Are you tired of your iPhone looking like everyone else’s? Are you looking for a case that not only sets your handset apart from all of the others, but also says “hey look at me, I’m filthy rich?”

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, and happen to have 10K laying around, you might be interested in Miansai’s solid gold iPhone case. The company’s made-to-order 14K gold cover is one of the most extravagant in the world…

Miansai is a design firm based in Miami, Florida. It’s known for its jewelry, keychains, and it apparently makes one of the most expensive iPhone cases available. The slip-on cover, which is available in yellow or rose gold, costs a staggering $10,000.

Each case is custom made, and comes individually numbered and engraved. And it takes Miansai about two weeks to make and ship the swank accessory.

We’ve seen some pretty high-priced iPhone covers before, but this one ranks among the most appealing. No gaudy diamonds or jewelry bolted on — just classy, smooth, solid gold. Pick yours up today from Miansai’s online store.

[Om Malik]

  • Dan

    that’s just stupid, but then again, some people have gold/diamond teeth put in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some tool bought this

  • Anonymous

    True. And it is plain ugly too!

  • Indeed. The idea of purchasing a $10,000 case to protect a $200 phone isn’t very wise.

    • Ummm you mean 600

    • Where did you get a $200 iPhone?

      • I always LOL when people dont understand how contracts work…just cuz you paid 200 for it with a contract does not mean its worth 200. The phone companies eat that cost to get you on contract because they get their money back within that 2 years, and then some.

      • Yes, I understand how contracts work. Fine, A $10,000 case to protect a $700 phone does not appear wise. There, are you happy? 🙂

  • It would be a nightmare trying to keep this case away from thieves.


  • you’d need something that protects the case 😀

  • Anonymous

    I’d never put that on my 4S. Should have some felt or something between the phone and case at least. But of course it’s just plain ugly also.

  • Anonymous

    the many things people will do to their iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    Good. I was getting tired of carrying this bag of money around with me.

  • The iPhone’s beauty is only ruined by this. If someone really wanted to show how filthy rich they are, they would just smash their phone on the ground each week in a fit of joy, then buy another for the next week.

  • this looks like a piece of junk

  • Unless there’s some sort of buffer on the inside of that golden nugget, it will damage your phone even more when dropped

  • It looks nice and shiny but it’s too expensive XD

  • Dan

    that’s insane