The fine folks at FireCore have partnered with iDB for an especially-awesome giveaway. If you’ve jailbroken your Apple TV before then you’ve probably heard of aTV Flash (black). This full-featured jailbreak apps brings some amazing features to Apple’s little set-top box, including a web browser and wireless streaming support for many video formats.

In celebration of the recent untethered jailbreak for the Apple TV, FireCore has given us 10 licenses for aTV Flash (black) to give away to lucky iDB readers. We know, it sounds too good to be true.

We love aTV Flash (black) here at iDB, and it’s definitely the closest thing to Cydia for the Apple TV. You can play all kinds of video formats, listen to, surf the web, access media from a non-Apple wireless storage device, create video playlists, check the weather, read RSS feeds, and much, much more.

The app recently received a major update that brought many new improvements as well. Once you install aTV Flash (black), you can then install XBMC and gain access to features like live ESPN streaming.

For you want to know how to jailbreak your Apple TV, you learn how here. We also have a tutorial on how to install aTV Flash (black).

aTV Flash (black) typically costs $30, but we’re going to give you the opportunity to win a copy for free.

How to Win:

Step 1: Like iDB on Facebook.

Step 2: Follow iDB on Twitter.

Step 3: Share this giveaway with your friends on Twitter by clicking this link.

For extra points, leave a comment on this article telling us why you want a copy of aTV Flash (black). Make sure to include your Twitter handle.

That’s it! Good luck to everyone! And thanks, FireCore!

Update: Winners have been selected and contacted via Twitter direct message. If you participated in the giveaway, check your Twitter to see if you won a license. If you won, you can use that code to get aTV Flash (black) for free in the FireCore online store.

  • hello , i want tv flash , thanks

  • 1. iDB is the one must have rss feeder after drunk evening;
    2. Got JB-ed cause of iDB (dont tell 😀 )
    3. …aTV make scence of AppleTV 2


  • Davide Lombardo

    Because so I’ll be forced to buy an AppleTV 😉

  • I want a copy of aTV Flash because i am greedy… i want, i want, i want! @patchcable

  • I work teaching unfortunate kids in Africa. In the village there is one tv, where I hooked up the appletv to. Every Friday I buy a movie for the village to watch. I have plenty of divx movies saved on my laptop which I can play but not the greatest screen for everyone to watch from. Being able to jailbreak it and play content from my laptop would make these guys really happy. Thanks idb. @tasc45

  • Because atv flash is the best what you can do on your jailbroken apple tv 😉

  • Because atv flash is the best what you can do on your jailbroken apple tv 😉

  • I want one ! I got an Apple TV for Christmas and want to spruce it up ! I check your website at least 10 times a day @ZHARDY16

  • i really want the atv flashback because i have an apple tv and theres no use for it because i don’t want to purchase movies from iTunes so ideally really need this because i would really like to stream videos from my mac. and second is that i refresh idb every 5 second I’m usually the first person that reads new articles

  • idownloadblog is the best!

  • I want a free copy because i love apple tv and all its features added by yours. I live in tunisia and i cant pay from here. Thanks

  • cause that is how tv is meant to be watched @nekroscope

  • Does this support hulu?

  • Hey guys,

    First i want to Day thank you to all of your Team!

    I’m from Germany and read your blog every Day! My Day Start with your Blog, so i wake up at 5 am and drink a coffee and read your blog 🙂

    So please i really want to have an copy from aTV Flash Black…my Apple tv is jailbroken and need aTV to pimp 😉

    Please choose ME M1dn8 from Germany

  • If a have aTV I’ll read iDB’s feeds!! In my TV. Something better than this?? Regards!! @1000io

  • I need this, because of my Apple TV setup 15+ friends/family have purchased an Apple TV….man I wish Apple had a referral program….think of how many folks would purchase one of these

  • So I can actually do something useful with this paperweight! 😀 @yourbuddyconner

  • Anonymous

    I want it because this program is the only thing that make me think about buying an Apple TV.
    Really love IDB, great site.

  • Because I would like to give it a try!

  • Got to be in it to win it……. So I’m in it. @cvee72

  • AhaHaHaHaH I DID IT! 😀

  • Too much for too little, still not interested.

  • I’ve read other articles on this topic, but this one is sensible and intelligent.

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