A few months ago, I reviewed the GLAS.t for iPhone 4S. At the time, I believed it to be the best screen protector for iPhone. Fast forward to this date, and I still have yet to see a better alternative to protect the screen of your iPhone.

If the iPhone has changed since my original GLAS.t review, something that hasn’t changed is the quality and reliability of the screen protector. The folks at Spigen SGP are pretty smart. They know I love their products so they sent me a GLAS.t for iPhone 5 for review. Spoiler alert: it’s 99% positive…

Before I get going, and for those of you who have never heard about the GLAS.t, it’s a screen protector for the iPhone made of tempered glass. At 0.4 mm, it’s noticeably thicker than your average screen protector. The advantage of glass though is that you don’t have this awkward sensation every time you touch your screen. As a matter of fact, you don’t even notice the screen protector. It just feels like it’s not there.

The Installation

There’s always a tricky part when installing a screen protector for iPhone. Depending on what type you buy, you might have to spray some liquid on it, or be very careful not to ruin the screen protector by applying it wrong. Although it doesn’t require any watery solution to set it up, the GLAS.t is no different than most screen protectors. If you mess up the install, your second chance will be a very slim one.

However, to be fair to the GLAS.t, it has a strong advantage over its competitors. Because it is 0.4 mm thick, it is sturdy and doesn’t bend or fold in your hand. This alone makes it a much easier screen protector to install than anything I’ve used before.

But just like most screen protectors out there, you only have one chance to get it right. In my experience installing GLAS.ts on several devices, I have found it to be the easiest to handle, and the installation on my iPhone 5 was no different. I believe it took me more time cleaning up my screen and making sure it was perfect than it did to actually install the GLAS.t. This is how easy it is. Again, your experience may vary.

The Good

As I explained above, the main benefit to using the GLAS.t is that it is made of actual glass. It looks, feels, and reacts just like your iPhone screen. Once installed, and assuming you installed it right, I can guarantee that you will not see the difference, and after a few minutes, you will probably forget it’s here.

To me, this is the most important part of a screen protector: it has to feel like it’s not there. I’ve tried my fair share of screen protectors in the past, and have yet to find one that feels as natural as the GLAS.t. Those plasticky screen protectors definitely aren’t cutting it for me.

The Bad

Unfortunately, everything about the GLAS.t isn’t perfect.

Because it’s 0.4 mm thick and made of glass, the GLAS.t adds a little bulk to your iPhone. It’s not much and you can barely feel it, but it’s there. I don’t use cases, but because it adds a bit of thickness to the device, I assume some cases might not work properly with the GLAS.t. Hard cases are probably a no go, while cases made of softer materials seem to work out fine from my experience with a couple cases I had on hand. According to Spigen SGP, all their cases work fine with the GLAS.t.

The other downside of the GLAS.t is that it adds a little weight to your device. Remember, it’s made of glass, which is heavier than plastic. Because the iPhone 5 is about 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S, the added weight doesn’t strike me as much as it did on my iPhone 4S. And again, I feel like it’s just a matter of time until you forget all about it.


Just like I did with the GLAS.t for iPhone 4S, I can only recommend the GLAS.t for iPhone 5. From my experience, it is the best screen protector out there. I obviously haven’t tried every screen protector, but I have used and tested dozens of them. The GLAS.t is without a doubt my number one choice and recommendation.

It sure adds a little thickness and weight to your device, but, probably just like I did, you will forget about those details within a short period of time of actual use of the screen protector. Besides, the quality, look, and feel of the GLAS.t surpass these minor drawbacks.

You can get the GLAS.t for iPhone from Amazon, starting at $7.99.

  • Joe Catul

    I’ve used SPG’s Ultra Crystal on my iPhone 4 and now 5, and you really can’t tell it’s there – there is no tactile difference to me in having it installed. That might be the best screen protector around. In any case, SPG definitely make excellent screen protectors!

  • M L

    I had 2 of these for my 4s..my 4s slipped out of my lap onto a rug sitting on top of tile. So about 2 1/2 feet….shattered the glass protector. So I got another one. This one slipped off my passenger seat onto the floor mat (now it is not a carpet floor mat but the molded hard rubber ones) and again it cracked.
    They are nice but WAY too fragile to me.

  • f1ght3r

    They have a Glast.T R now, with rounded edges that is less prone to cracking/chipping on the edges. I would go that with one.

    • Yes, I actually just saw that. I never got to test this one. I can only assume it is better than the regular GLAS.t. Of course, it’s also more $$$

      • f1ght3r

        I just ordered it along with the Neo Hybrid bumper case for the iPhone 5. I’ll let you guys know what I think of it.

    • AltF5

      It’s only for the iP5 🙁

  • thor_molecules

    Had it, and it was great for a few days. And then….

    The screen went on just fine for me. No dust, no air trapped underneath, nothing. To be sure it went on correctly, I left the iPhone face down on a desk overnight with a book on top of it.

