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It’s almost impossible to stand out in the crowded space of smartphone accessories these days. This year’s CES alone saw nearly 1000 new mobile add-ons, from 590 different manufacturers. And that’s just a single 4-day trade show.

But it’s no surprise that the folks over at iLoveHandles have managed to do it with their new ‘Trunk’ Lightning cable. The understated accessory may look like just another Lightning to USB cable, but it actually doubles as an iPhone stand…

From the iLoveHandles’ website (via Gizmodo):

“Trunk is a short, posable charging cable for your iPhone or iPod. Unlike the short, flaccid charging cables on the market, you can bend Trunk vertical to charge on the wall, bend it the other way and use GPS in the car, or straighten it out and put it in a pocket when you’re on the move.”

The whole concept is pretty cool, but I particularly like the in-car scenario. My car has a USB port sitting at the base of the center console, and something like this would put my iPhone in perfect view for GPS, music management, and more.

trunk cable

About the only downfall I can see to the Trunk is its size. The cable is only a few inches long, so you wouldn’t be able to use your iPhone comfortably if it was plugged into a wall outlet. At the same time, that also means no tangled cords to mess with.

If you’re interested in the Trunk, you can find out more details at iLoveHandles. It is available for purchase right now, at the very decent price of $20. It works with late-model iPhones and iPods, and as far as I can tell, it’s only available in white.

What do you think of the Trunk cable?

  • I like it and was placing an order but an extra $17 for standard postage is taking the piss.

    • ReanimationXP

      You’ve got to be joking..

  • is possible to also rotate it ? (as opposed to just bend it up and down)

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Having the lightning cable carry all the weight is bad IMO, especially in a bumpy ride.

    • ndcart

      I thought it was a great idea, and was ready to order one, until I read your comment. You have a very valid point. Thanks a lot. lol

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Glad to be of service 😀

    • Kevin Pham

      Although I agree with you absolutely, but I’m still ordering… because my car when flying through a speed bump at 35MPG, it still feels like nothing inside 🙂

  • Benn

    shame there isnt a 30 pin version.

  • Ads

    Are people actually considering this? Seems like an extremely unsafe and weak accessory for such an expensive product.


    The product interesting, but I’m not sure if I’d mount it in my car the way the
    picture shows. Looks like a lot of strain on the lighting receptor.