new iPad on box

The first iPad was officially launched in the US on April 3rd, 2010, changing mobile computing forever.

Three years ago today, I was somewhere between Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, on a trip around the world with my wife. As an Apple fanatic, I was really bummed I wasn’t able to be in the US for the launch of the iPad, Apple’s tablet which was just about to create a brand new market of its own.

I had to wait until June to finally get my hands on the iPad. I remember flying from Australia to Los Angeles, getting off the plane, having a friend drive me to the nearest Apple Store, buying an iPad, and going back to the airport to take a flight to Paris. Yes, I came back to the US for about 3 hours just so I could finally get the long awaited iPad…

I was in such a rush that it was only after checking in my flight to Paris and going through security that I was able to unbox the device. I still remember sitting on the floor next to the departure gate, heart beating like crazy, and a few people around me gathered to see an iPad for the first time. That was a very intense moment to say the least.

The iPad has come a long way since that day. I can’t imagine today having people gather around me to look at my iPad, simply because the iPad has become so popular that everybody has seen or even played with one.

If its price point is still the same, the iPad now comes in several flavors: LTE, 128GB, Retina display, and even a mini version, which has quickly become my favorite iPad yet.

I didn’t need an iPad before the iPad existed. Now I can’t picture my life without an iPad laying around the coffee table at all times. That’s crazy how quickly some things can change our lives.

Happy birthday, iPad!

  • Ian

    Do you have all generations of the iPad? Just curious.

    • Yes I do. Well, except for the “new new iPad”, aka the iPad 3 with Lightning connector.

      • ummm.. do you have the 4? aka the 3 with move graphics rendering power?

      • no

      • its the one to have … 60fps and full res textures in games..

      • Ian

        Sweet! πŸ˜€

  • the awkward moment when a tablet gets more birthday wishes than you

    • lollooooooooooo its the number 1 tablet you are not the number 1 human…lolool

      • Hyr3m

        Please do the world a favor : Lift your head up high and blow your brains out. (love that song btw :P)

  • I finally bought an iPad last september and let me tell you. Best purchase I have made on tech for a long time. Super easy to design on the go for my business.

    • I bought mine last august, and I agree best purchase I ever made too. πŸ™‚

  • We have seen the transition from the first ipad till today’s ipad and “Damn. Apple still rocking this”

  • Happy birthday iPad! πŸ˜€

  • You very much DID need an iPad before it existed; you just didn’t know you needed it. So what else is coming down the pike that we’ll use every day; and will not be able to live without; even though we don’t know we need it; now?

  • yay almost 4 years old…. i had the 1….3… and now 4…. skipped 2 cause it had no retina…lool skipped mini cause of no retina also..

    • Goku63

      You skipped mini? You’re dumbass!


      • I WILL GET THE IPAD MINI2 RETINA and skip the ipad 5 cause it not needed..

    • JomanJi

      Dude, the iPad mini doesn’t look that bad that you cannot use it

    • i love ma mini. so glad i didn’t get the 4

    • Irfan Tarique

      you must be freakin rich !

  • Ahmadjoon

    i just have an iPhone 5 ! i realy need an iMac but it is too expensive here in Iran so I have to stay without Mac !

  • Stanley Traub

    An oversized iPod touch? Really? There is no point of an iPad. The only reason anyone would get one is to show they can afford one. Im loving my nexus 10 which is light years ahead of my old ipad 3. The only reason i had an iPad in the first place was that it was a birthday present from one of my closest friends.

    • iPad kicks Nexus 10 ass anyday of the week buddy.

      • Stanley Traub

        How? Name one sonny? The only ass it kicks is the fact that its so simple that my grandfather uses it. Young people like u and i, should use advanced tech. Dont break your back while using that ipad, SENIOR citizen πŸ™‚

      • Sorry bud, but we old people will kick your punk ass anyday.

      • Stanley Traub

        Don’t break your hip on the way there πŸ™‚

    • any tablet that isn’t the ipad is still ugly looking and feels cheap. People just go for other brands to feel unique and all geeky when in reality they just want to be different from the norm and feel like they are superior to others. While yes, your tablet might beat the way THE MASSES use their ipad (almost no knowledge whatsoever what their tablet is capable of ) but I can assure you, my jailbroken ipad 4 can kick the crap out of any other tablet you use, regardless of your “superior” specs and numbers that’s all talk and no show.

      • Stanley Traub

        Your jailbroken tablet can suck it as there is no amount of tweaks on cydia that even come close to the unrooted customization of android. Questions? Yea thats right. Cry on tim cooks shoulder πŸ™‚ i overclockes my nexus 10 as well and now it seriously outperforms my friends ipad 4 in literally every app launching test i conduct.

