iOS 8 Devices

Apple has posted a list of devices that will be compatible with the iOS 8 software update on its website. The devices include the iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini or later and the fifth-generation iPod touch. This means that the iPhone 4 is the only iOS 7 compatible device that will not make the jump to iOS 8. Hit the break to see a full list of compatible devices… 

iOS 8 Supported Devices

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPad 2
  • iPad (third-generation)
  • iPad (fourth-generation)
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini with Retina display
  • iPod touch fifth-generation

Unsupported Devices

  • iPod touch fourth-generation and older
  • iPhone 4 and older
  • Original iPad

iOS 8 is available today as a beta for developers, with a public release in Fall.

  • Rupinder S

    Surprised that the iPad 2 is still supported.

    • Sachin

      Yeah. Me too.

    • Guest

      It’s probably because of iPad mini (which released with iOS 6). But iOS 8 will the last major iOS version for all A5 devices (iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and iPad mini)

    • Alberto M.

      Yippy!! My iPad 2 is still running strong. No need to upgrade to new hardware!

    • Osama Muhammed

      LONG LIVE MY IPAD 2 !!

    • Seere Petrova

      i think is because it has the same processor that the iphone 4s… and the iphone 4s runs good on ios 7. well was running good last time i tried it.

  • Jhonny Lennon

    ipod touch 5g?!

    • Jonathan


    • Cameron Nelms

      Most likely

    • Yes — supported. Post updated to reflect in list.

  • Steve Brea

    Goodbye iPhone 4 🙁

    • Qasim

      I really hoped it would stay on

      • ticazito

        If iOS 7 weights a lot in iPhone 4 I wouldn´t see the iOS8… SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW

    • CalumTimms97

      On the other hand, keep in mind that we might have a jailbreak to look forward to!

    • regkilla

      Too bad!

    • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

      no more bootrom exploits and instant jailbreaks for you iphone 4 users now!

  • Martin

    Just imagine how much traffic iDB is getting right now 😀

    • Qasim

      Not as much as last time since apple live streamed this one

  • AMG Power

    They’re supporting all devices from A5 chip onwards, so there’s no surprise. Finally the iPhone 4 is gone.

  • Jonathan

    I’m kinda shocked iPad 2 is still getting this attention from Apple.

    • Dana

      My iPad 2 still works 100% fine. I don’t need to upgrade. If it works fine, I don’t a new one.

      • Jonathan

        Wise thinking. 🙂

  • Keabsy

    My most favorite thing is that they brought back the fullscreen contact picture when someone’s calling. 🙂

    • Jonathan

      I was secretly hoping the same lol

      • Keabsy

        They did bring it back tho, it’s shown on the iOS 8’s description at Apple’s website!

      • Guest


      • Keabsy


      • Jonathan

        Sweetness! 😀 But not iPad? :/

      • I Didn’t Do It

        It’d probably look weird on such a large screen.

      • Jonathan


      • Danny Dodge

        Has anyone tried the beta on Ipad 3? Is it slow or is it still decent?

  • Andy

    Not surprising, since they probably want to support iPad mini one
    more year since iPad mini uses the same A5 chip as both iPad 2 and
    iPhone 4s. But iOS 8 will be the last major version for all 3 devices. I
    guess it’s finally time to upgrade to a new retina iPad this year. My
    iPad 2 has served me well after all these years, being my first iOS

    • Ron Tal

      Yeah…I got it in April 2012.

  • leart

    ipad 2??

    • Rowan09

      It’s on the list.

      • leart

        i saw it, i am surprised 🙂

  • No iphone 5c ? 😀

    • Andy

      iPhone 5c is in the picture, it’s supported – same as the iPhone 5.

  • Joshua Thomas

    I don’t see 5c listed?

  • Jeremy

    For those of you still looking for the complete list of features 🙂

    • Zany

      whats wifi calling? is it only between ios devices? if so then its pretty much similar to face time audio call

      • Jeremy

        Absolutely no idea. Wish I was able to install the beta though but I’m not a developer and I can’t seem to find anywhere online to download it. :/

      • Guito Mendez

        You make regular phone calls that would normally be through your cellular connection through WiFi. Good for when you have a spotty cellular connection at your house

    • dpacemaker

      iBooks looks to become a pre installed app(upper right corner). I hope it isn’t like Newsstand and is able to be deleted.

    • Guito Mendez

      YES!!! WiFi calling!

  • ricky_nguyen

    The iPhone 5c is supported

  • CaffeinePizza

    And…. wait for it….. limera1n is dead.

    • Qasim

      How? Why?

      • CaffeinePizza

        iPhone 4 no longer supported

      • Qasim

        Ios 7.1.1 was jailbreakable on iphone 4?

      • Andy

        He means iOS 8.

      • McBobson

        Yes, with geeksn0w, semi-tethered.

      • Qasim

        I just jailbroke with geeksn0w, it way too complicated, u have to put your phone in and out of dfu so many times plus i also had to improvise a couple of times when i the process got off rails from the tutorial way, at one point all my previous data vanished but it came back after i rebooted

      • McBobson

        It’s a bit be compacted. But in the windows version you have to install the java idk and put your phone in DFU mode 3 times. It works with Mac and Win. I jailbroke my phone twice with windows and the best thing is to be patient and stick with the tutorial.

