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Every once in a while, a good jailbreak app or tweak sneaks past our radar. We feel we do a pretty good job of covering most new notable Cydia packages, but every now and then, one slips through the cracks. And that’s exactly what’s happened with BatteryDoctorPro.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, BatteryDoctorPro is a jailbreak app that monitors your iPhone or iPod touch usage to essentially lengthen your battery life. But it also has Notification Center settings toggles, a multitasking bar and several other handy features…

Installing the app adds an icon to your Home screen, which is where you can customize your settings and view your usage stats. You’ll be impressed by the amount of settings it allows you to tweak, and how much data it offers about your device and its power needs.

bdp 3

Presets are also a big part of the app, as they allow you to quickly activate custom profiles for your device. There’s ‘Outdoor,’ which kills Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ‘Indoor,’ and ‘Alarm,’ which shuts nearly everything down. There’s also a more-customizable ‘Smart’ preset.

Once you have everything configured how you want it, there are two external parts to the app: the Status Bar widget and the Notification Center widget. Both can show Settings toggles, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., and a multitasking bar. And both are fairly customizable.

bdp 2

This is where the whole NCSettings/Auxo replacement comes in to play. By offering both NC toggles and an app switcher, BDP removes the need for these two tweaks. At least I think it’s a better solution—i.e. it’s more convenient and reliable etc. But to each their own.

bdp 5

And the features don’t stop there. There are several nice little touches around the app, like a ‘Task Clear’ button to quickly get rid of BG running apps, a Usage list that tells you which of your apps use the most power, and a System Status page that offers all kinds of stats.

bdp 4

I have to say, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with BatteryDoctorPro, and I recommend to anyone who hasn’t yet, to try it. You can find it in the BigBoss repo, in Cydia, for free. Oh, and it’s worth noting that there are some Asian letters in its title, so it’s kind of tough to spot.

We’d love to hear what you guys think of BatteryDoctorPro. Do you think it’s better than Auxo/NCSettings? Why or why not?

  • wonderboydave

    this tweak is pretty good.. but its kind of a oxy-moron.. while it gives u stats about your battery life.. it sucks up a good chunk of it too.

    • Ammar

      Agree!! it really sucks up a lot of battery..:(

    • Leonel Almeida

      Doesn’t anybody know “360 Battery Saver Pro” from “BigBoss” repo?
      It has been around for a long time. I find it way better than this tweak. Has all these features and more.

      Was expecting a review of it instead of this!

      • Damian W

        yes, some of us know this tweak, they are pretty similar almost as if they were made by the same developer. The 360BSP seems to be more stats oriented.

        I agree that IDB should spend more time on reviewing better tweaks, even the ones which have been around on Cydia for long time. Lately there was too many reviews on IDB about insignificant tweaks.

      • xBoomBastiKx

        can’t find it. Is it all chinese letters then Pro at the end? Does the icon look like safe with a circle lock on it?

      • Guest

        360BSP is not made by kingsoft security, and 360BSP is a copycat.

  • I cant find it 🙁

    • wonderboydave

      search batterydoctorpro; u actually have to tap enter when searching. then u’ll see it, it has jap or chinese characters in the beginning of it

  • xBoomBastiKx

    BatteryDoctor Pro is compatible with Auxo, because BatteryDoctor Pro has multitasking in the NC as well. Im listed as a contributor to the app “Allen Murphy.”
    The only “bad thing about Auxo with BatteryDoctor Pro” is this,
    When you have Auxo up in the NC, and scroll over to the music controls to play a song and then view the artwork “the user has to double click on the HOME button in order to close out the album artwork.” Auxo developer Sentry won’t add a “x” button or “-” button to the top right hand corner of “viewing album artwork.”

    I think its a little better than NCSettings, just because it has more toggles and options in the NC. Theres a “Badge Clear” toggle. I really don’t use Auxo toggles down in the multitask for some reason or another. I don’t know if its because you have to swipe over then up and down to find your toggle. Users “may not like the fact you can “theme” the toggle images and that its just pre-set at a orange color, but thats it.”
    Only thing Iv been using Auxo for is to see the preview behind the icon and swiping down to close the apps.

    I think if BatterDoctor Pro adds MobileSubstrate add-on’s to turn off and on then this “could be the next big” settings tweak! As much as I love SBSettings, it doesn’t have that simple feel like NCSettings and the “more function” needs an update to the images to fit the screen.

    Some other things I like about BatteryDoctor Pro. Trickle Charging, shows you the records as well. I really like the presets to like “Indoor and Outdoor” use. I have really used those functions on a constant basis since Iv installed the tweak. I like the sound it makes when “charging is finished.” the interface is nice. Theres a lot this tweak has to offer,

    • kodees

      any idea to download the “charging is finished” sound ?

