Things are starting to pick up regarding the iOS 5.1 jailbreak, as we’ve just received word that pod2g has hit another major milestone in his efforts to hack the latest version of Apple’s software.

The security expert just tweeted “Heya! My iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 is now untethered :-)” This is good news, considering the only jailbreak currently available for iOS 5.1 is tethered…

The news is also exciting for a couple of other reasons. For one, it means that hackers are actively working on the 5.1 jailbreak. And two, it means that things are coming along nicely.

We still don’t, however, have any kind of ETA for when the jailbreak will be released to the public, and if/when it will work with A5(X) devices. But at least we know we’re making progress.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as more information becomes available.

  • Maybe touch on the topic that he may hold out on his exploits until iOS 6. (source:

    • Touch on it??? It was rode hard and put away wet last week. 😉

  • I thought he was working on a jailbreak for the 4s.
    This really blows.

    • Chill, this is just the first step…
      But I’d rather see him savig them for ios6/ios5.1+

      • I kinda agree with u, I actually hope he isn’t making to much progress on the jailbreak, not cause i don’t want a jailbreak! Heck no i want it but he should hold of to it at least till the next ios beta gets realeased so he can choose wethere it’s worth the wait or not…

      • David Villamizar

        It’s not that easy, even if he keeps the exploits there is no guarantee for them to keep useful in a future iOS like iOS 6, they can just be fixed by apple in the meantime, so it is better to use this we have now that we can. And if pod2g can’t jailbreak iOS 6, other hacker will, there are a lot more iOS hackers out there so don’t worry that much for such a small problem…

      • @David Villamizar You need to rethink on how much effort a jailbreak tool is to code. Think hard.
        There ain’t “a lot” of other hackers that can do what geohot, comex, pod2g, ion1c etc. can do.

      • @David Villamizar Your argument doesn’t make any sense. It’s ALREADY proven that there are exploits that work for iOS 5.1. It doesn’t matter if he pod2g releases the jailbreak now, or in 20 years. The 5.1 jailbreak is already made. You make it sound like if he waits too long, then somehow the exploits won’t work anymore for 5.1. Yes, there is no guarantee that the exploits will be useful for iOS6. But if you release it NOW … there IS a 100% guarantee that they will be NOT useful. Either way … if you release now, or later … the 5.1 jailbreak will always be there. The only difference is if you release now, then you burn all the found exploits FOR SURE. If you release later, there’s a chance Apple didn’t patch them.

      • David Villamizar

        releasing iOS 5.1 does not mean that the exploits are lost, they are actually being used, I know that there is no reason to upgrade to 5.1 for the vast majority, but to get the new versions of the whole iWork, iPhoto and iMovie apps installed you need the iOS 5.1, so if you don’t have or erased those apps you can’t get them back on iOS 5.0.1 so it’s loosing some essential apps or loosing the jailbreak. And if the next iOS comes with a new iPhone, new exploits will be required, at least for the next iPhone, so it is better now than later when they get useless.

      • Just a heads up, You can install iMovie and other apps that require 5.1 on your jailbroken 5.0.1. Google it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, too bad 🙁

    • Metroview

      Calm your ass. I have a 4S too but you don’t see me bitching about him not doing that first. Have you ever heard of progress? Have you thought that maybe he’s working on each device one by one?

      • Anonymous

        4S Jailbroken here. OS5.01 FTW!

    • Just think of it as the first step in the process of breaking the 4S. 🙂

    • The hackers do A4 devices first because they are easier to exploit. Like how Corona was released weeks before Absinthe.


    • First he Jailbreaks A4 devices to make it simple, then he works on a hard jailbreak

    • it will use for 4s and new ipad

  • Lets go !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope that my iPad 3 will be jail broken real soon

  • I’d love to see an anti appsync/install0us code in this jailbreak, that would be sweet!

    • Anonymous

      Are you really that ignorant?

      • Anonymous

        Are you really that blind? “ANTI APPSYNC/INSTALLOUS”. I love it when people try to look smart and fail at it. Simply priceless.

      • Anonymous

        …like what you’re doing now?

      • Anonymous

        @MohzeenHansrod Sweet comeback, bro! You killed me with that one :O

      • What does this have anything to do with ignorance?

    • That was an epic fail!! Are you really that ignorant to not know that installous is illegal because it steals money from the developers, that they could have earned.

      Now if he implements the jailbreak with appsync/installous, that would put the hackers on a red mark from Apple, thus making jailbreaking illegal.

      • Anonymous

        Are you really that stupid that you can’t read his only sentance???

        “I’d love to see an ANTI appsync/install0us code in this jailbreak, that would be sweet!”

        As in a jailbreak that would break the functionality/block Installous

      • aahaha wtf dude anti appsync/install0us means its going to block it just like anti virus software they prevent a virus from attacking

      • Anonymous

        You are, indeed, an idiot.