      • Qasim

        I got it from there, but sticking to the turorial did not help at all, i had to do a lil guess work here and there an now the jailbreak is working fine the only thing is that i have not found any great tweaks that i was hoping for

      • McBobson

        Yes, it’s the same for me. I cannot buy most paid tweaks because they are not compatible, and I have to get free ones. Apart from that most tweaks work apart from JellyLock7.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Gave up iPad Air iOS 7 jailbreak(wasn’t useful anyways) for iOS8. Runs smoothly. Quick Reply is nice but Hey Siri is what is the reason it’s good.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Is iPhone 4s getting all the features mentioned today by apple?
    I’m becoming curious to know about this

    • Lol as if. The 4s will get the bare minimum of features. Look at how many of iOS 7’s features were available on the i4

      • paddle008

        Actually it did get all of the features. The iPhone 4 has been missing features since 2011, it is much less powerful than the newer phones.

  • ysfemrhn

    Undisclosed bootrom exploit is dead. HAHA

    • Qasim

      What booteom exploit

      • ysfemrhn

        a.k.a Limera1n

      • Qasim

        Limerain could jailbreak iphone 4 on 7.1.1?

      • Seere Petrova

        limera1n was an exploit made long ago by some dude making it possible to always get a tethered jailbreak for the iphone 4… iphone 4 on 7.1.1 has a jailbreak but is tethered this means you’d need to plug it into your computer every time the phone turned off to get it back working with jailbreak.

      • Qasim

        Since i cannot update the
        Software on my iphone 4 running 7.1.1 i’ll jailbreak it, what tool jailbreaks it?

  • rkltnk83

    still ipad 2 ? and the ipad 1 is stuck on ios5 and slow as h*ll so i gues the ipad 2 will be slow when ios 8 is on it

  • Jonathan

    <— New profile pic 😀

  • Johnny

    New features in the camera
    • Camera Timer
    • Separate focus and exposure in Camera

    • Jonathan

      Shut up and gimme a download link lol

  • Tony

    Yep dumping my jailbreak when I get home from work, goodbye IOS 7 you were nice.. the jailbreak was nice.. but IOS 8 has a lot of what I want. Now I just need someone to help me get the dev kit for my MacBook air so I can do the phone calls and sms. 🙂

  • iPodDroid

    #RIP iPhone 4 2010-2014 You were a brilliant phone…

    • Jife66

      Totally agree, my first reaction when i saw it was ” WOW ” none of the others have to date.

      • iPodDroid

        It’s probably for the best… if the iPhone 4 was having so much struggle just handling iOS 7 then there’s no way it’s going to handle 8.

      • Jife66

        Yeah you’re probably right, although i didn’t have any problems with my 4 running 7.1.1 But time has come to upgrade – iPhone 6 me thinks !!

      • iPodDroid

        After WWDC 2014, I’m very interested in what the iPhone 6 brings, granted I don’t plan on switching to a iPhone considering I already have a iPod Touch 5G, it makes it interesting in keeping tabs on the smartphone industry.

      • Capirexz

        iPhone 4 ~ iPhone 6 about time to upgrade.

  • Guito Mendez

    I don’t see the point in the family account feature. Cant the family just share one account?

  • Mladen Marčić

    i noticed that a certain iPhone device support only 3 generations of iOS… for example when first iPhone came it only supported up to 3.1.3..

    iPhone 3G came out with iOS 2.0 and supported up to 4.2.1
    iPhone 3GS came with iOS 3.0 and supported up to 6.1.6
    and now iPhone 4 came with iPhone 4.0 and supports up to 7.1.1.
    now we all know iPhone 4S came with iOS 6 and iOS 8 will be the last version which support 4S…
    iOS 9 will be the last version to be supported by i5, iOS 10 last ver to support i5S, i5C and etcetera…. :))

    • Mr Mop

      The iPhone 4S came with iOS 5

      • Mladen Marčić

        yeah i know sorry my bad 😀 i didnt see i wrote 6 😀

  • CalumTimms97

    Was I going mad when they introduced password protecting apps?! My life is complete.

  • Ahmed Waheed

    is iPhone 5 compatible with all features on ios 8 or there are features that supported only on newer devices?

  • McBobson

    It makes me sad to say goodbye to Limera1n and the iPhone 4…

    • Iphone 4

      i am quite feel sad when heard that Iphone 4 wa not compatible with IO8. I even wrote a letter to APPLE hoping them can let i4 to upgrade.

      • McBobson

        Unfortunately I don’t think Apple will do anything. 🙁

  • babiloe

    Ok , i got 7.0.6 shsh, how can i upgrade from 6.1.2 to 7.0.6 instead the latest one on iphone 4. Anyone ?

  • Iphone 4

    is it impossible for Iphone 4 to update IOS8 as I still hoping any miracle happen said that I4 can upgrade. My iphone 4 i had used for few years and it really gave me a good service in these few years. I really appreciate it much. HOPING~~

  • Victor Lemus

    When does it come out for iPhone 4s ?

  • gabriella

    isnt ios 8 out i cant get it on my iphone 4s?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Yes it is out.. 🙂
      We all are running iOS 8 on our phones 😉
      Its awesome dude… 😀 best iOS!
      Its running great on my 4s..

  • Randy Felty

    After installing iOS 8 my phone and my wife’s phone are getting each others messages what’s up with that