New Cydia iOS 7

Cydia has received a major update this morning with several improvements. First and foremost, the app has received a long-awaited iOS 7 icon thanks to graphic designer Surenix. The package manager for jailbroken devices also gains a redesigned and better organized user interface, making it easier to manage repositories, see which packages you have installed and more. Read ahead for a full look at the update… 

Cydia has an all-new Sources tab in the bottom menu bar for convenient access, and you can now tap on an individual source to view all categories that are listed within it. Moreover, when Cydia is refreshing your sources, it will now show a loading indicator on a per-source basis. This approach is less intrusive than the old black bar and allows you to better identify which are your sources might be running slow.

New Cydia Loading Bar

There is also a new Installed tab for viewing which packages you have installed on your iOS device. The packages are still listed as they were on older Cydia versions, but they are now easier to access after opening the app. Within this tab, users can select from three modes that filters which packages are shown: User, Expert and Recent. User mode hides many framework and backend packages, while Expert shows everything.

Tapping on Recent shows your packages in chronological order based on their install date. This is such a long-awaited feature, and one that makes Cydia so much better. I don’t know how many times I have installed a jailbreak tweak, only for it to put my iPhone into Safe Mode and force me to uninstall it. Instead of looking through all my packages alphabetically, the tweak will be sitting right at the top for me to uninstall.

The new Sources and Installed tabs replace the Sections and Manage tabs respectively.

Another improvement to Cydia is the removal of the limitation that caused the error “wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of” for some users.  A reader of ours Tony Laughlin‏ tweeted at us that this change opens to door to more piracy on Cydia, since users that install sources with lots of pirated tweaks are usually the ones that encounter this error for reaching the package limit. I’m sure, however, that Saurik has a good reason for this.

Cydia is also better integrated and more functional for a variety of people, with support for limited multitasking while a slide-up dialog panel is being displayed for login or payment using Google two-step authentication. International keyboards are now supported on every version of iOS.

The package manager offers translations for more languages: Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Last, bug fixes were made for the status bar glitch, iPad rotation and blurry rendering.

To get the updated version of Cydia, simply open the app and tap on the Upgrade Essential button that appears. The update will proceed to install, and then you will be prompted to restart Cydia. If you have any issues updating or need help with troubleshooting Cydia, be sure to leave a comment below and our readers and I will attempt to give a helping hand.

What do you think of the new-look Cydia?

  • Jonathan

    Thanks Saurik for your work in this. 🙂

  • CAS

    I don’t like the new icon :-/

    • Ninja Banana

      You must be stupid.

      • Chris Tangler

        come on now. no need to say that. it’s his opinion that he doesnt like it, and im assuming it’s yours that you do like it.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        I have to agree with Ninja. There is no matter if you like it iOS 7 needed this icon to match

      • CAS

        First, I didn’t say the icon it’s ugly, I changed the icon with an iDB post, and I like the one I had better.

      • adityas17

        U have issues

      • CAS

        And you must have a lot of free time.

      • No need say that to people with a different opinion of yours.

    • Matt

      I’ve had the new icon ever since I jaipbrole because of the awesome iDB tutorial! 🙂
      I love this update though.

  • Shay Shtern

    Finally… But I already change the icon thanks to iDB !!

    • Joe Rossignol

      Yes, you read my article from December!

      • Shay Shtern

        YES I AM!
        And all the others articles too… 😉
        iDB FOREVER!

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Can I downgrade woth my ssh blobs I miss my jailbreak. I updated to iOS 8 and I would rather have my jailbreak back.

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        As far as I know you can only downgrade to 7.1.1 which is not jailbreak-able

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        I am still trying. I am trying with my ssh blobs.

      • SOL

      • Qasim

        It is on iphone 4

      • mlee19841

        Nope. No way around the apple signing process.

      • Arjan Vlek

        Except for iPhone 4 but only to 6.x using DFU and older iTunes.

  • Merman123

    My favorite features are :
    1) Recents tab for packages
    2) No more black bar at the top for refreshes.

  • Naveed

    I am still waiting for the jailbreak for 7.1.1 for my iPhone 5 🙁

    • mlee19841

      U and me both and ton of others. Guess we will have to wait until iOS 8. Then about 4-6 months after.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        I hate the current team of jailbreakers. They could release a jailbreak, dual boot for all devices, and so much more but they are too lazy

      • Anthony Nguyen

        Reason why they are holding the iOS 7.1+ jailbreak is because they don’t want to burn an exploit. If they they did, then Apple would know about this and they could patch it up in iOS 8 beta. These exploits are very valuable, and hard to find. So they’re just trying to be careful.

