iPad Air lock screen

Since Apple unveiled the all-new iPad Air yesterday, one of the most popular questions we’ve been asked has been: “where can I download that blue-green gradient wallpaper shown in some of the iPad Air promo shots?”

We’re not sure where the exact wallpaper is—it doesn’t seem to exist in iOS 7. But we happen to have the next best thing. Designer Adriano Mendez has recreated the beautiful background for both the iPhone and the iPad…

You know the drill: to download the iPad Air wallpaper, simply tap or click on one of the images below to blow it up to its full resolution. Then, once it’s done loading, you’ll just tap or right-click on the image to save it.


iPhone Air 640x1136


iPad  Air1536x2048

If you’re the type of person that digs cool wallpapers, make sure to check back with iDB every Sunday afternoon for updates to our Wallpapers of the Week section, which features various images submitted by our readership.

For now though, what do you think of this iPad Air wallpaper?

Thanks Adriano!

  • thetomthebomb

    Thank you! I was waiting for one of u guys to post it. Looks great

  • Dontwannaknow

    Existing Wallpaper in ios 7 is also nice looking.

    • Jonathan

      That’s mine as well.

    • kungmelvins

      That’s mine too. I use it my Mac aswell.

      • Jonathan

        Mavericks has that wallpaper now too?

  • Thomas Tsoi

    Not too bad for a default wallpaper… To want it? Now that’s odd.

  • Guest

    Looks even more amazing with the white bezel !

  • Pramod Mohandas

    Looks even more amazing with the white bezel devices !

  • abdullah575

    iOS 7.0.3 will pache the jailbreak ???!!!!

    • Giel Konink

      NOP !

    • Σαλαη αββας

      muselnerd said that it’s all fine to update to ios 7.0.3 if you’re already on ios 7.0

  • Jonathan

    How’d you get that wallpaper out of curiosity?

  • NoFruitNoFlavor

    Someone at Apple spent a whopping 60 secs making this with the gradient tool in Photoshop.

    • bigtalk

      and got payed $100000000000

  • bigtalk

    no thanks

  • iCauseLaughter

    Has anyone been able to find (or create) the white polka dot background from the new gold iPhone 5s commercial? It’s different from the white and gradient gray wallpaper in the wallpaper settings.

    • Matt

      Did you ever find it?

      • iCauseLaughter

        No, I’ve pretty much scrubbed the internet looking for it and even tried to make my own (with very little success). Oh well. Hoping it pops up somewhere soon.

    • Matt

      Well it’s your lucky day then. I found it right after I asked you

      • iCauseLaughter

        Unreal! Thank you! That made my day.

      • Matt

        I don’t know actually haha. It took a lot of searching

  • John Andrew

    Thanks for the wallpaper, looks really good. I was wondering where did the green gradient go. When I applied the wallpaper I can’t see the green part on the bottom.

    Thanks again

    • Arthur Zheng

      On your ipad,if it runs ios 7.1.1 or higher,it has that default wallpaper in the settings.

  • We just need to wait for a couple of days and I’m sure a smart guy can easily create the exact gradient colors from Apple’s presentation. However, the wallpaper above is so similar I hardly noticed the difference at first glance.

  • Maddison Laura

    In a professional criteria all peoples are most prefer the simple and light
    wallpapers for the display of their mobile or ipad or desktop.So it is nice and
    cool wallpapers for me.

  • Arthur Zheng

    Can you make a 21.5 inch version?