      • just because you can press more in your settings does not mean you have the better product. It is all bells and whistles. The stability and experience in IOS is far better as it is optimized for its hardware. overclocking a tablet? dafuq. For what? that is always the argument of android users. All talk. Just because you can do something does not make it practical. The ipad 4 can run any app flawlessly with less ram and without overclocking. That’s just pointless, and probably would drain battery faster. And with what apps are you gonna show that much power? Very limited compared to IOS classics. your tablet drools over the ipad’s games. you can add as much ram and processing power as you like and its all the same. ITS ALL TALK , POINTLESS numbers for a mobile device

      • Stanley Traub

        Sadly u are a complete idiot and i will help cure ur problem of ignorance πŸ™‚

      • Oooh so eye opening a youtube link that defends the best of the best android phones from lag! Just a frikkin scrolling interface lag. Not even an unreal engine game loading its resources in a jiffy. Wow, some quad core 2 gig ram phone/tablet phablet whatever does not lag while scrolling and opening “simple” apps (subway surfers lol, that justifies you powerful specs) gee thats nice. Mine also does not lag but with lower specs requirements and more focus on awesome apps that are integrated well into the tablet experience, have better showmanship of power and graphics capability, and not fragmented to work for specific devices. You can brag about numbers, I can brag about actual usability and seamless experience..

      • Bieberkinz

        1) Android apps doesn’t have the same quality as a jailbreak tweak IMO

        2) You overclocked a Nexus 10 to have it beat a non-overclocked, less powerful iPad just cause you realized the less powerful iPad performed just as good as the Nexus 10 stock speed.

        3) Nexus 10, 10 inch tablet, an oversized Nexus 4? The iPad and Nexus 10 are 10 inch tablets running a bigger versions of their own software…

        4) iPad may be overpriced in ones opinion, but its generally more popular, and will drive more sales, which is the most important thing in business…

      • Stanley Traub

        If you haven’t noticed most people who buy ipad are children, blind Apple followers, and senior citizens. All my college friends moved on to android and we always do our best to make fun of others with ipads.

      • Bieberkinz

        So you and your I assume, 2 Nexus 10 owner friends will try to pick on the 90+ million people with some type of iPad. Well good luck. You’re gonna have to fight kids, Apple followers, seniors, the government, business people, famous people, fans of those famous people, yup I’m sure your not gonna get your as* whooped.

    • Guest

      The Nexus 10 is an oversized Nexus 7, which is an oversized Nexus 4. Go figure. If you care so much about what other people use then you have some serious issues.

      • Stanley Traub

        Actually, my nexus 10 essentially replaced my MacBook pro for the most part. My old ipad couldn’t do anything productive and was extremely useless.

  • Al

    Awesome… Congrats on Apple success. It was ridiculed when it first entered the market, I even had doubts… But while typing this up on the iPad itself, I’m definitely a believer..

  • AppleDeveloper75

    I am an Apple Product developer and the iPad 5 will come sooner then expected. The iPad has come a long way but the iPad 5 will be the best iPad yet

  • Joe Bobbins

    Happy birthday, iPad!

  • Matthew

    Sebastien, how did you use the iPad in the airport? It was before iOS 5 so you would’ve needed a computer.

    • I had a laptop with me.

      • Matthew

        Oh. I’ll bet you were using it the whole plane ride!

  • jesus..

    i dont know whats worst.. the guy getting on a plane overseas to get an ipad or those monroes standing in line at a blistering cold to get the latest igadget

  • Please would all Apple haters waste their typing time for bigging up their Android Pish on an Android loving site. I da give 2 s***s about yer Nexus and would rather read about positive remarks and rieviews instead.

  • iamnotfan

    Happy birthday iPad
    Happy birthday Cellphone.

  • SimonReidy

    Happy birthday iPad! I just woke up and checked iDownloadBlog on my jailbroken iPad 3. Like I do every morning πŸ™‚

    Can’t imagine life before the iPad, It’s easily become my favourite mobile computing device of all time and has completely altered my work-flow for the best. Now my iPad3 just needs a new lick of paint with iOS7 which will see me through to my iPad 5. I love the fact it’s cheap enough to replace every one or two years without breaking the bank πŸ™‚

  • η¬‘ε‚²ζ±ŸζΉ–

    happy birsday

  • Bought mine back in december 2010. Best purchase ever.

  • Hyr3m

    “Changing mobile computing forever”

    Thank god you didn’t use an hyperbole in there, it might have seemed a bit too much.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Thumbs up if you have an iPad !