A quick note for our readers that have been patiently waiting for a jailbreak for the Apple TV third generation. According to a recent tweet by my fellow countryman and iOS hacker extraordinaire Pod2g, no one is currently working on a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise. The Apple TV has always been the iOS device with the least amount of attention from jailbreak hackers, likely because it is much less exciting than the iPhone or iPad…

The latest Apple TV to have received the jailbreak treatment is the Apple TV 2nd generation. As you can see in our jailbreak section, you can currently jailbreak the Apple TV 2 running iOS 5.1.1 using Seas0nPass.

  • que mala noticia =(

  • Wow.. I don’t even have an Apple TV anyway.

    • Good for you?

    • David Canfield

      if you dont well good for you but nor do i but im not winging so shut up

  • 1337lolzorz

    I love my jailbroken ATV2. Navi-X add on is awesome!

  • I don’t care. I only use it for Netflix and AirPlay… Buy a Roku if you want more than an apple tv

  • Well that sucks 🙁

  • I’am sure some people are not going to be happy at this.. But I will say this having a jailbroken ATV2 running atvflash (black) ( thanks iDB for that) .. It’s not a big of a deal the ATV is a good device without a jailbreak..Only if Apple start making apps for it will someone try and jailbreak it, then it will be worth jailbreaking

    • albertkinng

      you don’t know what you are talking about, a jailbreak Apple TV is the only way an Apple TV worth it’s price.

      • You sir are just some little kid who thinks he know it all…. Go back to your play pen

      • albertkinng

        I forgot this is a forum for people that actually wants to pay for content. Sorry.

      • Than pay for your content.. Just don’t reley on jailbreaks to accomplish it.. The Apple TV is a great device without a jailbreak.. The jailbreak just gives you more.. It’s not the end if the world if it doesn’t have one.. And that is what I was saying in my first post

      • albertkinng

        can you watch free movies on a Apple TV? no. Can you watch free TV shows? No. can you add substitles if you want on any language? no. can you see your social media under a movie frame? no. can you install apps if you want to as weather or traffic info apps? NO. I can´t see how you can enjoy an Apple TV without this. it will be a box for Netflix, youtube and rent content. get real!!!!

      • So what you are saying is the Apple TV is worthless then.. So if no jailbreak comes out for the Atv3 the device is not worth it..
        What if no jailbreak ever happens for it what will all those people do with and I mean the ones who don’t want/need a jailbreak. What will they do.. Jail breaking the ATV is not a must.. It’s a luxury that give you more … And if you can not understand that I feel sorry for you. You must be obsessed with jail breaking … You need to get out more and get a life… The Apple TV does not need a jailbreak for it to work .. But it does give you more options and make it better .. You don’t seem to understand that.. Jail breaking is not the be all and end all of the ATV

      • albertkinng

        The one that is not understanding the difference is YOU.

        Apple TV without jailbreak = netflix & youtube. That’s it. I’ve been there. Guess what? Netflix and youtube are online and in 95% of dvd players, streamers, smart tvs and much more. So, why bother?

        Apple TV with Jailbreak = No cable TV monthly fees, No subscription for movie viewing, no pay per view, no dvd renting needed for blueray quality movies. Plus apps!

        Paying $99 for youtube and netflix or hulu on your tv (that need monthly subscription also) is stupid.

        Enough with your trolling. I’m outta here. Be happy with your Airplay/youtube/Netflix/hulu stupid box… I just need internet for that.

      • You didn’t even read my first post fully did you.!!! I even said thanks iDB for the AtvFlash (black) … Yes my Apple TV is jailbroken .. I’ve not said it wasn’t .. Yes I even enjoy all the things you said … But the Apple TV is a good device without it.. This post if you even bother to read it is about the ATV3 might not even get a jailbreak and I was saying that it was a good device still without the jailbreak… It’s not about the Atv2 .. Which of cause you have cause it’s jailbroken just like mine… Read the post .. You can here from the link on the other post and didn’t read this post just the comments.. And you came to your conclusion without understanding what this post was about..

      • As for trolling .. Wasn’t it you who replayed to my comment… ? With your ..
        You don’t know what your talking about crap..
        Now get back under that rock that you can from…

      • albertkinng

        “where you CAN FROM”? Shut up.

      • You have to be the biggest nob jockey I’ve ever had to talk to..you are small minded and seem to think that jail breaking is all that maters you need to wake up and get a life ..

      • albertkinng

        Listen, I don’t invent the jailbreak. If yo don’t like it, fine with me. BUT stop saying that a non jailbreak device stills as good as one that is. Tell me with honesty what can you get from an Apple TV (not jailbroken) better than a Samsung Smart TV. Understand that a Smart TV comes with the same apps that are installed on a Apple TV plus more. WHY? you will recommend an Apple TV to a person who owns a TV like that? and PLEASE don’t mention renting movies as an option here VUDU is WAY BETTER.

      • At no point have I said that a Apple TV is better unjailbroken… Yes it’s better jailbroken , you get so much more.. Yes my ATV2 is jailbroken and I wouldn’t have it any or their way.. All I said was from my first post on here .. Which was about NO ONE IS WORKING ON A ATV3 JAILBREAK … You need to reread my first post on here… I’ve not said that a unjailbroken ATV is better.. And a lot if people would be unhappy because there might not be one for it… Please just reread it I hope that you get where I was coming from when I wrote that ..

  • My apple tv 2 is garbage without Plex. Otherwise it’s just a useless way to play music. Plex makes it the multi media centre I really want and need.
    This is the reason I’ll never update or upgrade my apple tv. if I lost this one app I’d be lost!

  • Bloody monkey hell! I sold my 2nd gen to my dad when I picked up the 3rd gen. I guess that is the price I pay for wanting 1080p. My Roku does all of the other stuff I would want to do with my Apple TV, so while no jailbreak is in the works, I still have a backup with Plex on the Roku and the good old USB port for playing MKVs.

  • Trust me, this will make atv2 is more expensive than atv3 on ebay.. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..

    • DilbertAsended

      $250 rt now.

  • hellome

    with apps like airvideo for iphone and now hulu plus on ATV. there is not a huge reason to jailbreak.

  • No it doesn’t say that at all.

  • It says “Apple TV 3 update in the works” which really means that there will be a working version of it once there is a jailbreak for aTV 3. No false advertising at all.