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Turning the page on another week, more wallpapers are celebrated as the week’s favorites. Keeping a fresh wallpaper supply is just as important as keeping clean socks ready at a moment’s notice. I change mine constantly, wallpapers that is, and am always scouring for a new image.

Over the past week, Apple enthusiasts were excited to point out the iPhone turned seven. Sebastien, Jeff, and Cody even spoke about their experiences with the launch in Let’s Talk iOS podcast 011. In order to reminisce or show dedicated support for Apple, this week a small set of Apple logo wallpapers are ready for iPad and iPhone…


I am always prideful with my Apple products and often use the wallpaper space to further show my brand loyalty. Using an Apple logo wallpaper makes sure you are not just showing off your connection on the backside of the product. Of course, the well designed and timeless Apple logo is always aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Below is a short list of simple and elegant Apple logo wallpapers, all of which are parallax ready.

This week, as there are not multi variations, the full images are linked directly into the thumbnail.


Apple-golden-ratio-iphone5-preview  Apple-black-ratio-iphone5-preview

Color-apple-iphone5-preview Apple-computer-iphone5-preview



Apple wave ipad retina preview

apple-store-entrance-fifth-5th-ave-avenue-christopher-penido preview


This week there is a little change in the download process. Tap the thumbnail image above for the full parallax resolution. Tap hold the full resolution image and save to Camera Roll. From either Photos.app or Settings.app set the image as wallpaper. From a desktop computer, right click and save the image to the iTunes sync folder.


Per the usual request, submit your favorite images directly to me for consideration and posting on the site. It is easy to connect with me via Twitter @jim_gresham or email jim@idownloadblog.com. Make sure the images are dedicated for an iOS device, not simply a quick picture that you snapped with an iPhone. Parallax images are preferred, but not required. As a reminder, they do not need to be originals, just quality items.

Happy iPhone birthday, everyone!

  • Chingiz Saidov


    • Juana David


      ☆☆☆�☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆�☆☆☆ He updates about every day or every other day with new wallpapers.

  • Framboogle


  • iPhone Gruru

    I like this one better

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Nice..could u share the wallpaper? And what icon pack?

      • Maxim∑

        search “Google now wallpapers” on google images and it will be the third result 🙂

      • Ishaan Malhotra


      • Guest

        The wallpaper is one of four backgrounds of Google Now App. Here they are, all in high resolution. U are welcome! 😛

      • Guest

        Here the wallpaper.

    • Rich

      Can you share that Activator icon please? 🙂

    • iPhone Gruru

      i found it on twitter from @KyleRevony ‘s twitter account, sorry i dont have more info. the other theme that is similar to this is spaceblueberry

    • Guest

      Here is a couple of other flat wallpapers

    • iPhone Gruru

      a couple of other ones i have found

      • Albert

        These look like something the Kuvva app would have. Very cool designs/drawings

    • iPhone Gruru

      here is the original

      • Tom

        What’s their names?

      • Reading is fundamental.

      • iPhone Gruru

        and the rest

  • John Tremendol

    Haters, the ipad wall looks pretty neat even on the iphone

  • hkgsulphate


  • Rick Kreuk

    I don’t think it’s right to apply a wallpaper with Steve Jobs’s face in it to any iOS 7 device.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      What logo do you propose they carry then? A picture of a banana?

      • Rick Kreuk

        Sure. I’m just saying that I believe iOS 7 is so different from Apple’s former (high) design standards that we shouldn’t call it an Apple product. And no, Steve Jobs was not the one who created Apple products, but he did set the general direction.

        Steve Jobs was the main proponent of skeuomorphic design, the leather we suddenly hated was based on the leather in his private jet. I think we can all agree iOS 7 would likely not have looked like this if he was still around, so we shouldn’t put a wallpaper with his face on it on an iOS 7 device, that would be disrespectful.

      • Wee Ymm

        You people just say anything

    • Chris Gilmore

      But I bet you have an iDevice running iOS 7

    • illK†Δ

      This comment makes not sense at all

    • At

      Why shouldn’t iOS 7 carry the apple logo? Was Steve jobs the only person to build/design/create every aspect of apple products?

  • Jonathan

    I’m in love…. 😀 Thanks iDB. 🙂

  • 123bob

    Downvote my comment if you think that it is lame.

  • illK†Δ

    Get AR7’s new wallpaper app. “AR7” in the App Store. He updates about every day or every other day with new wallpapers.

    • illK†Δ
    • Thank you so damn much! I had no idea he had come out with that and it is exactly what I wanted from all the other 20 or so wallpaper apps I have already tried (and deleted). The name sounds familiar, isn’t AR7 a jailbreak tweak developer? I’m pretty sure I am right about that. Either way, he makes some truly stunning and original wallpapers. Thanks again!

    • Albert

      This app is great. Cheers mate!

  • Albert Hakimi

    This is heavily influence by Lionelle’s set up. Very minimalistic. Lionelle, I thank you for the inspiration! “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

  • Alan

    I like the ipad wallpaper better , I have an iphone 😮

  • Emilio Ayala

    I like things a little bit more my age!

    • Todd Sorensen

      Are you 12?

      • Emilio Ayala

        was merely implying that my theme is NSFW without it being too explicit, thats Tom Ford ad pic! to each their own!

  • Manuel Molina

    Is there a possibility to make the picture of the apple store at 5th to be in the format of an iPhone 5?

    I live in the city and love that picture. This is how it currently looks on my phone.

  • Rares

    The wave wallpaper would be awesome without the apple logo.

    • Noaaahh

      Search for “ Rolling Wave Maveicks wallpaper” into Google! 🙂

  • At

    Anyway to get that wave pic for iPhone without the apple logo? Here’s what I’m rockin right now

    • Noaaahh

      Search “Rolling Wave Maveicks wallpaper” into Google! 🙂

      • At


    • Alejandro Arredondo Castro

      Here is my homescreen! What do you think?

      • Kronny

        Awesome homescreen 🙂
        Whats name your theme and shadow behind icon is beautiful, what is it ?

        and the the classic dock ?

      • Jonathan

        Yeah how’d you get the shadow? I have it and don’t even know how I got it LOL

    • Albert


  • “NOT” Steve Jobs

    i’m sorry Jeff , but they suck !!!

  • x3sphere


  • tariq

    Just beautiful

  • Mads Teland

    The first iPad screenshot makes homescreen icon is more like little up to right, i don’t know to say this in word on english 😉