Back in 2010, Apple acquired the rights to Liquidmetal Technologies’ amorphous metal alloys. The deal essentially gave the Cupertino company exclusive rights to the material, along with the corresponding patents, through 2012.

Yesterday, it was discovered that Apple has recently elected to extend that agreement another 2 years. According to a new SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) filing, the Mac-makers now own the rights through 2014…

MacRumors reports:

“The agreement, which is funneled through a subsidiary known as Crucible Intellectual Property, LLC provides Apple with a full license to all of Liquidmetal’s intellectual property for commercialization in consumer electronics. The original deal required that Liquidmetal submit all of its intellectual property discoveries to the subsidiary through February 5, 2012, but the new amendment effect as of last Friday extends the agreement through February 5, 2014.”

Why should you care about any of this? The close relationship between the two companies has sparked a ton of speculation in the tech world — more recently, the possible use of amorphous metal alloy in a future iPhone.

That being said, it looks like the material is still years away from being used substantially in consumer products. But you have to wonder why Apple would renew such an arrangement if it didn’t have something planned for it.

What do you think?

  • I think they have something up their sleeves and their testing out something now or very, very soon.

  • they bought this company 2 years ago so its probably going to take it least 2 more year until we start to see iphone build with luquidmetal

  • I reckon they’ve nearly completed their first iTerminator.

  • If they had iPhone in mind for a very long time it could be possible that this was in their mind too same as how iPhone started. Could be iPhone could be MacBook. Anything is possible. But surely it’s in for a big surprise.

  • jose castro

    when will apple make the first terminator so we can jailbreak it