      • You’re an epic fail. Learn to read. Stop giving other people a hard time for YOUR mistakes.

    • Anonymous

      If u read his profile he’s against that type off people. So y should he add it?

    • Anonymous

      Niclas, jailbreaking was created because of free choice and it will be used to free choice!

      • I love free choice! It’s awesome!
        But it wasn’t made for pirating apps or tweaks, ask ANY of the developers of ANY jailbreak tool.

        Jailbreaking is NOT about stealing stuff. It’s about breaking the chains that apple put on your device. With a jailbroken device you got the opportunity to get stuff you couldn’t dream of before, free or paid.

  • David XAVIER

    I think pod should hold off until the next ios version comes out, but whatever :-/

  • KEEP up the work 🙂

  • ye tian

    should try with the new ipad instead of older device,

    bcz people can just stay at older firmware version if they want their device jailbroken and they can use shsh anytime

    only the new ipad users “stuck” in the middle, cant downgrade of whatsoever

    • That is really selfish… Just because a Previous jailbreak is available doesn’t mean they should work on another device. Situations happen, for example, my iPod was replaced by Apple. My previous iPod had 5.0.1 and 5.1 blobs but when I got my new one I lost those blobs.

      So saying that he should focus on the new iPad is a selfish comment. Also, he can start with whatever device he wants. You don’t know if he owns an iPad 3.

    • Anonymous

      Then again, no one made you buy the New iPad, did they?

      • Oh ya? Same teory applies, Anyone ask you to upgrade your old device? Dont start trolling here? He just saying 1st jailbreak should goes with the new iPad first, does that bother you or bcz u jealous of the new iPad user? Get a life

      • Anonymous

        What device? Oh, wait, so I have an iPad now? And I’m trolling? Uneducated people spitting shit: CLASSIC! (By the way, your bad grammar and terrible english just make it even more amusing to me.)

      • * mandarin

      • Anonymous

        What you’re saying TOTALLY makes sense, for real.

  • dude, stop posting updates on the jailbreak. We all know they are working on it. I personally could careless how far they are getting, i just want the shit to release. FML this is what i get for upgrading to iPhone4S! faaaaaaaaaaack!

  • I love the ingenuity of the JB hackers and the swiftness they are demonstrating the past few weeks; also, for the good-humored, good natured attitude towards the JB and the stupid little 10n1c nonsense. I personally am insouciant as to whether or not it is released, bit it’ll definitely be beneficial to those who had to restore or update their operating systems due to stupidity or inauspicious circumstances. Anyway, I trust pod2G and the Chronic-Dev team to make the proper decision concerning releasing or non-releasing the JB, regardless of the poll.

  • Anonymous

    Stop openning posts about the Jailbreak? simple huh.

  • One of the reasons why the new JB’s are taking forever to come out is because of how ungrateful, impatient, and rude people are to the Dev’s. Calm your asses down, and wait like everyone else. Your moaning and complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere. Rather, it will piss off the main dev’s, and will NOT motivate them to release a JB any quicker. So shut up, go outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy your life, instead of sitting in front of your screen complaining about a jailbreak. ’nuff said…

    Anyways, the JB progress is coming along nicely. Props to pod2g.

  • Anonymous


  • Kok Hean

    That’s really good progress!

  • Ther is Untether for 4s, 5.0.1, Big diferences with 5.1?? Non, so, is you whant a Untether iOS5 , stick to 5.0.1…
    I have the New iPad and i like to know if ther is Someone Working on a way to Downgrade to 5.0.1 becouse i think is moré simple to have a Untether 5.0.1 on am iPad 3gen then having one for 5.1….Please moré info about the New iPad 🙁

    • Your new iPad will never get downgraded to 5,0.1 … Ever.. No one is even trying to get it on 5.0.1.. There is no SHSH’S for it and no API ticket for it to get on 5.0.1.. Your first jailbreak for it will be on 5.1 ( maybe )
      As for there is 5.0.1 untether that only good if your device ( A5 ) is on 5.0 or 5.0.1 . There is no downgrade for the 4s

  • iOS jail breaking community:

    Devs don’t give updates for a while: “OMG GIVE IS A UPDTATE”

    Devs do give updates: “OMG STOP GIVING US UPDATES”

    Not saying everyone is like that, but I’ve seen a few…

  • Anonymous

    Honestly Apple is being pretty annoying about the cat and mouse game. Google has the right idea, let people use their device that THEY own, not the company. It gets frustrating waiting so long for a jailbreak to come out; people have to miss out on so many awesome tweaks!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly Apple is being pretty annoying about the cat and mouse game. Google has the right idea, let people use their device that THEY own, not the company. It gets frustrating waiting so long for a jailbreak to come out; people have to miss out on so many awesome tweaks!

    • Anonymous

      And that’s why Apple sucks ^^
      Their devices are relatively good and they manage to turn them into anything from so-so to actually really crappy with their stupid policies. Let’s not even start talking about prices…

      • How is an iPhone any more expensive than a flagship android phone???

