Truffol reversible USB lightning

There have been a lot of rumors going around about Apple’s alleged reversible cable. Most recently, reports are saying no such cable will be included with September’s iPhone 6 launch. It is shocking reversible USB cables are not already in mass production. After all, the technology is quite old. Only since the reversible cable was linked with Apple, has there been such a firestorm.

Last week, we posted an article about accessory maker Truffol debuting a reversible cable, available for purchase immediately. I was able to get my hands on a pair of cables from the manufacturer and am quite pleased with their build quality!

The cables came directly from Truffol in a very Apple way. Coiled inside a plastic sleeve, the accessory is begging to be associated with the true OEM. The cable and end pieces are exactly the same size and even the cable is accurate, down to the texture and feel. I did find it odd, the USB logo is still only included on one side. Personally, I would either label both or neither.

Truffol USB Reversible Lightning Cable from JimThe actual cable I received from Truffol

I quickly plugged one into my MacBook Air and, sure enough, it instantly began to sync. There were no incompatibility error on my iPhone, even though the cables are not MFi certified. To get a little more detail about the cable, I spoke directly with a Truffol representative. According to Truffol:

Our supplier has iPhone 6 test units and have cracked it. They did the same with iOS7 Lightning cables before iPhone 5s came out so we consider them a reliable source. It would be unethical for us to sell something that will be useless within a month…You do not get error messages when using it with iOS7 (and iOS8 too according to our supplier).

Based on my personal experience with the cable and the seemingly positive response Truffol has with their unnamed supplier, I say go for it. Of course, there is always a risk purchasing cables that are not MFi certified by Apple. Additionally, the cables may work with iOS 8 currently, but that would not stop Apple from updating the OS to curb this type of product.

Truffol Reversible Cable packaging

According to a very non technical, but humorous Guardian office study, reversible USB cables can save users a combine 4,687 years worth of time. Make sure to start saving your own time and pop over to Truffol for a $9.99 cable. Considering a standard Apple cable is $20, this is definitely worth the investment.

Do you think Apple will announce a reversible USB Lightning cable next week, or not?

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    • JimGresham

      It’s a cable…and it works. If you need to see a video of how it works, either you don’t trust the article or haven’t used a Lightning cable before.

      • Toma Radu-Petrescu

        What a BS argument.

      • JimGresham

        It isn’t a leaked part. It is a commercially sold cable.

      • Kurt

        Close you eyes and envision yourself plugging it in to a USB hub, and it works. Flip it over and plug it in and it works.

        Open you eyes. What you saw was a mental video that you wanted to watch. Maybe an apology to Jim is in order?

      • Chetan

        I agree

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        Check the video on you tube

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      I think the new USB will come with the new iPhone 6

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        nice out of focus horizontal picture!

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  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    I wonder how the quality is ? I’m tired of buying these knockoff cords that last 1 month despite me taking care of it and pulling out on the plug rather than the wire like so many do. Some 1 let me know !

  • bhaveshkakadiya

    Nothing on the reversibility of the USB?

  • blu

    I got my cable the other day too, works just fine on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini.
    I did notice that the inside part of the usb side of the plug seems to have to flex to plug in either way since the female end of a usb plug is not centered. I am wondering how long it will last till that breaks.