AdThief spat ios jailbreak malware

Security researcher Axelle Apvrille recently published a paper about AdThief, a malware aimed at hijacking ad revenue from a reportedly 75,000 infected devices. First discovered in March 2014, and also known as “spad,” the malware, which comes disguised as a Cydia Substrate extension, was found to replace the publisher ID of publishers with the one of the malware creator, effectively attributing all ad revenue to him.

A publisher ID is used to identify a publisher’s account on an ad platform, which helps track revenue generated by said publisher. By being able to swap the publisher’s publisher ID with his own, the malware creator was able to hijack revenue from about 22 million ads. In effect, when clicking on an ad, an infected user would generate ad revenue for the attacker instead of the developer of the application or website.

The malware was designed to target ad kits from 15 ad networks, including Google-owned AdMob and Google Mobile Ads, both representing a large share of mobile advertising at least here in the US. Other American companies targeted by AdThief are AdWhirl, MdotM, and MobClick. The remaining targeted ad networks were all from China or India.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.25.38 PM

Thanks to some debugging information that was left in the malware code, the security researcher was able to track down the creator and identify him as Rover12421, a Chinese hacker specializing in mobile platforms. Posing as “zerofile” on some forums, he admitted working on a publisher ID swapper for AdMob, but denies being involved in developing the code further, or even being part of the malware propagation.

At this time, it is unknown how the Cydia Substrate extension gets on jailbroken devices. We could speculate that it makes its way to devices after being installed from third party packages in Cydia, likely from a non-default repository. So far, there is no known way to find out if you’ve been affected. As always, it is very likely that jailbreak users who’ve been adding pirate repos are more likely to be affected than others.

In April of this year, another malware targeting jailbroken iOS devices surfaced. Dubbed unflod, the malware was found to capture the Apple ID and password of the infected device and send them to a Chinese IP address.

Because there is so little known so far about AdThief, we can only warn our readers to be careful about what repositories they add and what package they download.

More information about AdThief

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Damn! -.-
    I’ve been using that ripbigboss

    • thecrack101

      ur going to hell…

      • NaSty

        RipAnmolMalhotra then

    • Merman123

      Then you’re asking for it..

      • No he is not. There is many reasons to commit piracy. Don’t be flat out insulting.

      • Merman123

        What’s more insulting than stealing someone’s work ?

      • > try before you buy
        > will buy later
        > can’t afford it but still want it

      • Merman123

        1) Trials are up to the developer to offer or not. If a store offers no refund policy , does that give you the right to just steal it instead ? No.
        2) if you’re going to buy it later , then you should hold out until then. To keep the integrity of fair trade. Can you steal a game that you’re going to buy in a week ? No.
        3) Your inability to afford something does not grant you permission of ownership. Just because there are other ways of obtaining something you can’t afford , it doesn’t justify the means of which you go through to do it.

        Please don’t say I’m being flat out insulting. Id argue your justifications , are the ones insulting. Especially to many developers.

      • 1) so i can’t try on a shirt in a store to see if it fits?

        2) I really don’t care about the integridity

        3) this would be from tHe perspective of a lost sale. If someone can’t afford a tweak. He or she pirating it won’t make you loose money.

      • grumpyfuzz

        dude, if everyone pirated apps, the app selection would be horrible compared to what we have now.

      • ARX8

        1) Not all tweaks have a trial option. And what if the user wants to know if it’s sham or not

        2) No, you should know how good that tweak is, before you buy. It’s stupid to blindly buy anything without knowing how good it is

        3) I’m really poor. I don’t even have a credit card.

        I make free packages for jailbreak community and submit a hell lot of bug reports to the devs as well.
        I’m not gonna buy stuff from cydia since I don’t have the money . Things don’t make a difference even if I stop pirating. I wasn’t gonna buy them anyway. The dev doesn’t gain anything from me stopping pirating. But he does lose some valuable bug reports.
        Also stealing? Does that even make any sense?
        I get a copy of what the dev makes. It’s not like his whole work is stolen and he loses what he created. He can still make revenue from the code he created.

