Circlet, a new stylish Status Bar indicators tweak we recently previewed in now available in Cydia.

Developed by Julian Weiss, this jailbreak tweak allows you to theme your Status Bar signal, Wi-Fi and battery indicator without the use of WinterBoard. Weiss notes in the description of the tweak that it is very lightweight, as “every “circlet” is generated as needed, without any assets saved,” and no respring is necessary.

Jeff had a first look at Circlet a few days ago, and this is what he had to say about it:

Circlet is available in the BigBoss repo for $0.99. If you decide to give Circlet a download, please let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

  • Zhimin BrownEyez

    What a useless tweak ~

    • CAS


    • What about rephrasing that and say this tweak is useless to *you*?

      Remember that not all tweaks are made for everybody. You find it useless, I actually find it pretty cool. Different people have different needs, and that’s totally fine.

      It would just be nice if you respected the time that has been put into making this tweak, even though you do not find it to fit your specific needs.

      • 空白

        Why are you so sensitive about it? That was his opinion. It’s obvious that it was. I think the tweak is unnecessary too because ‘in my opinion’ I think iOS 6 signal bars are better so I use Ayecon status bar. You don’t have to dog your readers.

      • I’m not “dogging” him, I’m just asking him to be a little more respectful.

      • 空白

        I guess so. I mean I get that what he said was kinda rude. But it’s like what you said he just stated his opinion, though quickly and bluntly. I just think it’s kinda rash to flame him for it.

      • 空白

        No disrespect from my side. I do appreciate developers and I bet that dude prob. does too.

      • Actually, to be pedantic, what he said was a statement.
        “I think this is useless” = Opinion
        “This tweak is useless” = Fact

      • 空白

        Maybe the subject doesn’t understand pedantics?

    • jack

      You are useless

    • highNiggaPie

      I hate people like you who say every tweak is useless when really it’s useless to you, think before you type.

      • Eye Roll

        Since when did Ciclet become every tweak?

      • highNiggaPie

        Anyone that says one tweak that they don’t need is useless usually says that about every other tweak its time to stop hating

      • Vckmkr


    • Vckmkr

      Lol i was thinking something very similar

    • Vckmkr

      Just aswell you get this code for free.

    • Dylan Tyler

      If you don’t like a tweak that’s cool. That’s your opinion. But it isn’t a fact that it is useless. That’s tottely based on perspective. What if your screen was cracked and disturbed how you saw signal bar but this tweak squeezed into a not cracked spot it’s all about the user. So yes this tweak isn’t necessarily needed. But it’s cool unique and different there’s nothing wrong with that. I find this tweak increase key used it cleans up my status bar giving my phone a minimalist look.

  • Rasmus Halvarsson

    Love this! But would be even better if you could chose different colors for battery depending on how much juice you got left….

    • Yup, totally agree. I would love to be able to get the indicator turn orange at 20%, then red at 10% left.

      • Rasmus Halvarsson

        Excactly, Maybe the dev can look in to this?

      • Rasmus Halvarsson

        We got what we wanted in the latest update!:)

  • kulcutah

    If you could add indicators (like new text messages or new email ) this would be totally awesome.

  • ✌️

    Not a big fan , I prefer AH Status bar

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    I wouldnt even download this for free …

  • dfdfd

    This doesn’t work for me, none of the status icons change. When I enter any of the ‘adjustments’ options, the phone just crashes back to springboard. This looked really nice but I it won’t work for me on an iPhone5 running iOS6.0 🙁