iPhone 5 in pocket

When the Moto X was announced last year, I was admittedly somewhat jealous of its various sensor-based contextual awareness and voice recognition features. In layman’s terms, the handset is one of the more interesting Android smartphones on the market to say the very least. But as someone that has been a loyal iPhone user for several years, it wasn’t quite enough to make me jump mobile platforms.

Thankfully, a new package has arrived on Cydia that allows me to experience the best of both worlds… 

We cover a lot of jailbreak tweaks here at iDownloadBlog, but only every now and then does one come along that is so profoundly interesting as FaceOff 7 proves to be. If you’re familiar with Activator by Ryan Petrich, this is a similar action-based tweak by iOS developer Elijah Frederickson — and one that deserves more than a quick glance. FaceOff 7 is packed with several actions that can be triggered by performing a simple task like placing your iOS device upright or putting it in your pocket.

The tweak has a virtually endless number of options that can be configured through the Settings app, one of them being pocket detection. When toggled on, this feature uses the accelerometer and proximity sensor to detect when you place your iOS device in your pocket. If you want to go one step further, another toggle can be enabled that causes the device to automatically lock while it is in your pocket. When you take it out of your pocket, it turns back on. You can even set a delay of between 1 to 60 seconds before the screen locks or wakes.

FaceOff7 Settings

You also have the option to enable FaceOff when your device is face up, meaning that it will turn off when placed screen-up on a flat surface. I tested this by laying my iPhone next to the trackpad on my MacBook Pro, and the screen shut off as expected. When I picked the phone up to use it again, the screen conveniently turned back on. The only downside is that iOS does not prompt you to reenter your passcode, which could lead to the security of your device being compromised. Thankfully, there is a toggle to disable overriding the password.

Before I go any further, I must clarify one thing: while I highly recommend giving this tweak a try, it isn’t perfect. The sensitivity, which can be adjusted, can be overpowering at times, causing your device to turn on and off haphazardly or flicker when you take it out of your pocket.

But it’s hard to pass up on the abundance of features this tweak offers, including a number of toggles that enhance its functionality even further. For instance, when your device is locked in your pocket, FaceOff 7 can be configured to automatically enable Do Not Disturb mode, Airplane Mode, auto-lock, mute or vibrate.

iPad Air smart cover

iPad users should not feel left out of the excitement either, as FaceOff 7 is fully compatible with the magnetic Smart Cover accessory. If you have a jailbroken iPad, do me the honors of testing this feature for me and share your experience in the comments.

Other options included are mostly for fine-tuning purposes: disable proximity in landscape, only enable proximity on AC power, disable on AC power, disable in call and disable in apps. The latter allows you to block FaceOff 7 from functioning inside of certain apps.

How does this affect battery life? Good question. In the few hours that I tested this tweak, I did notice that my battery was draining faster than usual. This is partially because, by default, a toggle is enabled that disables system sleep. This means that FaceOff 7 prevents the iOS system from sleeping, so that it can continue running and using the accelerometer and proximity sensor. Thankfully, this is a feature that can be turned off to improve your battery life situation. Still, expect higher drainage with this tweak installed.

FaceOff 7 is easily one of the coolest implementations of the accelerometer and proximity sensor that I have seen in the jailbreaking community. The useful tweak, compatible with all iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 7 or later, is available on the Cydia Store for 99 cents. Touch ID is not supported.

Leave your thoughts about this tweak in the comments down under.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Basically this type of tweak drains battery life significantly. Apple really needs to improve their battery. Apple used to be the number one when it comes to battery life but now other oem devices offers more battery life. One of the reasons i dumped my 4s and got a motoX. Awesome battery life get 1-2 days with minimal usage. 15-18 hours heavy usage. Whereas my 4s gets 12-14 hours minimal and 8 hrs or less heavy usage.

    • Borsato92

      My 5s (with all my tweaks) gets about 10-12 hours on heavy usage and about 36 hours with average usage. So they have made the batteries better, but I find that its mostly user error when it comes to battery life.