    • Anonymous

      Oh snap we’ve never heard that argument before! Thanks for the insight.


      • Anonymous

        Yeah, and because of people like you who are part of the problem rather than the solution, Apple still has their way with us.

        Thanks for the insight.


  • Can tell me how to do a untethered the Ios 5.1 on Iphone 4

    • There is no untether yet … On 5.1

    • were you ever jailbroken on an earlier firmware?

  • guys Pod2g just comfired that it will work on a5 & a5x divices.check out twiterr a/c of him @pod2g.

    idownloadblog are too slow in news……

    • If he just confirmed it.. This site doesn’t start posting till 12 GMT ..some times sooner… Look at date this post was made… 3 of may … Its now the 4 …GMT ..

  • MAY04
    Pod2g Inadvertently Confirms iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Support For New A5 And A5X Devices
    Tanner Marsh5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Start discussing!

    After pod2g confirmed that development of the iOS 5.1 untethered Jailbreak will continue by revealing that he managed to get the untethered Jailbreak running on his iPhone 4, most members of the Jailbreak community were left wondering whether or not newer devices will be included in the upcoming utility.

    Today pod2g inadvertently revealed that the untethered Jailbreak will encompass the iPhone 4S, the new iPad, the iPad 2 and the Apple TV 3 by saying the following:

    People say: “don’t release now coz iOS 5.1 tethered is good enough”. Don’t forget there are AppleTV3, 4S, iPad2 and iPad3 users out there !

    When correcting his example, regarding “people” who claim that an “iOS 5.1 tethered [Jailbreak] is good enough”, pod2g hinted that the latest iOS-based devices will also be supported in the 5.1 untethered utility that he’s in the process of creating.

    Additionally, in a followup Tweet, pod2g pointed out that that “a lot of users got iOS 5.1 out of the box”.

    To summarize, both Tweets indicate that pod2g will continue development on an iOS 5.1 untethered Jailbreak that will support all current iOS-devices – including the A5-based iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and Apple TV 3, as well as the new A5X-based 3rd-generation iPad.

    If you’d like more information on pod2g’s progress, you can find all of the details here. Stay tuned for complete coverage on the iOS 5.1 untethered Jailbreak as the situation develops.

  • Well done! I’m looking forward to getting up to date again, though all the stuff in 5.1 isn’t a huge leap, its still nice to know you can restore easily and not worry about losing your blobs and getting stuck tethered.

  • Well if the time between the first sign of untethered and the release stays the same as on 5.0.1 then the 5.1 jailbreak will be released on May 22!

  • Can’ wait for the untethered JB. Currently on tethered and it can be really annoying!!!

  • can it be released today or not?

  • I understand that a lot of people want the jailbreak now, instead of waiting for iOS6. I completely understand the frustration of being left on 5.1 for a long time if you happened to upgrade or bought a device that came with 5.1. That argument is fine. Personally I wouldn’t mind waiting because I’m on 5.0.1.

    What I don’t understand are the people who are making arguments like, “There’s no guarantee that the exploits will work for iOS6. Apple might patch them, so it’s better to release it now while the exploits still work”

    THAT argument makes no sense at all.

  • For those who got stuck with ios 5.1 cause they bought a new phone would like him to release the untether as soon as he can… But for u guys still enjoying 5.0.1 it’s easy to say hold back till iOS 6…

    Keep up the good work pod2g!! 🙂

    • Yes – Once you had y ou blobs stitched into 5.0.1 with iFaith or RedSn0w, your fine. You can restore all you want! I say wait until iOS 6 – but I do see the understanding in getting 5.1 out there with the new iPad and such, but with such different architectures, it should be on a different playing field.

  • Anonymous

    What Great News……..

  • sint inthapanya

    i have unlock by sam on iOS5 BB 04.11.08 and back up ticket..but now i want to update to 5.1 and jailbreak untethered ,can i unlock by sam again??? thanksss

    • you just have to restore your ticket after jailnreaking again

      • sint inthapanya

        can you tell me how to do that..thanks alot

  • I don’t get the “wait till iOS 6” comments. What on Earth makes you think that they will keep the same security system both in iOS 5.1 and 6. Like wtf… Even if there will be a jailbreak or not, they will change or enhance the security system. Not releasing the jailbreak now will just screw the 4S and new iPad owners who got their devices with 5.1.

    Like… Do you guys really think that Apple is that stupid to leave their security system as it is? Obviously iOS 6 will have an enhanced security, with or without the exploits of 5.1.

  • After five years of cat and mouse games between Apple and the hacker community, it would be nice if Apple took the dollar signs out of their eyes and opened up the platform more. iOS is long over due for AppStore apps that rival those in Cydia and more importantly those in Android’s Play Store. If Apple wants to attract an even larger and more loyal fan base this needs to take place or the overall number of iPhones in circulation will continue to dwindle.