  • Karim

    I have used it in more then 2 years. Must-have-tweak for me. It has everything you i’ll need

  • Mich090

    to find it: batterydoctorpro (no spaces) in cydia search

  • Ammar

    No doubt, it is really a good app, but after using for about a week i had to remove it as it was severely hampering my battery level

  • its incredibly complicated. i pretty much only use for toggles and closing apps. i want to try the other things but it just seems like it would take forever

  • Finally…

  • i have being using these tweak for more than a month now and it’s quite awesome! The app has a nice touch with the tap at battery icon on status bar feature:) I don’t think it drain that much battery and i’m a heavy user!!

  • “Every once in a while, a good jailbreak app or tweak sneaks past our radar”…yeah, AnyReminder too. Kind of ridiculous that this tweak has been snubbed.

  • Damian W

    pretty good tweak, one of the free gems of Cydia. The funny thing is most developers would charge for this around 5 dollars, yet it is free. Respect for the developer of this tweak.

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  • patmack

    This took out my notification center. Mountain center works fine, though.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This tweak has been the topic of discussion very frequently over on Reddit, r/jailbreak. Many people have reported some major issues with it, some resulting in people having to restore, rejailbreak, and I even saw a case where a person’s phone was bricked. I believe many, if not all, of these issues have since been resolved, but I’d exercise caution in downloading this tweak.

    • I highly doubt somebody “bricked” their phone using this. It is pretty much impossible to brick your device unless you screw around with the baseband on the iPhone 3GS

      • Well I won’t testify to the validity of the claims I read on Reddit. You’ll have to take what I said with a grain of salt, I suppose. Regardless, this tweak has caused people problems in the past and although that may not be the case for the present, I’m just offering a word of warning.

      • MrShutEmDown

        I personally had to rejailbreak because it messed with my itunes match/music. Holding off on that and auxo for a while..

      • Alex

        What did it do exactly?

    • I have used this cydia app before it became popular, when it was version 2.xx and there’s no such thing as “brick”. However, The app sometimes switched to 2G and never go back to 3G/LTE (smart saving). The 3g toggle doesn’t work. It’s very rare case though and it can be fixed by installing SB Setting and toggle 3g.

      • I loved this app as well, but I also ran into problems. I consistently lost my 3G and it would not connect to 3G again until I uninstalled. I keep reading rave reviews on BDP, but until this issue is resolved I will stick with SBSettings.

  • wow… really nice tweak. NC settings, Auxo…GONE 🙂 Thanks iDB!

  • FlamingOzone

    Really good tweak

  • binLatin

    I like the feature that kills all running apps after a certain amount of standby time passes but is this worth the battery drain? No it isn’t maybe some dev can make a small tweak with just that feature and I’d be happy

  • Joonyaboy

    LOVE this App. Wish Apple would hire this dev

  • waleed LA


  • seyss

    totally agree


    1. I used FireWall iP (tweak which checks outgoing connections from apps), and “BatteryDoctorPro” opened numerous connections, one to Beijing, and then a few to raw IP addresses. The developers have explained this is simply analytics to check daily users, but I fail to see why it would need that many connections to raw IP addresses if they already have one open to Beijing. BDP also checks your UDID, but many apps in the AppStore do as well, the main concern is the many raw IP addresses requesting to connect to your device.

    2. If you have a CDMA phone, stay away from using the built in profiles (indoor/outdoor), as BDP has had issues with PERMANENTLY disabling radios (3G, LTE) to a point where restores do not fix it, and you have to manually toggle automatic carrier settings or something like that (search on reddit, there is a thread about how to fix it). And remember, if you need to restore you cannot downgrade.

    • xBoomBastiKx

      This is what I received from Developer translated to English.

      IOS6 on 3G and data and system consistent, but below 6.0 is still not perfect, the future and the system is consistent.

  • Guest

    Such a well put together app though

  • i don’t see it in the repo

    • Dom

      it has some china letters in the big boss repo. If you scroll down to the third chinese letter you will see it under “kingsoft”

  • This tweak is great. Replaced ncaettings on my phone.

  • Asdru

    I already insatalled this app, but for any reason is forcing my phone into safe mode. Anybody is having this issue?

    • yearoftherat

      There are some compatibility issues with some of the packages you’ve installed from Cydia.

    • Dk

      facing the same problem here too :/ keeps crashing every 10 mins. im using ip4s

  • Asdru

    I already installed this app but for any reason is forcing my iphone into safe mode.Does anybody is having the same issue?

  • This is an awesome tweak. I have been using as soon as i did my jailbreak on my i5.
    The best tweak so far. The developer has an app in appstore i used to have it as well. No issues so far best way to manage battery and clean apps as well as many toggles provided which even do come with SB settings.
    This app also have profile management included. Can be customized too.
    A must have tweak..

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    was wondering when iDB is gonna review this app… lol
    one if my fave feature of this app is it allow u to auto kill app at a certain time so u dont have to manually open ur switcher and kill them one by one.
    after reading some of the negative comments, personally i dont have any issues with this app or with my battery level.
    BDP alone can replace NCsettings, WeeKillBackgroundPro and several other tweaks. However i still keep my SBSettings… ^^

  • Impressive, give it a try folks.

  • alloucho

    Is this compatible with the iPad?

