In the market for a new screen protector but don’t want to shell out big bucks for it? Well, today might be your lucky day as the fine folks at ZAGG just let me know they’re running a 50% sale on their famous InvisibleSHIELD line of products.

No matter what device you have, ZAGG will literally get you covered as they carry screen protectors for many devices, including everything that runs iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

To get your 50% off, simply visit ZAGG’s website and enter coupon code thursday50 at checkout. The code is valid today only for up to three screen protectors.

  • fuckyou

    Save your mony. It’s crap!!

  • Just bought one maximum for razr maxx

  • got one and it is great!

  • Liu Zhenyu

    Which is the shield that preserves retina display?

    • None, the shields don’t preserve retina at all.

  • This product is terrible! It’s blurry and obscures the retina display. It also turns yellow and starts to peel off after a month or two. The invisi-shield is also a bit rubbery and bumpy, that’s why it’s “scratch resistant”.

    It’s a bloody terrible product. I’ve wasted my money on it and I honestly hope nobody else does.