      • TheShade247

        Well i think Jeff makes App/tweaks review videos for a reason.
        2nd: since you chumps are not developers thats why you will never feel the pain how bad piracy is

      • ARX8

        I make packages for cydia and I can understand the pain. And I already told you why I pirate. Even if I just stop pirating, the devs aren’t gonna gain anything. But if I pirate, I can help them make the tweaks better

      • FwgKnight

        >Implying you know the pain

      • Dani Hayes

        There is nothing wrong with try and buy. I use something I buy it. I like to see how it works for me personally not just from seeing and reading reviews. Do you test drive a vehicle before you buy?? It’s the same as playing with a computer or any other device before you buy it.

      • Antzboogie

        Yeah me too I like to try before I buy and I have done so many times.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        I had bought colorkeyboard when i was on 7.0.4. When i jailbroke again on 7.1.1, i was not allowed to download ck7, due to some compatibility issues, even though it is compatible. Solution: Piracy repos!

      • disqusted

        Imagine I just walked into a retail store and then right back out again with an armful of software, without paying for any of it…

        They catch me and I justify my actions using any of the three reasons you just listed. Do you think they’d understand and let me go, or do you think I might be someone’s girlfriend by the end of the night?

        Point made.

      • I walk into a store and I walk out with software, yet the software is still there. A few hours later, I come back and pay.

      • disqusted

        I mean I get your point. You can pirate the fkn seven seas for all I care, I was just making a logical counter argument to your self-justified one.

        Just because *you* think those 3 scenarios are alright does *not* mean that developers feel the same way. Especially #3, “I don’t have the money but want it anyway”? Besides that being called “theft” in every context that I can think of… I’ll just dismiss that fact here.

        Even despite that, to presume the developers feel that your listed reasons are moral and acceptable is pure speculation… and as such, your argument collapses. Unless you could prove that the developers of the pirated tweaks feel your reasons are all A-OK and reasonable, your argument, again, is just based on your subjective opinion of what you seem to be acceptable use of others’ software/intellectual property.

        As said, I could care less what you download and what you pay for and don’t. I’m not gonna play preacher— though, I can’t help but call out such a horrible argument and grossly illogical conclusion. That’s what got me. Not the moral pretense, but the fact that you seem to feel that your rationalization checks out in reality— it doesn’t. That’s all. I’m not your parent. I will call out flagrant bullshit when I see and smell it, though.

      • …is just based on your subjective opinion of what you seem to be acceptable use of others’ software/intellectual property.

        You could say the same thing about any argument to do with Intellectual Property. For example I could show a movie at my house and invite 50 people to watch it with me. I could also seed a torrent to 50 people to watch all at the same time. It’s the same movie watched by the same people at the same time only one situation is legal and the other is illegal. It is the exact same thing yet the first one is not based on a subjective opinion it’s a fact that 50 people could watch a movie in your own home and the other is subjective and more than likely not considered acceptable by the Intellectual Property owners of the film even though most people would consider this perfectly okay. We have the Internet, it’s a powerful information sharing tool yet due to people’s ignorance we can’t harness it’s true potential.


      • disqusted

        While your point is headed in an understandable direction, the difference, legally, is a single word — duplication. You watch the movie with 50 friends from 1 source. You don’t hand out 50 copies for them to take home. Digital sharing is duplication and the content is copied/duplicated on the destination computer- in the case of streaming, you’re still duplicating/propagating that digital data over the internet. The difference is negligible- the original packets of data are still being duplicated and broadcast, they’re just being decoded and rendered in realtime vs at a later time. The other caveat is that it is for personal/private use and viewing only. The internet is considered public domain; your living room is not.

        But- I appreciate the point you’re going for. There are definite grey areas when it comes to those sort of things. I won’t argue that. I will argue that “I don’t have the money, but I want it anyway, so I just steal it” is theft. Anyone who can’t see that obvious fact likely has an IQ < 60.

        Then there's the issue of morals. Which are subjective anyway. Some people don't think murder is wrong. Some people steal without regard. Others pick up prostitutes because they see it as a victimless crime. It's all in the eye of the beholder. So I'm not defending any more points. If some dude is convinced that shooting someone in the head and killing them is not murder, I'm not going to be the one to change their opinion anyway. Futility… and I am reaching that point. I just say; I'm not telling people what to do, I'm just calling out shitty, ill-formed arguments. I'd rather someone just say "yeah, I pirate shit all the time because I FEEL LIKE IT" vs. trying to paint it as something innocent and justified. That's my deal. I hate the passive warranting of things. Just grow some balls and speak the truth.

