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Last week, Saurik announced that Cydia has been installed on over 14 million unique devices running on iOS 6 or higher. And a large portion of those devices were likely jailbroken using the evasi0n jailbreak tool.

A couple days ago, the evad3rs posted a quiet update for that tool. The update brings the app to version 1.5.1, and includes an updated Cydia package list, which, correct me if I’m wrong, should improve its loading time…

Newcomers will definitely want to use this new version of evasi0n. But if your devices are already jailbroken, there’s no reason to re-jailbreak. The updated Cydia package list is the only item mentioned in the change log.

For those that do need to jailbreak, you can find evasi0n 1.5.1 on our Downloads page. And if you need help, or could just use a refresher, make sure to check out our tutorials. We have guides for both PC and Mac users.

As of now, all iOS devices running iOS 6 or later are jailbreakable. But it looks like that could change with the next update, as planetbeing noted last week that the iOS 6.1.3 beta includes a patch for one of evasi0n’s exploits.

  • Dexter

    I have not update since the release of evasi0n. I think the first version is quite stable already.

    • Kurt

      You are very lucky. I had many problems. right now, again on 6.1.2 my weather app crashes as it did on 6.1. I’ll have to rejailbreak it to see if it will clear up the issue. I updated and jailbroke my wifes to 6.1.2 and she has an occasional OS crash but her weather app is fine. On 6.1.1 my battery was dropping fast. But not as nearly as the 4S battery problem many people have since getting their phones.

      • the weather app crashes with appsync installed – but here’s the catch, only after a reboot.

        for example, if you jailbreak with 6.1.2, the weather app will work fine, even after installing appsync. But if you reboot with appsync installed, weather will stop working.

        the only fix is to uninstall appsync, reboot, then reinstall appsync.

        note this is only affected by reboot, not a respring.

      • Kurt

        I don’t have appsync installed. (I really do) But rebooting sounds like something that I would need to do, if I had appsync installed, which I don’t of course (I got it and it works great thank you)

  • I keep updating hoping the weather app gets fixed. Lol

    • Tariq

      download tweak called “weather fix for ios6′

      • That requires a piracy repo.

      • Bieberkinz

        Just cause your getting it from a Piracy repo doesnt mean your currently pirating, its just a tweak your using thats free. People are apparently butt hurt about a free fix on a pirate repo. Unless they dont have self control, theres no problem that I see

      • Damian W

        agree, pirate repos actually have lots of free individual tweak that you can not find on other repos. Some of them are really great.

        My fav legal tweak from pirate repo is called CyTask, which lets you minimize Cydia without closing it and reloading again. Cydia can multitask too!! 😀

      • Guest

        amazing, I had no idea CyTask existied, thanks for sharing it 😀

      • Damian W

        To get the latest version 3.x.x use ihacksrepo.

      • Jerry


      • muhammed.altintas@gmail.com

        Keep on pirating

      • genXhippie



    • Stop pirating crap and you’ll get your weather.

      • Shut uppppppppp….and get offffffff!!!

      • fuck off

      • Joseph

        We paid for the tweaks installed on our device.jailbreaking is legal action.

      • Thats not what he means by pirating. He’s talking about App Store apps.

      • What’s there to pirate asshole? I don’t have any pirated apps on my phone.

    • smtp25

      iPhone 4S + 4Appsync (from sinful iphone) And Weather works

      • Kurt

        Thanks, it worked. Now it’s time to pirate the iDB app!

    • Didn’t the weather get fixed weeks ago? My weather is fine.

      • Kurt

        mine doesnt work again on 6.1.2. though it worked on 6.1.2 but i had bad battery drainage. and on 6.1.1 the weather app didnt work

      • Did you try to fix it manually?

      • Queker

        weather in the Netherlands still sucks balls=/

    • It conflicts with AppSync (package used to enable installation of pirated App Store apps). You can’t simply uninstall it to fix it; it actually requires you to restore as a new device to fix it.

      • rebooting fixes the issue.
        it’s only persistent after resprings.

  • Timothy

    I’m pretty sure this has been out since last night…

  • Alex Blaha

    Will there be an update for it in Cydia? Or is this just for if you haven’t jailbroken yet?

    • My guess, if you already have Cydia then you already have the updated packages. This is for people who haven’t jailbroken yet.