      • mlee19841

        Thought they had more then one exploit. Plus if the exploit for iOS 7 will be patched in iOS 8 then they will have to find a new exploit on iOS 8.

      • Justin Stein

        Jailbreaking has gotten infinitely more complicated over the years, so one exploit doesn’t cut it anymore. If you read the post by geohot about the evasi0n iOS 7/6 (i forget which one it is) jailbreak, you’ll see that its more complicated than just one exploit.

      • mlee19841

        Winocm already no to the dual boot and the jailbreak release. And we already know about ionc1.

      • Qasim

        If u think that, u dont deserve a jailbreak coz those guys are doing it as a hobby and not for money, so yea they get to be lazy about that but i doubt that it could be called laziness coz they hold back stuff strategically, for major versions of ios.

      • Guest

        They are doing it for money and for people to idolize them. Why the donation button? Come on. Be realistic. Nothing wrong with asking for donations as you decide to give or not.

      • Qasim

        Dude even if they were charging money for the jailbreak peple would be paying, they put so much time and effort into it, they do what others cannot so i dont see the problem with the idolize part even if it were a factor to consider “Guest”!!!

    • Yeah, its highly unlikely that will happen.
      The teams are probably more focused on finding
      exploits within the iOS8 beta, that they can use to
      jailbreak iOS8 when it is officially released.
      Don’t count on a jailbreak coming at all for 7.1.1

  • Rick Kreuk

    I prefer the previous icon.

    • You can probably download and re-apply it with Winterboard

  • Jonathan Singpradith

    I just updated to this version just now on my iPod touch and iPad 2

  • Riar Jotz

    you didn’t mention it even fixes STATUS BAR ISSUES .. which i use to have statusbar fix….. now all good..

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Status bar is fixed so now I don’t need status bar fix 2 or anything? Sweet!

      • Riar Jotz

        Yes you don’t need it anymore

    • Joe Rossignol

      Thanks. I’ve updated the post.

      • Riar Jotz

        Your welcome

      • James Gunaca

        Ok now that I’ve dug through the comments it seems a little more clear, perhaps update the post to be more explicit? Thanks though!

  • bbby

    • wouldn’t it be nice to place apps you might want in the future into a wish list?

    • wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rate apps?

    • wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leave feedback/comments?

    • wouldn’t it be nice to see the download counts of any one tweak?

    • wouldn’t it be nice to have something that looks more like the App Store?

    just looking for a more modern experience. the new improvements are nice, tho…

    • Merman123

      Saurik has commented on almost all those points and as to why they wouldn’t be a good idea. In short, there are too many devices and too many possibilities of conflicts that could be going on. It would be unfair if I installed a tweak that didn’t work on my device , and I leave a bad comment along with a poor star rating , when unknowingly it is another tweak I have installed that is conflicting. In the long run it would be detrimental to Cydia as a whole.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      A Cydia Store! If they made it like the App Store all clean and nice that would be amazing! Shouldn’t be too hard they have access to the app already!

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        See my comment above as to why it is too hard. This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish and would require cooperation with all of the main default repositories…

    • Jonathan

      You can see the download stats of apps. Kinda challenging though.
      (Credits to Awes0mekid)

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      • wouldn’t it be nice to place apps you might want in the future into a wish list?


      • wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rate apps?

      • wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leave feedback/comments?

      • wouldn’t it be nice to see the download counts of any one tweak?

      • wouldn’t it be nice to have something that looks more like the App Store?

      These are all dependent on repos so you’d need to ask BigBoss and Modmyi to do this and not Saurik. All Saurik manages is the payments side of Cydia and the Cydia application itself (which downloads the tweaks). Everything else is basically a web page operated by the repositories (the main ones of course being BigBoss and Modmyi)

  • justme

    I know this is OFFTOPIC: SKYPE is back! in appstore

    • VITICO

      it wont update tho.. at least not for me..

    • Thanks

    • It’s now showing in my update list, however it says that it’s not available to buy anymore

      • Mads Teland

        Just delete and download again 😉

  • Leviscus Tempris

    I know these aren’t iOS 7 perfect but these are what I’ve made and been using and I like them much more.

    • There was no need for such big images hahaha

      • Leviscus Tempris

        Yes, It was my intention to post transparent versions of them for people to use if they wanted. But for whatever reason it didn’t work.

      • Your intentions were good anyway.

      • Leviscus Tempris

        Thank you, personally I believe they should’ve gone with a white and colorful icons instead of the plain brown scheme that they use now.

