Popular chat and picture messaging app Snapchat just posted a fairly significant update, bringing the application to version 5.0. The update features a handful of improvements, including a revamped user interface.

Also included in the update, which is apparently code-named Banquo, is swipe navigation, the ability to double tap to reply to messages, in-app profiles, and more. As usual, we have the full change log after the fold…

Version 5.0 ‘Banquo’ change log:

  • Swipe navigation
  • Double tap to reply
  • New ways to add friends
  • In-app profiles
  • Speed enhancements
  • Design improvements
  • Send snaps to friends from your address book

From what I’ve seen so far, the update is a solid one. The noted design improvements look great, and the app feels like it runs a bit quicker and is more smooth. It’s also easier to get around in with the new swipe navigation.

If you were already using the messaging app, the update is a no-brainer. Otherwise, I don’t think there’s anything big enough here to warrant trying it out. Anyway, you can find Snapchat 5.0 in the App Store, for free.

  • motti

    Let’s hope “phantom” (snapchat hack) and
    “Picarchiver” (snapchat hack) also get updated in cydia

    • devon jerothe

      I made a hack for it on flex LONG before they even came out, phantom uses the same method as mine, I was going to make a one and put it on cydia till his came out. Anyway mine is updated.

      • Josh

        Which one is yours by chance?

      • CokePokes

        I made Phantom way before Flex came out, I just hadn’t released it yet. And all Flex hacks are crap, it’s a shame people are nulling methods and calling themselves developers. And PicArchiver saving videos wont work for sure. Snapchat renamed filenames and prolly for pics too, idk because I use a different saving method for those.

  • Avery Massenburg

    Where’s the face??

  • Huntz

    Every time I try to open Snapchat now it loads for a minute then closes.

    • tdrunner95

      remove phantom

      • Huntz

        Is there another alternative to Phantom then?

      • Michael Hulet

        PicArchiver.. I haven’t tested if it works on 5.0 (I imagine it won’t). I personally like Phantom better, but it’s worth a shot

      • Ross Hurrell

        Screen Recorder