Hacker iH8sn0w has updated his popular jailbreak tool for Windows called Sn0wbreeze. Sn0wbreeze 2.8b8 has been updated to jailbreak the iOS 5 Gold Master that was released after today’s keynote.

This Sn0wbreeze release follows an update to RedSn0w earlier today that also jailbreaks the iOS 5 GM. (See our video tutorial for more information). Check inside for details on Sn0wbreeze 2.8b8…

Release notes:

  • instant IPSW detection
  • no need for developer UDID check
  • still has ability to hacktivate
  • preserves the iPhone’s baseband

This jailbreak is tethered for all iDevices, except the old bootrom iPhone 3GS. The iPad 2 cannot be jailbroken on the iOS 5 GM with Snowbreeze.

You can download the lastest version of Sn0wbreeze from our downloads section. Refer to our jailbreak page to learn more about jailbreaking. To jailbreak with Sn0wbreeze, see our tutorial.

  • Josh

    “except the old bootrom iPhone 3GS”

    Does that mean it is untethered on old bootrom 3GS’s or that there is no Snowbreeze jailbreak for it?

    • Francesco


      • Josh

        Dude, yes what?

      • Francesco

        Yes that for 3GS old bootrom is an untethered jailbreak 🙂

  • Gustavo Costa

    Question ; I don’t have a developer account; but I would like to install iOS 5 Gm on my iPhone 4; Can I use iOS 5 with the new Sn0wBreeze?

    • Cueball30

      I’m only replying so that I will be notified also of this answer. Cheers

    • Dylan

      You can use the iOS 5 GM without a jailbreak. No UDID required

    • DH88

      I can 100% confirm this. I just loaded the GM on my iPhone 4. The coolest part? You can create an iCloud account from your phone already without being a paid developer and without having to wait until it officially goes live on the twelfth.

      • Cueball

        So how do u upgrade to iOS 5 GM if ur not a developer?

      • Frandsen

        Actually for Cueball30, buut I can not see the “reply” under his pic:

        You can just finde the iOS5 GM elsewhere. 😉 Sitting at work now, but will be testing the iOS5 GM on my iPhone4 when I get home…

    • Synergy

      No need for developer account.

      • Cueball30

        I had no trouble finding the IPSW file and downloading it. I just can’t seem to find a download for iTunes 10.5 beta 9 for windows. Every site I’ve tried has the windows version as pending. 

      • Mars

        You have to use iTunes beta 7 for windows. Beta 9 is only for Macs. The beta 7 for windows works with iOS 5 GM.

    • meena

      Yup I just asked him In twitter and he told me that I don’t have to

  • Herberth

    can i upgrade iOS 5 GM WITHOUT JAI.LBREAK? i have an iPad 2 3G? HELP PLEASE! 🙁

  • Gustavo

    Keep getting the Apple logo and non moving progress bar after successful restoring… tried ios 5 beta 6, 7 and now GM. what could it be? Trying installing again 2 times on each… Help please.

    • DH88

      Do you have the wifi sync jailbreak app? I had if in the past and of you don’t uninstall the software from your computer it prevents a restore from functioning normally.

    • Shlomi

      Have the same problem !! Tried everything !! Is it problem with snowbreeze? Help!!!!! I want iOS 5 🙁

  • meena

    Can I use snowbreez to install iOS 5 gm in iPad 2 3G without udid and also I don’t need jailbreak

  • Zookye

    iPad 2 🙁

  • Does it run on windows 7 ?

  • terrance

    does it comes with siri features ?

    • DH88

      No. That will be the 4S only, unless the jb community finds a way to port it to other devices.

    • Scaredy Shroom

      No Siri is only on iPhone 4S

  • Marko

    Does it work with gevey sim (preserving BB 2.10)?

  • ricky

    can my iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.5 install ios 5.0GM ?

    • It *should* be anke to without any problems. I can not see why it wouldn’t as it is the latest iPad device.

      I currently have iOS5 on my iphone4, installing it on my iPad as I type, BUT… I’m having some doubts as regards to the iCloud:
      You HAVE to run Lion on your Mac, and since I have my Mini installed as mediacenter, I do not wanna loose Frontrow 🙁

      I know of the Frontrow enabler for Lion, but that only works for video – not iTunes, so I’m considering how much I do or do not need lion on the Mini. All my mail-needs are done via iPhone or iPad anyways… and my MBP is business-only and can not run Lion as its only CD and not C2D…Hmmmm…

      Any ideas, lads?

  • J707

    is there an unlock for ios 5 iphone 3gs

  • Eduard

    hello friends i have a doubt,i was wondering since i wanna get an iphone 4s if i bought one in the us with AT&T, could i use it in a foreing contry with another carrier without unlocking it. because i wann buy 2 one for me and another for my parents but they dont live in the us, thx for the help you can give me

    • well i’m from Louisiana and i sold my i phone over here and you have to get them sim lock free which costs about 100euros which is about 120 U.S dollars for one

  • shalil

    hi im stuck on the activation screen of ios 5gm …i have preserved my baseband i have a gevey sim…plssssssss helppp

  • manoj

    Hi Jeff,
    My 3Gs is on Ipad Baseband 6.15. Now, how can i install IOS 5.0 GM to my 3GS? Can i unlock my phone to any GSM network in India?

    Thanks for the reply…