      • I agree. Always hated brown icons – cof cof old Instagram

      • Leviscus Tempris

        I would like your opinion on a new icon thing, what would you prefer the new icon to be? I am planning on making some new ones in true Apple style and I want to see what educated people think about it

    • adityas17

      those icons look ugly

      • Leviscus Tempris

        I can only agree with you on the grounds that they are skeumorphic and not “flat” and do not line up to the official Apple “specs”. However ugly is a rude word and is not constructive. If you were to provide details as to why then that would be appropriate.

    • Andrew

      there was no need t=for the “7” in the background…

      • Leviscus Tempris

        I made them while I was just using ios 7 for the first time so the “7” was a huge influence. Since then the shine has worn off and I want to make new ones to true Apple likeliness.

      • Andrew

        Even then… there was no need….
        Also, the oe with the gradients should be better if you made it with a 2-gradient color

  • r.chet

    After the update,status bar issues in cydia………..

    • Adam

      Also having status bar issues after the update

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Are you using status bar fix 2?

      • r.chet

        tried unstalling it still have the problem….

      • Leviscus Tempris

        Try running in safe mode and see if it’s still a problem. If it is then it’s something to do with mobile substrate itself, if it looks correct in safe mode then it’s another tweak

  • jack

    sorry but JB is dying

    • arvindb02

      According to who!? lol

      • mlee19841

        Lmao. Jail break is dying. Hahahaha

      • jack

        Do you need the media to tell you what is going on? Just look around. Lots of people are ditching the instability and being stuck on older iOS versions for stability and easy of use (iOS updates, no strange phone behaviors, and no hard-to-update pirated apps). Many of my friends don’t care about JB anymore… including me.. Although I’ll always miss Swipekeyboard and CC customization.

      • Andrew

        No. Jailbreak is not dying. It’s always been like that (iOS 5-6 days).

    • mlee19841

      Maybe to u but their are tons of people who still like it.

    • Bout time that little shi… oh wait you’re talking about jailbreaking; I disagree, but you’re free to your own opinion.

  • diggitydang

    There are probably reasons for it I’m not considering, but I would have LOVED a way that I didn’t have to keep restarting my springboard after each update or install. I wish I could install a couple of tweaks at a time and respring once… or install a tweak first and then update the ones that need it, THEN respring after all of those.

    I’m liking the refresh though… and everything seems, uh, snappier… hahahaha…

    • Luis Finke

      that’s not an issue with cydia, that’s an issue with MobileSubstrate

      • James Gunaca

        I wouldn’t really call that an issue, but more of a safety function.

      • Luis Finke

        fine. issue, function, whatever you want to call it, that’s not the point. it has to do with mobilesubstrate, and not cydia

      • James Gunaca

        Correct as well, sir!

    • Danuel Carr

      If you choose continue queuing and then queue up all the tweaks you want, you can install a bunch of tweaks and only respring once. Or, if you realize you forgot one, you can close the app from multitasking, then go search for the package you want, install it and you’ll still only respring the one time.

    • Andrew

      When you tap the “install” button you can also tap the “Continue to Queue” button /that was there since 2008 or so/ to install/upgrade/remove multiple tweaks at the same time.

    • James Gunaca

      You can queue them up then do one respring.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      As long as you respring after your installs you can close Cydia after an install and reopen it and make more changes. Just be sure that once you’re done in Cydia to respring either manually or through the app. Either way does the same thing

  • abdullah575

    they updated it after Apple pacth the jailberak (LOL ) !!!

    • Luis Finke

    • Andrew


  • Ethan Humphrey

    Can you update it if you are on iOS 6? I cannot seem to see the update

    • Ethan Humphrey

      nvm i found it but it is now not showing the new design, only the iOS 6

  • Ken

    i was starting to think when would cydia get a facelift looking promising. i also had envision cydia having a makeover. a little project of my own i was thinking of. Cydia would follow the flow of App Store as its home view with slide view of new themes underneath it new fresh tweaks, etc. account on the top left, refresh button top right. now this one I’ve really thinking about would be something efficient and smart, a new tab where it shows developers, designers, programmers profile, like a social following tab, EX: A3tweaks, in a list view there tweaks and updates on the way, and anything else similar to this fashion. its just a thought of mines that i wanted to share! 🙂

  • mlee19841

    To cydia,

    We will meet again on iOS 8 hopefully.

  • Yervant

    I changed the icon before, and now the new icon doesn’t show. Can u help me get the new icon

  • Leever

    Hmm.. I’m pretty sure the icon has been around for while now… This is just the official implementation.

