brikk gold iphone case

In case you were wondering, this is what an $11,000 iPhone 5 case looks like. Well, it’s actually more of a bumper than a case since it doesn’t wrap around to cover the back of the phone. But that’s beside the point.

What you are looking at is the new Haven iPhone 5 case from Brikk, a designer and manufacturer of couture products and accessories. The line starts out at $11,610, and goes to $14,235 and beyond, depending on the model…

Brikk’s Haven cases come in 4 different flavors: Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold Satin and Platinum. The gold cases feature 75g of gold, while the platinum model—the most expensive—contains 100g of the metal.

brikk case models

There are other, made-to-order options as well, such as the the Gray Stealth and Black Carbon models you see above. And if that’s not enough opulence for you, Brikk will embed diamonds into the case of your choice.

The case’s frame is made out of pure titanium, milled from a single slab of material, and features an ‘internal shock absorbing silicone gasket system.’ The gold or platinum coating is then applied atop, so there’s no plating.

For those of you who have the money to burn on the $11,000 iPhone case, you’ll be happy to know that at least part of that money goes to a charity that feeds starving children in Africa. Oh and shipping to the US is free.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to Brinkk’s Etsy store. Feel free to let us know how it is.

[Cult of Mac]

  • aint nobody got money for that!

  • No wonder, iPhone thefts are on the rise 🙂

  • ap3604

    Well I normally wouldn’t… but since the shipping is free!


  • sambuzzlight

    just ordered 4 of it, sold my house along the way too

  • TGD

    pfff! i can buy much better case for 20$

    • no doubt 😀 with a case like that you will be killed !

  • And when the iPhone 6 is released… you can buy another one…. i mean you have an arm AND a leg!!

  • Holy $hit

  • my next investement 😀

  • suure. ill go buy a gold case and also one of those heptagon rings as well why not


    Actually Floyd Mayweather Jr. has one of these. Shouldn’t be a surprise, since he has an ipod with 45 diamonds stuck on it :/

  • but will it blend?

    • Jimothy

      A question we should ask about any tangible item.

  • Jimothy

    (Says in hillbilly voice) I’ll take twenty! 😛

  • but really – they charge for international shipping? ugh just add the $75 to the item price and offer free shipping everywhere – it just looks better.

  • Guest

    Id rather spray my iphone case golden.

    • AppleFan

      It won’t look good trust me, I just did that to my case…

  • FlamingOzone


  • trumpet444

    did anyone read the banner on their Etsy website?….. “Altruistic precsion…..” maybe they meant “precision”

  • well i still have 2 kidneys, they say you can live with only 1. . .

    • Kurt

      It was done by a chinese boy who bought an iphone 4 and ipad 1 with the money he got by selling his kidney.

  • looks ugly

    • Joe you on idownloadblog to much 😛 your over 2000 comments on here! lol

      • why yall so worried about my internet posting i didnt even know how many posts i had till you told me lol

      • Worried isnt the words i would put it just awesome and kinda funny cuz i see you comment on like ever post on here 😛 🙂

      • I help IDB tio stay fare and

      • lol!

      • If anything keep doing it 🙂

  • One iphone case to rule them all

  • With all that money you could just buy a new phone if the one you just bought broke?

  • AppleFan

    I had only like 10500$ so I sold my iPhone 5 to my neighbor for 500$, now I have a golden case pretty awesome right, all I need now is an iPhone 5 🙂

  • David J Delgado

    Hide your kids, hide your wife…

  • Gee Labee

    One word…gluttony…I don’t care if you are worth 10 billion dollars….parts of the world billions don’t have food…if you are thinking of buying…donate the money to Save the Children

  • Ronald Blanco

    I bet the signal is great…

  • JaeM1llz

    Complete ripoff. The scrap price of this case is just over $2500, that means they are charging you over $9,000 just to form the gold into a case….

  • bloodshed

    “they are made of the same standards and tolerances of parts that go on military aircraft and satellites in space”. BUT WHY?!..i’m not gonna start a goddamn invasion!’s silly how some people actually spend that much for a phone case, while some eat from the trash!

  • Paris

    Just got mines and hate it. My parents got me platinum when I asked for gold! Other then that, really like it