    It looked great for a few days and then after awhile I noticed that a small air bubble formed in the upper left corner. I tried to squeegee it out, to no avail.

    Progressively, it got larger until I had to remove the protector. Checking around online, I’ve found similar complaints (google it).

    My advice would be for you to stay away from this product unless you don’t mind spending $30 for a new one every few days.

    • AltF5

      Something must have been wrong specifically with yours, or your application of it (no offence).
      I stepped full force on my phone before, had it placed in my backpack under books, and also has fallen 3 ft out of bed on hardwood floors. No such similar incident has occurred.

      Leaving it alone like that could have been related to the issue. I have applied 2 (got a new one because dented the hell out of my last one), and used them instantly. The only hard part is aligning the holes just right. Try and get it right the first time, and you should have no issues.

    • BearManPig

      The exact same thing happened to me… i was really happy and i really liked the protector, but after around 2 and a half months bublles started to appear on the sides of the screen… eventually they looked so ugly that i needed to take it off and throw it to the garbage.
      i wont buy another one again.

    • I think it would not happen if you had a case on

  • teqblog

    🙂 With my personal experience I don’t think you need to spend $30 for a screen protector. I have been using $2 for set of 3 from all4cellular. You get protective film for back and front. I had to switch one iPhone from apple store due to charging issue and I pulled out my cheapo film from the old phone and put it on the newly replaced phone right there in the store. Apple employee who dealt with me was quite surprised how easy it was transferring from old phone to new one. He was like wow that must be an expensive one, I said him no its 3 for 2, I could tell he was really impressed. I still have it on my iPhone 4S and my wife’s iPhone 4 for more than 6 months. I recently ordered 3 sets for $8 for iPhone 5 as well. It is barely noticeable and gives a good gesture on the phone and its smudge free! I will think twice before spending $30 for a screen protector.

    • AltF5

      $30 > $150 — which is what I paid iFixit for a new Display Assembly after dropping mine with one of those screen protectors on (happened in a parking garage – cracked in 100 lines). The only thing the “protector” does is:

      1. Prevent MINOR scratches (although I think the protector scratches and dents easier than the glass itself)
      2. Holds the screen glass together, like a car windshield, after cracking like it did = still usable if you can read between the cracks (literally)

  • GNexusPhone5

    Fuck the protector.
    tell us how much money you got from SGP ?

    • Trackrabbit

      Shut up stupid. This is an awesome screen protector.

    • JerseyD

      Agreed. I think the reviews should be left to Jeff. When they come from Seb they always sound like advertisements. That makes me assume he got paid. He’s the big boss here and doesn’t write many articles on so why did he review a screen protector?

      • Oh, I was expecting such comments. So let me say that again… Unless the post is labeled as “Sponsored”, we do not get paid for it. We actually rarely do sponsored posts.

        This one is NOT labeled as “sponsored” which means we did NOT get paid to review the item.

        Now why do my reviews always sound as an “advertisement”, as you say? Well, because of reviewing shitty products and wasting time writing a negative review about them, I only write reviews about products that I like and trust. So no, you will never read a negative review from me about a product here, because, again, I only write about products I like.

        Now please stop assuming we’re always trying to make money by giving you biased information. This is not true.

      • Kurt

        you should try being more classy and professional when writing to people with complaints/negative comments. it will make you look good. normally you come off as a…

        know what i mean? yes or yes?

      • I think my answer was quite professional.

      • GNexusPhone5

        no it wasn’t.

      • Yes it was.

      • You guys are so awesome. I’ve been a big iDB fan for over a year now. Keep up the great work!

      • That was actually pretty professional, I wonder how you would respond.

      • Kurt

        Do you honestly think cursing and show anger/emotion is professional? Is ok if you do, but I don’t.

      • 1- he did not curse
        2- If others were him most will show more anger, ‘shitty’ is no profanity.
        3- again, his post is no advertisement, he is just defending his claim.
        4- the screen protector is great, people bitch around on how it sucks”

      • Kurt

        well you have every right to be wrong.

      • i think people look for issues in anything it went from sponsored ads to how unprofessional your response was lol smh. i think people just need to feel like they have an opinion about something.

      • Loralie84

        Wow, the author sounded very professional and did not come off rude at
        all. Why are people trying to start a conflict over something so
        trivial? Thank you for the time and effort you put into your post, Sebastien. Just
        know some people actually DO appreciate the time you took to give this

    • If you can’t trust iDB, then I suggest you stop reading the blog.

    • AltF5

      Sounds like you just haven’t tried it yourself…

  • after putting on screen protecters a fair few times, i can put on a cheap plastic screen protecter and it will last a few months and there are no bubbles underneath.