  • Evasion jailbreak broke the feature to AirPlay a video in safari, and either lock the device or use a different app while the video is still playing, anyway you can inform the evasion team to fix this Cody? I’ve tried but I think they ignored me -_-

  • The Evasion jailbreak broke the ability to AirPlay a video in safari, and either lock the phone or switch to another app while the video is still playing, anyway you can inform the Evasion team so they can fix this Cody? I’ve tried but they ignored me-_-

    • That is normal for iOS. Tried it on my brother’s unjailbroken iPhone 4 and it does it too.

  • I opened cydia but don’t see an evasi0n update( I also refreshed cydia). The evasi0n version appears as 0.4-1 in installed packages.

    • My guess is if you already have Cydia then you already have the updated packages. This is for people who haven’t jailbroken yet.

  • EMAN

    Is cydia app lock wail it updates

  • Hmm. Wonder if the updated package will be in Cydia like previous ones.

    • I think it’s just an update to the Cydia source packages. It doesn’t add anything new to the jailbreak unless you’ve never jailbroken.

  • Also cydia ifix brightness for ios 6.x fixes the respring bug

  • Adrian12369

    Does anyone know the name of the tweak that allows you to take photos while recording video on the 4s?

  • Everythingapplespro

    Nice article , but 1.5.1 was out days ago!

  • Evasi0n 1.6 is the jailbreak update for ios 6.1.3 hopefully

  • Damian W

    I just updated it now and installed everything without problem on my iPad 3. Tweaks work and everything works fast.

  • 3clipse

    Did this 1.5.1 on a clean install of iOS6.12…. all good except my photos don’t sync in iTunes (v11.2)…. Photos are on the iPhone 4, but iTunes says 0 photos, however the bar indicating available space also shows them – Any ideas ?

  • ive kept my iphone 3gs updated on evasion but am still running 6.0 since my phone seemed to be running great on 6.0 (no crashes since release last year, even on old JB with redsnow) I dont plan on updating my iOS pretty much EVER. If Evasi0n gets to 20 million by summer, I plan on creating a petition to make JB’ing a device a legal and neccasary item in creating new advancments in Technology and UI creation. No product made under patent should be legally allowed to limit the function or possible function of any piece of technology. I think that making money off the sale should be the bonus of creating awesome technology, and i think Pirated Apps should not be the concern of Apple in Sales of their Phones, but rather be left up the App maker and Legal team of the Apple store to resolve. Xbox Live has created many security measures to limit the possibilty of “hacking” games and servers, and has Automated systems that will ban you from using the service on a per System basis. Obviously Apple doesnt want to ban anyone from the appstore on a per system basis, but by making the creation of Jailbreak next to impossible isnt the Solution to keep Pirating out of the iDevice community – personally i pay for nearly all my apps legally, on cydia and appstore. I think the % of people who Jailbreak and pirate apps should be a topic that Idownloadblog covers, and also the overall % of people who use Pirated Apps on their iphone as well. people wanting Jailbroken devices dont want pirated apps from what i see, they want gesture customization, theme capabilities, and the addition of User Interface Customization aka Tweaks that allow you to do things that arent normal available in the UI (quick reply messages, CallBar, Fullscreen to remove Statusbar or Dock, you name it. I think the case for jailbreaking is fair and makes perfect sense, we just need a lawyer from the JB community who loves Cydia and Saurik to back us up and then a petition with 1mil sigs and i think It will be open territory for everyone.
    How much would you pay of AppStore for a JB Cydia App. I would personally pay up to the amount of 20$ USD for something like this if it were available.

    also if Cydia were a paid for app on AppStore, i think this would actually ELIMINATE the possibility of of people using it for Pirated apps. If Cydia was able to team up with apple (in a sense) they could use knowledge from each other to create a system that could monitor and prevent people from downloading and using illegal apps if they wanted to be connected to Cydia or AppStore. This could help prevent pirating of Cydia Tweaks and AppStore Tweaks. I personally think pirating is lame. If you cant afford a tweak or app, i think thats pretty sad. You have one of the MOST expensive phones on the market, and the service these users have is some of the most expensive as well. I think its very childlike to have to resort to literally stealing someones hard work. My opinions on pirating or sharing movies is much different than that of Programs, as i think over paying for movies is the biggest SCAM EVER. if movies were as affordable as most applications, my feelings would change.

  • disqus_2Pf337apDd

    do you guys have any problems with the evasi0n 1.5.1?? i cant jail break it from the start the jailbreak button is how i say it locked???any way to fix it???

  • Derwin

    don’t have weather issues after using this evasion 1.5.1, many thanks for hard work, evaders.