iDownloadBlog is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Max Borges Agency, our giveaway of two AviiQ Smart Cases for the iPad 2. The high quality anodized aluminum case matches the look of your iPad 2 and works with or without Apple’s official Smart Cover.

AviiQ’s Smart Case is available in black, silver, green, blue, orange, pink, and red. While the case normally retails for $34.99, we’re going to give you an opportunity to win one for absolutely free… 

How to Win:

Step 1: Like iDB on Facebook.

Step 2: Follow @iDownloadBlog  on Twitter.

Step 3: Share this giveaway with your friends on Twitter by clicking this link.

For an additional chance to win, post a comment explaining why you want to win an AviiQ Smart Case! Make sure to include your Twitter handle in your comment.

The giveaway concludes on Wednesday, January 25th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT – 5:00), at which point two random winners will be selected and contacted for further instructions. Best of all, there are no age or shipping restrictions. Good luck!

  • @XavierArriaga Sorry I forgot this

  • Corey Bayne

    I would love to have this warmly hugging my iPad 2!

  • I’d love a nice aluminum case!


  • Ty

    Id like it for m cousin

  • My iPad needs more protection from scratching. Until now I’ve only used the smart cover, but a stray grain of sand managed to scratch the back of my iPad. I’d rather avoid any more of that. @dasphere

  • iDownloadblog is definitely the BEST Apple-iOS blog out there, keep like that! @Christian_PG

  • The Aviiq Smart Cover would not only add style to my iPad 2, but it would also help protect it from my two adorable daughters (7 & 4).

  • Win

    Because I really need a good case for my ipad 2. My case is in really bad shape and I been needing a new case. This case would be perfect for me to carry around my ipad to school or everywhere.

  • MX ZX

    it look so awesome

  • I’d like to win this as my sister has just got herself an iPad 2 (even tho I told her the iPad 3 may be out soon). So I’d give it to her.


  • David Son

    Cuz smart cover sucks. Was duped!


  • to protect my ipad when my bros play around in my room and make it fall from the desk and stomping on it. rawr there so crazy 😀


    • lol they already cracked the glass but thank god not the screen

  • I need a stand for my iPad, protection also would be nice. Would love to get this for my newly jailbroken iPad 2 😀


  • Looks better than the cheap case I have now. @gavin_campbell

  • As a Magic fan, the blue color would look great while I’m at games! Also, it looks so sleek and sexy that I would carry it around everywhere!


  • Because the AviiQ Smart Case is better than my current case.

  • who’s the winner??

  • Well, my great aunt got an iPad 2 as a gitft, and she is 70. I don’t trust her fingers to hold it tightly enough, so if I win i’m gonna give it to her.