If you ever wanted to find out the complete specifications of your iOS device, you should check out a new jailbreak tweak developed by iNasser called iDevice Wise. The tweak displays each and every detail that you need to know about your iOS device ranging from its IMEI, Serial Number and Model number to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Address and much more. It includes literally anything you want to find out about your device, even the detailed specs that a tech junkie will look after.

All of this information is grouped into different sections allowing you to easily find out what you want.


iDevice Wise doesn’t add any standalone-app to the Home screen after installing it. Instead, you can start discovering the specifications of your iOS device by heading to the tweak’s pane in the stock Settings app. You’ll find sections related to the battery, Wi-Fi, baseband, Facetime and much more.

While the tweak nicely groups the specifications into different sections, the developer could also add a search functionality to quickly find out the specification you’re looking for rather than scrolling through the list until you find it.

If you’re interested to discover additional details about your iOS device, you should probably give this tweak a try. iDevice Wise is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99.

  • Okhoo

    1% battery though

    • … and the battery died right after I took the screenshot 🙁

  • jack

    “has baseband” ……..

    • YerDaddy

      “Has springboard”….. It’s as though idb lately is reviewing every single tweak that pops up under “changes” in cydia, just because they can. They should only focus on things that are worthy. Remember the old adage: quality over quantity.

  • Rahimo

    This is useful for me at least !!! I was wondering whether my iPad is containing a GPS Chip or not ??!! I think i’ll find out after trying this tweak!! I actually used “Data Monitor” cydia tweak, but i didn’t find my desired thing!!!!

  • Rahimo

    Mr Mahdi, this is what i got, every thing is “cracked”, my device is iPad 3 wifi 32 GB, what shold i do ?!!!

    • Because you’re using the ‘cracked’ version.

  • Nathan

    You’d think they would try to make FaceTime quality over LTE better than 3G…apparently not.