  • James Gunaca

    When you say status bar fix, does this mean we can remove StatusBarFix2? Does it fix the status bar issue system wide?

    • svartkuken

      Yes, remove it.

      • James Gunaca

        Done and done. Works wonderfully.

        One less substrate tweak, awesome.

  • ShawnTXDFW

    I did complete upgrade and not essential by accident. The logo doesn’t look updated but Cydia gave me a warning if I don’t upgrade I’m likely to receive errors. So did the upgrade go through or not?

  • Alain

    It’s a lot better now ! Thanks god!

  • highNiggaPie

    This is amazing I hate when you download buggy apps and have to backtrack on what you downloaded this is a huge help

  • Eli Montoya

    @CAS if you hate the icon, go in iFile<cydia app change the icon@2x.png to Icon-60@2x.png if your on iPhone and it should go back to the original. You might have to do it to the classic.png but quite doubtful:)

  • Dason Priya

    And you still can’t filter by package type, so you still have to manually sift through fifty thousand million “slider themes” to find actual packages in the Changes tab. I don’t understand how basic filtering still doesn’t exist.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Really wish we could select the items that we want and don’t!

    • Britta

      You can hide unwanted sections from the Changes page by going to Sources, tapping All Sources, tapping Edit at top right, and turning off any section you aren’t interested in.

  • Urameshi
  • More than expected, but I hope there is still more to come.

  • Jon20

    It’s so funny that this is happening now when just the other day I was wondering when they were going to give the icon a facelift. I mean they did change Cydia’s UI some time ago but I always wondered why not the icon. At first I thought it was Saurik being bitter about not knowing of a iOS 7 JB and having to launch Cydia as is. It did seem as though he wasn’t a fan and preferred iOS 6 so I thought it was his way of rebelling but I guess not. I like the icon and I do believe the UI is quicker. I also like the new installed tab. I always wondered why they had it on iPad and not on iPhone. It makes it so much easier to make adjustments. Great job guys.

  • Matthew Cooper

    Why dont my statusbar icons turn black against the white background????

  • Qasim

    The new ui changes are good, got sick of the same old cydia from ages ago

  • Kevy Campbell

    Does anyone else have the same problem with the new cydia? When I try to add a pirated repos of any sort, I get an error message saying that the URL is invalid. Every repo I try to add, says the same thing.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      When I try to add a pirated repos of any sort…

      This, right here is your problem…

  • E Jom

    about 6 months late. Saurik is losing his touch

  • Why not a download icon? 🙂

  • lifeproblems

    my screen went blank.after the update

  • iFLoWx7


  • suttonmontreal

    I like this better.

  • Chris

    Even the smallest changes have the biggest impact, another feature which I think will be good is an internal notification that a tweak, theme etc. has an update available.

  • TheKingHack


  • Saulo Benigno

    How can I make Cydia in english again?

  • Nesly Lacroix

    Caution: Some tweaks have issues with the update. Their icons disappeared. A reinstall to restart the substrate fixed it for me.

  • Lankan Boy

    Hey guyz… i have deleted cydia by accident…and im runing ios 7.0.4

    can someone help me plz?

  • shen

    i want to fix my mobile substrate because my tweaks are not working but i dont know how to fix it bc i need to be a developer plz help me or send me a link of a youtube video

  • Udee

    I just updated Cydia, after restarting itself I noticed that all my Cydia apps and tweaks where gone except :Airblue Sharing, iFile, apps installed through AppCake. Even adds-on & Activator are gone.
    I also noticed that a few apps I put in one folder with Cydia and iFile remained. My phone memory has not increased or decreased, which means my apps are hidden somewhere. Cydia is opening quite well, I even installed some apps, but couldn’t not find them after leaving Cydia.
    These are the tweaks that updated before having this issues:
    APT 0.7 Strict (lib)
    Cydia Installer
    Cydia Translations

    Pls, what will I do?

  • Jonah Billings

    If the new icon is brown like the ios 6 cydia, I got it, but now cydia will not open, I try to open it, and it begins to open and the force closes what so I do…

  • Vincent Eng

    Where is the user profiles section? That we can change from user, hacker or developer.

  • Vincent Eng

    Where is the user profile section? That we can change from user, hacker or developer? I need change from user to developer.

  • Nesly Lacroix

    I updated essentials and ended with no space on my iphone 4 as Cydia filled up all my storage after displayed Fail to Fetch and RPG errors.

  • gab

    where can i find my settings