stoopisdoop


  • Eni

    Out of topic: when creig was talking for Metal he mentioned 3 games, asfalt 8, assassins creed identity and gods of Rome but I can’t seem to find the last two of them on the App Store. Any idea?

  • Mr Mop

    So can anyone tell me what’s different about these new Smart covers/cases?

    • Andrew Roth

      Because the iPads are thinner the ones you already spent $80 on no longer work. So you have to pay Apple again to buy the same thing you already bought.

  • DIesel

    A shame they didn’t make them any smarter

  • Andrew Roth

    I’m still waiting for my iPhone Smart Cover. :p

  • Mark Ray

    Nice cases but the price tag is extremely high. I just bought the Poetic flip smart cover from http://bit. ly/1037xCM for just $4.79 as launch promotion and it does look beautiful and support Awake/sleep functionality, what more could I ask for

  • Eni

    are you from new zeland? becoze that app is only avaliable in new zeland