      • Matt Taylor

        Accept if you steal a physical object such as an Apple, it can’t be replaced, and if you clone a piece of software the owner still has it! Yes piracy is out of control but if it was my software and some poor guy couldn’t afford it after paying his rent and feeding himself I would want him to have it and get enjoyment from my work because I’m not a greedy c *!t… However if the dude was driving a 50k car and living in a six bed house and was pirating my software I would want to punch him in the face!

        Watch the south park episode about piracy, it’s so funny and true!

      • disqusted

        Ok. Cool, well you have a philanthropist view of things. That’s fine– you have every right to an opinion, as do I. We have to acknowledge a third, obvious situation: there *are* people that can more than afford to pay for things, yet they still don’t and won’t. That’s just reality. We will agree that the punishment for such violations will be a fist to the skull or a boot deep into the ass. If they fail to donate a measly dollar or two to the dev, we shall be the ones to make a counter-donation c/o the developer. If you don’t feel like it, I’ll be glad to… I just got a new boot and I want to break it in. I’m ready to rupture some rectums. Rip some rims. Bruise some bowels. This is gonna be awesome… Do we have an agreement on those terms?

      • Kurt

        Very interesting argument. I think I’ll have to use that one in the future!

      • disqusted

        I also must ask how you walk out of the store with the software and yet leave it there. Are we working with premises of sorcery at this point? This is hypothetically to be occurring in reality, not purely in your imagination.

        I’ll give you this much— if you were arguing this point about AOL trial floppy disks/CDs some 15-20 years ago, I’d have to give you the touché. There’s your instance where you could walk out of a store with software that you didn’t pay for and get away with it. I used to format them shitziz and save my porn JPGs on them when I was like, 13. The good old days when a JPG used to take 5 minutes to load and I used to take 20 seconds to load. Five minutes for the pic, 20 seconds for me. I never waited for the whole thing to download anyways. A tenth of a nipple and I was ready to launch.

        Now I’m so desensitized like all of us have grown to be. It’s absurd what it takes to get me off these days. At least an entire boob, sometimes even two! I know. It’s extreme, but that’s the dark path that stuff takes you down. I’d feel ashamed but like you, I have none. So you’re forgiven of your transgressions. Just don’t try doing the shoplifting stuff first referenced in this comment. Your booty hole will certainly be ripped and torn asunder in jail. Stealing doesn’t go as smoothly in real life as it does online…

      • M_thoroughbred

        I want my a pair of Bose headphones I think I’ll go to BestBuy and take a pair and pay them later when I have the money. (Sarcasm) if you want to try something before you buy and want it but there isn’t an option for that then search around the Internet look up reviews do a search and then determine if that which you want is really what you need and want. Simple. People always don’t see the wrong in piracy but that’s because it’s not their pockets that they are hurting. Go ahead put time and effort in something and then seeing your your work being used and your bank account not reflecting the amount of people using it. Piracy is wrong no matter how you try to justify it.

      • Niclas

        100 people walk out with software.
        1 comes back to pay.
        ^ reality.

      • ARX8

        The means of obtaining matters. If you want a physical copy, you must pay for it. Taking any physical copy for free without the consent of them is stealing.
        But what if I get a copy of stuff I wanted without stealing any physical copy or damaging anything? I wasn’t gonna buy them anyway. This way I can enjoy the stuff and support the devs at the same time.
        I pirate because I don’t have the money to buy stuff. If I were rich, I’d still pirate stuff and try them before buying them

      • Dani Hayes

        Fallacy made, not a point.

      • disqusted

        Speaking of making points… your counter-argument is, well, there isn’t one. You claim that what I’ve said is wrong and then back that statement up with— nothing. Very convincing. I’ll just accept that my commentary is false simply because you say it is. I mean, how could I deny such an impermeable argument?!

        So, returning to reality: a simple statement of negation is *not* a valid rebuttal, in any context other than in your own delusion.

        Maybe you were just fantasizing about performing fellatio on the fellow who doesn’t want to pay for anything? Fallacious ≠ fellatios. Good thing you’re willing to do it for free, because you can bet he’ll stiff you right after he gets done stiffing you… or your mouth. Whatever. Goblin cock.

      • Dani Hayes

        Very clever of you. Next you can make a joke about my mom to prove you I.Q.

      • Matt Taylor

        Depends how pretty you are…

      • Rowan09

        In theory that sounds good but in reality it doesn’t work so well. Once I have a full application why would I want to pay for it?

      • Once I have a full application why would I want to pay for it?