      • Jonathan

        My family member’s 5s (not jailbroken) get’s 8 hours of average use and 4 hours of normal use. That’s his 2nd iPhone 5s (replaced the other 5s cause he thought the battery was weird) but still the same battery time. Yes, useless stuff in Settings are turned off that drained battery.

      • Doreen Steven


        ✈✈✈✈ ✈✈

      • Jonathan

        I will burn your server.

      • Likii111

        Hi Jonathan, my iphone 5 had avarage 6 hours of wi-fi (facebook,web-surfing,half hour gaming) usage with auto brightnes , now with iphone 5s it goes to 7 hours.. How they can get 12 hours heavy usage?

      • Jonathan

        Maybe their heavy usage is as heavy as a feather, or they are just really lucky and somehow have awesomer batteries.

      • zabrawn

        Dude my jailbroken 5s barely gets through 8 hours heavy usage on 3G (screw my ISP). by heavy usage i mean, 1-2 hours gaming, and the rest on whatsapp, instagram and facebook.

        There is a lot of room for improvement with the batteries, I had to get a car charger, a cable for my work to charge on. I spent like $100 on charging cables and a usb car charger. :'(

      • Merman123

        Shit I get your point but , $100 hundred in cables is a bit too much.

    • mickey

      They certainly need a bigger battery but battery tech needs to improve period. However, my moto x doesn’t last any longer than my 5/5S. Usage and idle times are about the same. Not rooted, greenified or debloated in any way though.

    • Alex

      Wouldn’t this tweak be using the 5S’s M7 Coprocessor which is power friendly? I doubt this tweak would use that much more battery life on a 5S than say a background fitness app that uses the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.

  • David Hvilivitzki

    Pocket mode has nothing to do with the sensor, turn your iPhone upside down and it will turn off, turn it back up and it will turn on again.

    I didn’t find an option to just turn off the screen when the sensor is covered and turn it back on when the sensor is cleared (not by swiping and without locking the device)

    • sharp44MAG .

      Yes, but “Always On Proximity” has not been updated for iOS 7 and 64bit. So at least in my experience using on iOS 7 using an iPhone 5s the tweak did not work.

      • David Hvilivitzki

        Actualy, it works fine on iOS 7.0.4 on my 4s

      • TobiasFunke

        and your 4s is 32bit, not 64bit

    • What about SleekSleep by qwertyuiop? It’s not exactly what you describe about covering and uncovering the sensor like a smart cover does though. SleekSleep locks and turns on the screen when the sensor is covered momentarily by swiping across it. It’s $0.99 and works on iOS 7.

      Edit: Oh shoot. Sorry, I missed your parenthesis about not by swiping and without locking the device. SleekSleep isn’t what you’re looking for then.

  • Alex-V

    On android I compiled the kernel with sweep2wake and sleep + save for wake in pocket using prom. Sensor and the system must not be waked all the time..is it really not possible..? I have the same problem if I want to use virtual home.. I will buy the tweak if it’s possible if I don’t have standby time = wake time

    Von meinem iPhone

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Nice review, man. iDB was needing some fresh air from new reviewers like you. Good job. 😉

  • Ted Forbes

    Yes mobile battery life sucks. New batteries start out good but begin to get weak weeks later. All mobile devices are the same. These big tech giants have a lot of money and they need to give more.

    We need to demand better battery life from them. The question is how?

    We need better battery life Apple and we need it now.

  • Alex

    I would love to see a tweak that simply adds the motion gestures that the Samsung Galaxy has. Like when you get a call, you can answer it by waving your hand over the phone (great if you are doing something like cleaning or cooking and your hands are dirty and you don’t want to touch your device – such a great idea, why isn’t this on the iPhone?)

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    Without a jeff video, I don’t even want the tweak. Lol

  • mahe

    Does it still have the bug that it declines phone calls?
    If you have enabled on face up and the phone lays on the desk when a call arrives … what happens?
    I had it installed on iOS6 and there it declined the call …

  • Sidharth Mittal

    It still has that bug which declines call when face up is enabled…