  • jorith

    When reading this and looking at there site i got all excited about it, but reading it is so prone to shattering. Thats not for me, i drop my iphone 4s atleast 5 times a day. Yes its taken alot of suffering in the year i have it, but it does not even have one scratch, LOVE my speck candyshell (altough it has a a few details that make me go WHAAAAAAA, in a bad way). I now have a pure protect from switch easy on it, but im really hating the plastic feel of it, and after a year its ready for a replacement.

  • Still rocking with my 4s and my iDB win of zagg screen protector..

    • f1ght3r

      ZAGG sucks, that’s one of the worst protectors I’ve ever used.

      • notewar

        zag sound similar to ‘suck’ in high pitch – doesnt that ring the bell already?

  • Alessio Carmelo Bonsignore

    I’d like to see it but for now I’m in love with power support. It’s perfect!

    • Eddie Jhay

      can you feel the Screen protector like Zagg?

      • AltF5

        No, which is awesome. It feels like the screen itself. Not sticky (had a zagg tear off simply from removing my wallet from my jeans, which the phone stuck to), not textured, just smooth glass, exactly like the iPhone screen. I was amazed how well this product worked (especially for touch transmitting through, without and lag, delay, or drops in the digitizer sensing my fingers).

  • AltF5

    I agree. This is what I always looked for. Hate the shiney, plastic, different feel of screen “protectors” – besides, they don’t help much: my screen still shattered when dropped on concrete face down. I like to believe this one will take the impact leaving the actual screen undamaged,

  • Anthony Jones

    I had the same problem with the 4s screen protector it looked fine for the first 3 weeks after that I started getting ugly permanent spots around my home button contacted them after constantly complaining they agreed to send me another one and it did the same thing and i didnt bother to contact them again as they were trying to say it was my fault why it happened so don’t waste your 30 dollars I will not buy one for my iPhone 5

  • Anthony Jones

    And it also didn’t have a hole for my FaceTime camera as it looks like it still doesn’t for the 5

  • Lifeproof case is for me and my iPhone 4s. Waterproof to 8 feet deep. Not to mention dust and dirt proof. If I get it dirty I just rinse it off.

  • Had one on my phone for about a month and a half. Felt like there was nothing there. Best screen protector I ever had until I tried to put a case on. I own a lot of cases and probably 2 out of 10 cases would fit on my phone. I wanted to leave the screen protector on longer since I did spend $30 on it. But it developed air bubbles that eventually worked its way through out entire screen protector when finally it just was so loose it fell off. Not worth the money unless u don’t use a case and don’t care about $$.

  • I have a Skinomi on my ip5 and its awesome. It also covers the sides. And it’s like $3 on amazon. Normally $20.

  • Tricki68

    I loved it when I first put it on. It went on just like you described. Now 2 months later I had to remove it because of an air bubble. It started out as pretty much nothing, then spread completely across the entire screen. Needless to say I wasted $30. Go with a really cheap alternative, it will protect just as good.

  • mickey

    Some of you are being pretty ridiculous.

    1) It’s a 0.4mm piece of glass, of course it’s fragile.
    2) Your $3 protector is plastic, scratches and makes the screen look like crap. This one is scratch resistant like your naked screen

    The only real issue with it is the bubbling after a while. It’s a shame it can be so hard to get SPG to replace it. The product however is pretty great when it works. Nothing will come close to a naked screen as this. It actually feels a bit smoother and the oleophobic coating better than the bare screen. I’ve used sgp, powersupport, zagg, BSE, bodyguardz, phantomskinz, wrapsol, etc… over the past decade on various devices. Film protectors are usually either tacky or eventually scratch and take away from screen clarity.

    The edges are definitely fragile though (again, 0.4mm glass), especially if you’re not using a case. I’m curious to see if the new rounded edge protector makes a difference. I’m currently using the bodyguardz pure glass on my iphone 5 since there was a 50% deal making it an even $20. So far so good. Seems identical to the glas.t. $35 for the new rounded glas.Tr is a bit pricey though. They should really be replacing the T with the Tr rather than charging more for it.

  • Kurt

    the screen is what’s really needing protection from scratches

  • The biggest problem that I see is that the glass reflects glare when I am outside checking my phone. I had to purchase a NuShield DayVue film which actually works better outdoors and I have not found any bubble issues with it. And it only cost $14.99 for 2 films!

  • This was the best protector ever. Until the air pockets started appearing and there is no way to get rid of them. At least it lasted about 6 months.

  • Rabbittpro

    I bought this product and it bubbled in the top right hand corner. I emailed them about the problem & they sent a replacement out & it happenend again. I just simply requested a refund. I wish it would have worked out. Can’t recommend it.

  • Hey, is ZAGG or this better sebastation?

    • AltF5

      This… By a long shot. Zagg is simply another form of plastic (I have tried it) which has bubbles, and also makes the screen “stick”… and is dented easily.

  • Screen Protector

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  • SSHGuru

    Try “Just Like Glass” screen protectors. They are not made of glass, however when you put it on it feels like glass and is break resistant. Much cheaper and you don’t have the bulk of the glass ones.

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