        Out of respect for the developers. I have ‘stolen’ (by which I mean shared a copy with someone else over the Internet) music in the past only to purchase it later out of respect for the artist. Many people do the same thing with jailbreak tweaks and try things out and pay for it later out of respect for the awesome people that created the product they were using. In fact this can often be problematic. If you visit Reddit there are many stories over at /r/jailbreak of people purchasing jailbreak tweaks after trying a ‘stolen’ (copied) version of the tweak only to be shutdown and prevented from using the tweak due to poorly implemented Digital Rights Management (DRM)…

      • Niclas

        Incorrect, very, very few buys the stuff they pirate…

      • Incorrect, very, very few buys the stuff they pirate…

        Do you have any stats to back this up? I use myself as a generalisation but I know there are other people like me that have and do ‘pirate’ things only to purchase them at a later day. I know there’s been many research done that suggests that ‘pirates’ are the best customers and buy more media than others. In terms of jailbreaking as far as I know all we and developers know is the bought-to-pirated ratio. I’ve yet to see, or hear of any research in the jailbreak community investigating how many people have ‘pirated’ tweaks only to buy them at a later date and this is the problem with looking at the numbers and taking them at face value presuming each one is a lost sale. This is not at all true. Piracy (man I hate that name, people that download things via the Internet do not sail the seven seas, hijacking boats left, right, and center) is a complex problem. Just because I download something off X repo it does not mean that I haven’t bought the tweak or don’t plan on doing it. If I download something off X repo the problem becomes even more unrealistic as the stat counter would more than likely have increased once again. In addition to this who is to say I don’t tell people about how great the tweak I downloaded is? If I did that I could indirectly influence others to buy the tweak that wouldn’t have if I didn’t tell them about it…
        I’m writing a lot of mumbojumbo again and this likely contains an awful let of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes (luckily this is the Interweb). I hope I’ve made my point that ‘pirates’ are not thieves as Hollywood would have you believe. Sure many are but not all. It’s far too difficult to measure the impact of ‘piracy’ even if you possess a team of top lawyers, a bunch of greek scholars, a clown in a bow tie and a mythical creature of some sort…

      • Niclas

        Filippo Bigarella.

      • What about him? I know many people pirated his tweak LivelyIcons only to purchase it after realising where the money went. People that ‘pirate’ believe it or not do have a soul. ‘Pirates’ are not emotionless freeloaders out to ‘steal’ anything and everything they can…

      • Niclas

        That’s where I got the stats from.

      • Jonathan

        I only agree on “try before you buy”. But only for like a few minutes. If not, gone on the device and never to be installed again unless purchased.

        So, if you can’t afford a house, but want it really bad (paying off over time isn’t an option), you just move in before even buying it? Doesn’t make sense, neither does this.

        Try before you buy? You look around and see if you like it. If not, you leave and look at others/stick with what you already have.

        Buy later? It’s like my first example. Doesn’t even make sense. It still gives you no right to temporarily steal someone’s work. It’s kinda like breaking into a home, stealing a hundred dollars, then give it back in a couple years, if at all.

        Can’t afford it but still want it? That’s your problem man. Wait until you have the $$$.

      • AnArcticMonkey

        Sorry but I disagree with your third point there. I technically cannot afford a Bugatti right now, should I go take one and use it until I can?

      • NaSty

        Yup this sums up everyone thats ever installed a pirated tweak, the ‘try before you buy’ is a classic

      • Matt

        So you can’t ford stuff at Walmart, so you’re just going to take it?

      • Albert

        A good example would be Winterboard themes. 4.99$ for a shitty theme.

      • Liam J. Kowalski

        Also, no credit card. I for one would like to pay for tweaks but I don’t have a credit card. I’d happily use my debit card, though. I’m not even able to donate because of the sheer lack of a credit card. No how’s that?

      • Joey

        That’s no less different the shoplifting because you want to try it out. Even rent to own still requires a payment of front. It’s called buy it first and if you don’t like it then uninstall it and ask the developer for a refund.

      • Antzboogie

        Well said and thumbs up for explaining how some of us feel.

      • Mallouk Malek

        4 years ago I was not able to get a paypal account in my country, I had to use these repos, now I pay for them all

      • Trevor Phillips

        Why the hell is your name Child Pornography Video Maker 101…?

      • Bryan Shlachetka

        😀 Longest argument ever! *Rofl R4bit
        all the comments lawl.

