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We are rolling through some great wallpapers in the Wallpapers of the Week section on iDB. If you have not gone back through the archive, I highly suggest spending a few minutes rounding up submissions from the past twenty weeks. That is almost a full half-year’s worth of wallpapers, kept alive by submissions from our readers.

Of course, some walls are more preferred by other readers, but some people like chicken more than steak. It is all a matter of preference. Even Sebastien and I have different tastes in wallpapers, but we know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a variety of walls will best suit the readers. We have gone through a blurry phase and a short photography phase, but truth is, anything that looks awesome is fair game. Consequently, I encourage you to keep sending in those images, as they are all considered each week. If you have something negative to say about the offerings, then get yourself into Photoshop and get busy, because we are waiting for your creative images…


This week we are featuring Italian graphic artist AR7, who produces quality wallpapers on a regular basis. The images below were optimized, but not created, by him for iPhone 5. There is an important difference in the wallpaper world between “optimized” and “produced” or “created.” Typically, an artist who manipulates an existing image, whether the image is stock from another OS or another artist’s graphic, does not seek credit for the creation. Consequently, the newly created version is termed “optimized” or “altered.”

AR7 does a great job of creating his own images and optimizing others for use specifically with iOS devices. The below, are naturally inspired wallpapers, with focus on the sun. They are excellent additions to any wallpaper gallery and are optimized from their original versions by AR7 for iPhone 5.

Virtual optimized by AR7 Sunset optimized by AR7

Left: Virtual

Right: Sunset

The best way to keep up with AR7 is to follow him on Twitter @AR72014, which he uses to announce his new wallpapers, almost daily. Additionally, his Tumblr and Deviant Art galleries have full archived collections.


To download, simply load the full resolution image by tapping the name above. Once the image loads, tap hold, then save to Camera Roll. From or, set the new image as your background. On a desktop, right click the full image and save to your iTunes sync folder.

As you can see, the images above are only designed for iPhone 5. To use them on an iPhone 4, double tap the image when setting them as wallpaper. iOS will rescale the image for the smaller screen. There are no iPad versions because the artist did not create them.

Give me your wallpapers

Hey, this is a call to arms. This section has not been around for 20 weeks all by its lonesome. Our dedicated readers make this section great and we need you to keep it going. To have your wallpapers and images submitted, connect with me on Twitter @jim_gresham. I also tweet wallpapers from time to time that I find around the internet or were submitted by readers. Additionally, you can send the images embedded in an email to

Because we receive a solid amount of submissions each week, please follow these criteria. Submissions must:

  1. Be in a standard iOS device resolution, parallax images are preferred but not required.
  2. Come with two images.
  3. Include your name or Twitter handle for proper credit.
  4. Not simply be a picture you took with your device.
  5. Be imbedded in an email or have the full resolution version linked to me via Twitter

Keep the chatter alive in the comments below!

  • David Gitman

    amazing !!!

    • I have confirmed that it is a fact that there are trolls who visit sites just to “vote down” comments for no apparent reason.

      • David Gitman

        Lol, yeah I can see that 😀

  • SQ

    Now that’s what i’m talking about.

  • Andrew Roth

    I’m starting to believe my walls will never be featured… :-/ Maybe Super Bowl weekend…

    • Σαλαη αββας

      Let us see some of yours

      • Andrew Roth

        I’ve posted some on here before. Here’s a couple more. I have one for every sports team you can imagine and I take requests, to. (Maybe for a high school wallpaper or something…) These ones aren’t for parallax but I could make them parallax easily.

      • Σαλαη αββας

        I don’t wanna be mean but I’m sure this is not your best ones

      • Andrew Roth

        Not sure if you mean my best one ever or my best ones in this set. I have better but if they do post them I doubt they want the best in the comments already…

      • Alex Marwaha

        Yo dude can I have the patriots wallpapers? Maybe even patriots ios 7 ready?

      • Scott Carter

        Miami Dolphins or Duke?

      • Andrew Roth

        I’ll upload them tomorrow after school.

      • Alex Marwaha

        Yo dude u got a patriots wallpaper? I would love that.

      • Andrew Roth

        I’ll upload it tomorrow after school.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I don’t mean to burst your bubble but I don’t think iDB can feature sports wallpapers (or wallpapers showing any other brand or logos) due to copyright reasons…

      • Andrew Roth

        Yes, that’s what me and Jim thought to but it passed the requirements so they’re good. 🙂

      • James Grenard

        Do you have a St. Louis Cardinals one? Or a San Francisco 49ers?

  • jack

    Finally something not homosexually-inspired

    • Σαλαη αββας


    • JimGresham

      Hey Jack, thanks for being a consistent iDB reader.

      Considering your response, I’d love to see what type of wallpaper talent you have for submission.

    • Daniel Eliasson

      Whats your problem with gay people?

      • Decio Arruda

        They’re gay.

    • Roberto Dhorn Franca

      haha nothing against homosexuals, but that was funny!

  • Brian Gtz

    I’m glad we got no more moustache wallpapers!

  • chumawumba

    Finally, some decent ones!

  • Virtual is my new wallpaper. It looks great on iPhone 5s

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Now we’re cooking!

  • S. Khikmatullaev


  • Kenny Woodard

    These are actually really cool. Just won’t look so great under iOS 6 :/

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    Give us more space like wallpapers that is hd.

  • Jason Duong

    Awesome wallpapers, grats to the people who submitted them.

  • Julio Acosta

    These are nice wallpapers but kinda old for me since. I been following AR7 for a while. This is my homescreen though

    • Four

      Please share?

      • Julio Acosta


      • Four


  • Jonathan

    By far the best wallpapers ever released on iDB.

  • TeddyBearStand

    Don’t like either of them.

  • appleyay

    i have no wallpaper anymore just black screen behind my icons