  • who is the developer

  • Zim

    kill the app! You will benefit a better ncsettings (with battery profiles) and no battery draining. So it seems! Works perfect with Auxo and Switchy too!

  • Is 44% your actual RAM usage? Mine is ALWAYS around 90% or more and I swear I’m not running anything. Do you have any idea what could be happening? Even when I close all apps (on my 4S), the lowest I ever see it is around 65% and usually it is between 89% and 97% used. I even tried closing some packages like fLux and Adblocker. Aside from that I use Springtomize 2 (of course), FolderEnhancer, Ayecon, Zephyr, Speed intensifier and a few other tweaks. But I would imagine everyone else does too. So whats up with my RAM usage?? By the way I LOVE battery doctor pro!

    • Yeah mine is always around 87% without anything running. Deleted it anyways

      • Do you have any idea if your usage is lower now, after deleting BDP?

      • I dont know. Lol, probably a miscalculation in the code. Sbsettings RAM free is much better

      • Guest

        What is your used RAM after uninstall it?

    • same here always on 90% ram without any background apps running :((

    • BatteryDocPro most likely connecting to Chinese Servers without your permission or knowledge… I think JEFF needs to review this app again and test it with a few good Network Apps… Its possible we are all at RISK by installing this Freebie…. will see how many people have issues by days end today!

      • Guest

        Because Developer is in China, and the reported data only for statistical active uses.

    • I tried using another utility app to measure my RAM usage, and it consistently gave me different (and much lower) readings of my usage. Every app, including ISX seems to give different readings. Which is why I was curious if the screenshots above are real readings on a JB device. 45% seemed very low, but I don’t know what is really normal for iOS 6. Still, with no apps running in the background, I don’t know why it can’t below 50%.

      • Xymanek

        Well I had like 10-15 packages from cydia (except for system) and when I free + close all I got 38%

    • Guest

      In next version, BDP will Increase free memory function.

    • yongshun

      Mine;s around at 57%. It was 87% before I remove sbsettings and ncsettings and severeal other jailbreak add-ons

  • MishMash

    Deinstall after reading comments. Always trying to connect to somewhere…found in crash log. Also, too many crashes after installing this app

    • Word is that several servers from China are trying to connect and possibly use your data account without your knowledge… I’m currently running app test to see its a fact or a myth – Rumor has been around for a while!

      • John

        Hey. Don’t get mad because people are downloading this instead of your app, quit trolling.

  • bigzjoseph

    love this tweak

  • mayuresh gadre

    best free app ever 😀

  • its really nice to know that there are still good stuff that comes for free,. but as we all say free are sweet with a bitter side :)) i did install it to my iphone 5 and i was amazed of all its features., the Toggles, Switcher and all the other stuff with it,,. it’s like having multiple tweaks installed in a single package,. but i just notice something, 1st my phone generate more heat while charging. 2nd it eat ups to much resources even i dont have any apps running in background,. 3rd is idont know if its hook in to something or somewhere but the moment i installed it i notice that my internet just start to become slow,. so i tried to restore my phone and everything turns back to normal.,

    • I just read that this app (i currently have it installed to see if its true) allows a few Chinese servers to connect without your knowledge! This info goes back to a few years ago from the Apple Forum website.
      I’m going to run a few network apps to see its true….
      I’ll let everyone know what i find by tonight.
      First I’m going to see if the Battery from 100% charged is used up and how fast!

      • Guest

        These informations are only as statistical basis.

      • Guest

        This information is only as statistical basis.

  • George Yfantopoulos

    How can we get this app? ._.

  • This tweak is really amazing. But the amount of battery it drain is ridiculous. Totally not worth it for the amount of battery it drains.

  • Guest

    Battery Doctor pro increases the used ram value, it is horrible

  • Guest

    This tweak is increasing the used ram value , I know very Good tweak but when I launch facebook app,twitter app extc. applications is closing immediatelly (ram value =%98 ) , I’ve got IP4s but my ram doesn’t enough to open applicatins with this tweak

  • Hari

    I tried this app, features were good, have uninstalled due to connections to china. AUXO works for me, is there any tweak to display apps switcher to notifications center other than this ? Thx

  • It killed my battery’s maximum capacity from way over 1300mAh to 1275mAh in like 4 days…

  • Hey I commented on one of your posts I believe wondering if you were going to review this tweak and who know would’ve known you did it! 😀

  • Roy Chdid

    First I starting losing the wifi signal after installing this tweak. My wifi is always switched off and i can’t turn it on. Second i started facing troubles with the brightness of the iPhone. i had to restore and update to iOS 6.1.3 Now i lost my jailbreak and not only that but i also lost the wifi. Even with restoring to iOS 6.1.3 my iPhone doesn’t connect to the WiFi.

  • Dylfo

    I downloaded this tweak a few minutes before reading all of the negative comments I have a 4s and now I’m worried I ruined it…

  • Agolak

    Yes its true its sucks battery too much. But i like it this tweaks so much daily im charging my iphone 4s.