      • Trevor Phillips

        We have a diddler in our midst.

    • As someone who knows people in within the group, they don’t touch any of the packages. No need to worry 🙂 but you shouldn’t pirate either way :/

    • #yolo

    • ARX8

      You’re getting nuked

  • That sucks…

  • Merman123

    This reflects so poorly on Jailbreaking 🙁

    • Not really. Only two major “viruses” have made it to sunlight. While there is many more on other platform. No platform is secure.

      • Rares

        You are everywhere man 🙂

      • Merman123

        Your response is in no way relevant to what I said. Just because there is only two that have been exposed , does not lessen the fact that even one “virus” that may affect jailbroken devices , reflects poorly on the name of jailbreaking. You have to remember one of the first things people ask when jailbreaking is if it’s safe.

      • As long as you don’t install anything shady or from un trusted third party repos, it should be mostly safe. Everything has a risk

      • Well for starters jailbreaking isn’t safe it never has been. It modifies system files and gives you full root access to your iOS device. Anything could go wrong at any given moment. Jailbreaking never has and never will be safe there’s always a risk of something going wrong…

      • M_thoroughbred

        Jail breaking in itself is a security breach of that system. Which in this case is iOS. Jailbreaking is not safe and it will never be.

      • Kr00

        I suggest you google Ikee worm, you’ll see how easy it is to hack a jailbroken device. Jailbreaking is never safe. I don’t trust the hackers behind the pangu JB as they burned through two known exploits that could’ve been used for iOS 8 and it added PP Helper, a pirating tool, something the trusted JB Devs would never do. Putting trust in Chinese hackers will end in tears.

  • leart

    Thats why i dont jailbreak anymore, i cant trust a jb that come from unknown chinese hackers

    • This doesn’t come from pangu. Nothing to worry about.

      • leart

        You cant be sure of that, article says that nobody knows how that is installed on devices, no one can tell what exactly is injected during the jb process but the fact is in the moment when the device is jb the control passes to hackers

      • Sleetui

        We usually don’t even see what’s being injected, but this team learned from a group that is reliable. Furthermore they do actually give you some info on how they did it. Right now they used the “date” work around.

      • I extracted pangu. It doesn’t install anything malicious.

      • leart

        I cant confirm or deny that since I not a hacker, but thinking …. To make a jb is not a simple thing, take time and money, thats why earning money from installing a malware become logic

      • They got paid $30k to make it from 25pp and it comes bundled with 25pp on the Chinese version. There is no need for such a thing. You also have no evidence to back up your claims.

      • leart

        Hem to have doubts you don’t needed evidences, to have evidence means that the shit is done so we are trying to avoid that

      • You mean being skeptical. But you have nothing to be skeptical about here. It’s like staring at 2+2=4 and saying it might be fish

      • leart

        I hope your right.
        But to be honest I prefer to trust apple rather trusting with closed eye some hackers, and I don’t trust even you 😉

      • Oknarfas

        you prefer trust apple? apple’s bugs have made the JB possible in the first place. Most of the “some” hackers are verified top experts in ios security and believe it or not its them who make the stock ios safer 😉

      • leart

        I truly believe that apple is not completely against jailbreaking since if their close definitely the door for jb they would loose around 10% of customers. Remember when they decided to close downgrading they did it for well, I still remember ios 5.1.1 apple never parched it, remember ios 6.1.1-6.1.2 a long time without patch, remember ios 7.0.5 – 7.0.6 they even pushed out 7.0.6 with sslbug fix without patching the jailbreak, yeah I believe that apple like jailbreaking

      • Oknarfas

        Yeah, i can agree with you onto this although the even bigger reason for this is, that such company like apple must rethink and schedule every single most simple step when it comes to firmware. The reason is quite obvious. It must be perfectly ok on every supported device where they push the update. So as you mentioned, Stefan reported one info leak already year ago and it is still not patched. Why? I think it’s because the info leak isnt as important in the hierarchy and not potentionaly worth the resources of several milions of dolars to push out an update for.

      • Kong Fury

        Assuming 2+2=4 is already fish. You should know better.

      • leart

        Hem, do you believe that they will warn you about possible malwares installed during jb?

      • You can see actually. Extract pangu yourself. View the files within. Nothing mallicious is done. Stop being paranoid.

