Do you ever wish your iPhone had better battery life, or expandable storage? How about a brighter flash, so it could take better pictures in low-light situations? Well let me introduce you to the iExpander.

The iExpander is a case for your iPhone that, believe or not, does all of these things. It has a built-in battery, a micro SD card slot, and an enhanced flash. Like the title says, it’s like steroids for your iPhone…

The iExpander is constructed of graphite reinforced nylon, which is both extremely durable and flexible. And despite all of its added features, the case only adds 6.33mm in thickness to your handset.

The built-in battery is of the Li Polymer variety, the same one Apple uses in the iPhone. And the micro SD card slot can read cards up to 64GB, and stores and transfers any iPhone-compatible content. The developers also seem pretty psyched about the case’s enhanced LED flash and its capabilities.

With just 8 days left to go in its Kickstarter funding round, the project has raised just $120,000 of its $125,00 goal. So if you’re interested in the iExpander, you’ll want to pledge $75 or more to get on board. The cool thing is, the pledge can go towards a case fit for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or yes, even an iPhone 5.

Though a lot of folks may find the iExpander to be overkill, or too bulky, it seems like the case will be a home run with power iPhone users. In fact, the extra battery alone is almost worth the money.

What do you think of the iExpander?

  • ConTroller

    So it basically turns your iPhone into a fat Galaxy SIII? o.O

    • No just no

    • No because a Galaxy SIII doesn’t have iOS which is the best mobile operating system in the world.

      • Hahaha I’m gonna call bs on that android jellybean

      • fuck android and your dessert software which is slower than a snail

      • Dan

        you may prefer IOS, but android is far from slow, my GS3 sure isn’t

      • Henri Parmentier

        you are talking to the hand here… real apple fanboys will never look at an android phone, even today android phones are enjoying a rather polished and stable OS like IOS, without the locks and limitations IOS has

      • i have an iphone 5 and a GS3 for testing purposes… and I can assure you that it is SLOW. My iphone 5 beat it in EVERY single one of my tests

      • ReanimationXP

        lol’d at “dessert software”

  • No I’m actually happy with the way iPhone is… No need to make it look like a brick

  • dady king

    Naah not intrested .. Just imagine if apple wanted to do all that stuff insight an iPhone .. Then probably iPhone would have never been so thinner. Iextender just ruins the original look and the feel.. M happy with my device as it is.. But great effort by those guys.. Not seem most of the people will like this product.

  • WeebSurfer

    Always hoped for something like this but with a GPS booster like the TomTom car kit.

  • This is a pretty cool idea, but it is definitely not for me.

  • LilGreenGuy

    if it works with iFile, this would be good to have especially if you travel a lot.

  • I’d buy it in a heartbeat for iPhone 5. Miss the hell out of my Mophie juice pack from the 4s. I will take “bulky” with battery life any day! SD card slot- even better.

  • Ivan

    The video is totally biased and not objective at all.The photos taken from the Iphone 5 which you give as an example in the video are not genuine at all-they don’t have any focus.

    • ReanimationXP

      Yeah, the iPhone 5 can take pretty good low-light photos, but there’s definitely a lot of room for flash improvement.

  • Gee, i wish my Droid Razr Maxx could do all that….oh wait, it can. Without a huge bulky expanded case.

    • Dan

      was thinking the same thing but wasn’t going to say it =P

    • Really? a “Droid razr”? Good luck with that -_-‘

  • If they went to all that trouble, why don’t they just make a smartphone? That prolly will be the new thing in kick starter a “phone”

    • Are you trying to be funny, or are you just stupid?

      • First no need to call anyo e stupid! Well what I was saying I guess if they wanted a better flash/cam, battery life, upgradable memory, more durable case, why not add a screen and a CPU/radio and they got themselves a phone?
        Im sure if the iPhone was that thick to begin with

      • ReanimationXP

        “Sometimes it’s better to be thought stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • So, it doesn’t require jailbreak?

  • What was wrong with the original flash? Expandable memory, but few iPhone apps expect you to have this unlike Android apps. So it’s back to battery life. Nice battery pack, but it looks whack and it doesn’t protect the front. Fail.

  • Honestly. I like this design for travel (not daily usage), save the 30 pin adapter that makes the phone just too tall.

  • Sharpie

    They should add a solar panel to the case!

    • ReanimationXP

      A DishTV satellite would be nice too.

  • I don’t understand how this SD card could work ! Do we need to jailbreak for this ?

  • Zcar4me

    Great product! I already run an extra battery pack on my 4s. I use my phone all day and never worry about lugging a charger around. I would love the extra functionality of the flash and sd card.
    Of course it’s not for everyone, but for power users like myself… it’s awesome!

