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I’m a big fan of the Panorama capture feature that was added in iOS 6. I’d like to be able to use it while holding my iPhone in landscape mode, but other than that I think Apple did a great job with it.

It doesn’t always work very well in low-light conditions though. And that’s where the jailbreak tweak LLBPano comes in. It enables Low-light mode on the iPhone 5 when taking panoramic photos…

There’s not much to the tweak itself. There’s no Home screen icon or options to configure. Once you install it from Cydia, you’ll just have to pop into your Settings app and make sure it’s enabled.

Once enabled, LLBPano will automatically activate your iPhone’s Low-light mode—a feature Apple added to the iPhone 5 to improve the handset’s ability to take photographs in low-light conditions.

Unfortunately, this means that the tweak is only available for the iPhone 5. Well that and the new iPod touch. The dev says that if 5th gen iPod touch users install the LLBiPT5 tweak, LLBPano should work.

That makes for a limited audience—iPhone 5 or 5th gen iPod touch users that want to take panoramic photos in low-light conditions—but I have to say, it does make a difference. Just look at the above photo.

So as long as you meet this criteria, the tweak is very much worth checking out. You can find LLBPano in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for free.

  • johan

    this tweak makes my ipod touch 5g camera app crash when switching into panorama mode. Hope the developer comes up with an update.

    • Work fine with me

    • Thariq

      Remove it and install it again or reboot
      Cause it works Fine with me

  • still waiting for a panaroma tweak to my iphone 4

    • Was just about to ask if such a tweak existed

      • seems like there is no and will not be :/

      • Guest

        Dont know if this still works, never tried it again, as the panaroma feature was not that good on the iPhone 4.

      • Well back when panorama was first discovered iOS5 through jailbreak, it was still very beta and very badly made, that’s why Apple hid it until iOS6 came out. Still don’t get why Apple restricted it to i4S+, it’s hardly hardware dependant

    • There’s something called firebreak. I’m not sure it will work on iOS 6

  • Downloaded it before this post has been made hahaha great tweak. Thumbs up for the dev

  • Is it support iPhone 4S ??

    • David Villamizar

      use does instead of is.

  • Andrew


  • johan

    You should add in this post that for Ipod touch 5g users, you need to download llbipt5 to prevent the camera app from crashing.

  • you don’t want to take landscape panorama pictures because you will get a reduced vertical resolution 😉