      • Sleetui

        Since when in the history of JB has malware or malicious actions have EVER happened during the installation? Many Hackers made amazing programs, and if there were virus’s then it would be made public by the community.

      • leart

        How can you be sure of that, think again, do you really believe that after a jailbreak still you have a malware or tracker free device?

    • Marcus

      Then don’t use the jailbreak from the unknown Chinese hackers. There wasn’t anything wrong with Pangu, but I never used it. I’m still on 7.0.6 or .4 I think and I just used Evasi0n 7.

      • Andrew

        Why? Why don’t you update while you can? 7.0.x is so unstable. There are huge improvements in 7.1.

      • Marcus

        I just still don’t completely trust Pangu. I’ve been jailbreaking for many years and I think I trust MuscleNerd & PlanetBeing the most. They both worked on Evasi0n so that’s what I’m going to stick with using.

      • Andrew

        iH8sn0w and even MuscleNerd confirmed that there was nothing sketchy about it. Also, you really don’t know what you’re missing from 7.1.

  • brad

    best comments section ever.

    • It’s a really sad place here ;-;

      • Oknarfas

        i simply cant believe what im reading here too…

  • Kanzler

    is it possible go get infected with any kind of things with just adding a repo WITHOUT downloading any packages from it? thx!

    • Sleetui

      Yeah, just simply not add them, OR make sure they are reliable. And depending on what’s in that repo. If its piracy good luck.

    • Andrew


  • Czarczarczar

    That’s what happens when we trust a jaikbreak from the Chinese

  • R4

    Using Adblock is just as bad but you guys never wrote an article on that.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I’m careful with what I install.Yes,I use “pirate” repos,but strictly for “try before you buy”.If I don’t like it,I don’t keep it,and if after awhile (maybe a day or 2) I like it,then I legitamately buy it on the spot.I’ve done this and have legally purchased all of the tweaks I like,along with saving a few bucks here and there from things that just weren’t from me.

    No I don’t condone piracy.I like supporting the developers that make awesome things with their time and effort.

  • Tragic

    Lol I don’t have any ads on my device. I’ve blocked any and all forms of ads with custom hosts file

  • I’m glad that I don’t add pirated repos.

  • im2slick4u

    Adding pirate sources won’t change anything.

  • Oknarfas

    first of all, there is always a risk you can get infected. no matter if on ios, android, windows, whatever..
    this virus does not steal your pers. information. it uses Mobile Substrate to inject the other packages installed on your device and redirects the ad revenue to its own address. what is important here is the common sense of every user itself. Its the same why some have those various porn pop ups on their desktops and some don’t 😉

  • This is why you only install things from trusted repos, even non-default like Ryan Petrich’s. And why you shouldn’t use piracy repos.

    • Framboogle

      If only Cydia had some sort of “I verified repo” check.

      • Isn’t it what default repos are? Trusted packages from trusted sources

      • Framboogle

        Well Ryan Petrich’s repo isn’t default but it’s definitely safe

  • Jamie

    Be sue to always chane your root password and mobile password.

  • But like, when’s the last time anyone intentionally clicked an advert?

  • Jonathan

    heh… I just switched to iOS 8 beta today… (again)

    Who knows, maybe I’ll switch back to 7.1.2 in a week, we’ll see.

  • Danial

    AdBlock is your friend 😉

  • Мирас Мынжасар

    Oh my god. What should I do?! I have seen an AD of a sided developer. How should I live after this?

  • Matt Taylor

    And how does adthief effect the user? I don’t really care if I have it! I hate ads therefore I hate the companies forcing them down our throats left right and center therefore I kinda feel like this is karma!

  • ICanHasHacks

    I used pirate repos sometimes and never got unflod and I use ad blockers sooo

  • abdullah575

    I said to you that the jailbreak is sucks!

  • NaSty

    The only time im glad I dont have any pirate repo’s

  • I think this is a positive infection for end users; those who shove ads down your throat won’t get rewarded

  • Khoa T Ngo

    IMO, the main reason for being infected when jailbreaking is that jailbreakers are now using untrusted repos to install cracked tweaks/ ipa etc. Keep purchasing tweaks to support trusted developers to be safe from malware.

  • Rares

    You know what would spice things up in the comment section? Being able to see who down voted your comment.

    • TeddyBearStand

      I down voted this comment, but I agree.

  • Wow. Very interesting arguement…Tough luck to all the people who were using ripbigboss