  • Does this require a jailbreak? It seems pretty cool, but also very big.

  • it must be jailbroken, we CAN’T use any external storage without jailbreak (You only can copy photos from a SD card by using the Apple accessory without the need to be jailbroken). In the video we see an entirely new transfer files app, and because of sandboxing, third party apps can’t access to external storage.

    Another reason to explain why it must be jailbroken is the second battery indicator, third party apps can’t do that, and we can’t add status bar icons in iOS without being jailbroken.

    I also don’t understand why he explains that they created a working iPhone 5 prototype because the jailbreak hasn’t been publicly released…

    I think they should talk about jailbreak in the video, many people don’t want to jailbreak, so they won’t be able to use this.

    • Mike

      Exactly! And the stupid two battery icons will just never happen, these guys are just bullshitting

    • You’re wrong. The voyager pro+ Bluetooth headsets have a second battery bar for the battery life of the Bluetooth device. No jailbreak required. So it is possible.

      • Sorry, first time I hear that… I mistaken.

        But I still don’t see how the SD card could work…

      • They showed it in the video. It doesn’t interface with the phone on a system level. You have to get an app for it to let you browse the files and you can then use the “Open In” feature of iOS to open the files in other programs

      • ReanimationXP

        The app they show would require root access. Apps cannot see other apps’ files within the normal sandbox.

    • Neil

      Jailbreak is not required that is why we did not discuss it in the video

      • ReanimationXP


        You need to go into some further details for the jailbreak community on how you plan to achieve your goals. I’ve submitted the following 4 questions to your kickstarter page:

        1. App Store apps are unable to access the files of other apps, nor the root filesystem. How do you plan on overcoming these limitations? Will your app simply allow for moving photos and videos only over to the microSD? If so, you should state that limitation.

        2. The large flash pictured in your video is not visible in the case renderings of the device. Where is the larger flash located? Does your case allow adequate and comfortable access to the Volume Up button for picture snapping?

        3. Why have you misrepresented the “original” low-light iPhone pictures by making them out of focus? Surely that wasn’t necessary in demonstrating the benefits of a larger flash.

        4. Apple doesn’t currently allow 3rd parties licensing to create Lightning connectors or adapters, and have proprietary circuitry which ensures compliance. How are you getting around this limitation? Have you protected yourself from a potential lawsuit?

      • ReanimationXP

        This ain’t lookin so hot. Check out their (rather lackluster, borderline bogus) replies:

        Charlie Corry says:

        Drew, Thank you for you questions.
        Let me try to answer them:

        1 – Regarding the transfer of files. On the 4/4S you can only transfer the files to and from the device. They cannot be accessed directly by the phone. This is what is being done ing the video.
        On the iPhone 5 we believe it allows 2 way communication like the iPad. We are still exploring that with our app developers and that is one of the reasons for the Kickstarter campaign. We need to finalize the App and interface.
        2 – I think I know what flash you are referring to. In the video it says we tried various flashes such as Xenon flash. The video shows an example of a Xenon flash.
        As explained in the video we did not go with the Xenon flash but instead opted for LED’s.
        3 – The pictures taken are 100% true and unedited. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. The only way for the iPhone to achieve focus is by lighting the subject with the built in LED. If the built in LED is insufficient then the camera cannot even focus.
        Adding the extra iExpander LED’s allows the camera to not only focus but light the picture more evenly.
        4 – We are aware of this and are working with Apple. It is the hands of Apple to approve this and if they do not then we have an alternative method lined up.

        Again thank you for your questions.

        Neil Horn

  • genXhippie

    My iP5 will definitely enjoy this addition.

  • Dan

    Very nice idea, but it makes the phone look like a brick!

  • if it was a tad bit slimmer & the entire phone was covered, not just missing the top (which i dont know why companies do this anyway) i would probably buy it. Great ideas in there, but damn i feel like i have to attach a ransom note to it being that thick

  • TriguyRN

    How did they get two batteries in the status bar?

  • Haha

    I bought the after market version, $26.

  • Haha

    I own the after market brand of this iexpander, who ever interested in my brand reply back to me.

    • ReanimationXP

      Uh.. ok I’ll bite?

  • Osama Bin Laden

    SO effing fake… I really hated the photos part, cheap way to gain support and promote your product.

  • Hi,

    Can the same case be made for xolo x900 as well? xolo x900 is similar to iphone in terms of hardware specification,flash and battery life. Please let me know if it can be made for xolo x900/orange sandiego phone as well?