Hotels offer a wide range of amenities for guests-on-the-go. This includes on-site pools, Wi-Fi, bars, and workout rooms. But for one Canadian hotel, this also includes complimentary iPhones.

That’s right, the Opus hotel in Vancouver has started replacing the landline telephones in each of its rooms, with iPhones. And even better, guests can carry the handsets throughout their entire stay…

USAToday reports:

“The Opus hotel in Vancouver’s trendy Yaletown neighborhood is in the process of making the switch to iPhones, figuring that guests — especially those from the USA — will know how to use them and appreciate having a Canadian phone to eliminate international roaming fees on their personal phones.”

It’s common for U.S. wireless customers to have to change their plans completely when visiting Canada to accommodate international voice and data. And sometimes they even have to buy new handsets. So this aspect is definitely appealing for such travelers.

But these iPhones do more than just make phone calls. Each device comes preloaded with the hotel’s contact numbers, and a virtual concierge to help locate nearby restaurants and activities. And, of course, every handset is wiped clean after each guest checks out.

It’ll be interesting to see if other hotels follow suit here — it actually seems like a pretty smart idea.

What do you think?


  • jose castro

    ow ya makes allot of sense………not ………….looks like free iPhone for every one

    • If someone walked away with one, they’d be charged for it, probably full list price. Just as if they swiped the clock radio. It’s a hotel. They know who their guests are and have full payment information (and permission to charge for “incidentals”). No one wants to pay full price for a used iPhone.

      • jose castro

        dude the who idea is stupid lol… even if that was the case.. im sure it would be super easy to jack one…. trust me if there a will to a con-artist .. theres a way

    • You realize that customers would have to pay an additional fee to have this service included right? Also when you pay, they get your information: name, credit card, etc, so if you plan on stealing one you’re probably going to get caught. Think a little before posting next time, k?

      On topic: I think it’s a great idea, for a higher-end resort/hotel type thing, while at the same time I think it’s a little.. excessive? I like that it cater towards the customer and helps them save some time against the hassle of switching carriers or having to get another handset. I hope this gets implemented at more larger hotels, but hope it doesn’t become the norm for all hotels where expenses will get hiked up just so that you get an iPhone in your room.

      • JaeM1llz

        There are ways to steal without making it look like you stole. They can swap the hotels iPhone for a broken iPhone. People do this all the time with Xbox360 returns at WalMart.

      • Yes true. But you dont pay to walk into walmart. And if u wanna stay at this hotel, you’ll have to.

    • Exactly like byron said, NOT FREE IPHONES. Its a simple thing called credit card that you can charge the customers after their stay if anything is missing or broken. U have to be stupid to think hotel gonna get iphone stolen so easy!!!

      • JaeM1llz

        So what happens when someone takes the internals out of a broken iPhone and replaces them with the internals of the hotels iPhone and then tells the concierge that the iPhone is not working? You think they are going to make them pay for a broken iPhone without being able to prove that they broke it?

      • Ur not gonna pay hundreds even thousands just to be able to steal a iphone are you? Were talking bout a very high end 5 star hotel. Not no days inn or holiday inn. So wat now???!!!

      • JaeM1llz

        Room at Opus Hotel = $289. Doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s a profit margin there.

      • You think they don’t check their hardware before and after a guest checks in and out? Jesus you need to get out more

      • JaeM1llz

        You think hotel employees are trained to be able to tell if a devices internals have been replaced? I could do it without even making it noticeable.

      • Sorry double post… >_>

      • You don’t think that a hotel willing to dish out the money for X amount
        of iPhones isn’t going to hire people with the technical know-how?

        Looked it up a bit on their site, the rooms already come with an iPad 2
        in each one that you can use on and off property, so obviously this
        company knows what they’re doing when it comes to their tech.

  • JaeM1llz

    These guys are really opening their doors to con-artists here. Terrible idea.

    • Ben Selmani

      At any hotel you leave your credit card information for damages, access to the mini bar, room service, ect… I would think anything to happen to the iPhone they would be charged for it like any other hotel would.

  • chjode

    Gross. You just know those phones are never cleaned and covered with the accumulated mucus and saliva of previous guests…

  • Fancy iPhone 4 :p

  • Dan

    If the hotel protects themselves (credit card info), I think it’s a really good idea. Not all cellphone providers let you use your phone to make local calls when you travel.