Fans of Flight Control rejoice as Firemint just announced the next evolution of their popular and additive game, coming later this month for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Matt Lewis

    Yay. This is great, I loved the original! Looking forward to this one. I want to see all the new features.

  • now this is a space game!!!^^

  • Anonymous

    Hey, can anyone help me with a problem I’m having in my calendar app?
    Ok, so I’ve been using Icould for quite a while, and I’ve also haven’t installed any new tweaks. I’m running on ios 5.0.1 on iPod

    Ok since yesterday, ICloud syncing Hasent been working, and I’ve lost my “calendars” the all my events except birthdays and the “+”… They do come back if I turn off I cloud, but I need It on for work reasons… I tried disableing tweaks, deleting my Icould account from my iPod, but no luck… Any ideas on how to get calendar working again?

    • Do you manage your calenders on any other machine such as a PC? I had issues when I ran my calenders through iCloud and then didnt have it synced through iCloud on my MAC. I ended up changing it so I deleted it from my phone, synced the MAC through iCloud and that just readded iCloud on my iPhone and it fixed the issue.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but I have been using Icould since day one. I can’t acces anything on my iPod, I I really hope that I don’t have to delete everything… Do I have to update to 5.1? Cause maybe apple is blocking Icould for older iOS…. Yes, I am jb btw, so updating wouldn’t be an option

  • What’s additive gaming lol???

  • Looks like eye cancer

  • Anonymous

    Omg I can’t wait for this. Looks mind blowing and more challenging

  • Anonymous

    Why do people like crap like this, it’s so repetitive and boring, good for about 5 minutes and that’s it.

  • Anonymous

    Probably not going to buy it. It just seems like a space map for the original Flight Control. Then again. I probably wouldn’t have bought the original had it not been on sale.