Have you been looking for the right way to pitch iCloud to your reluctant, non-geeky friends? While Apple’s new cloud service is based off a simple premise, describing what iCloud actually does can be a little difficult.

Luckily, the folks at Infographic World have put together a 10,000-foot view of iCloud in the form of a helpful infographic…

Besides the lack of iTunes Match, this graphic seems to cover all of the bases concerning iCloud.  If you needed an easy way to describe iCloud to your grandma, you’re welcome.

  • Vitaliy T

    i think it got iTunes Match correct me if im wrong?

    • You’re definitely wrong. It only mentioned songs being available once you’ve purchased them through iCloud. It doesn’t say anything about the service that matches your iTunes library to songs available in the iTunes store as though you purchased them.

      • Vitaliy T

        on the other thought why would the itunes match be in this infographic? All iCloud does for music is lets you store it in the cloud and this is included in this poster.