Jay ‘saurik‘ Freeman, the creator of Cydia, is known for wearing a black t-shirt wherever he goes that says “Reloading Data.” Jailbreakers will recognize these two words because that’s the message that gets displayed in Cydia all of the time when content is loading.

Every time Freeman is spotted in public, like at JailbreakCon, readers always ask this one question: “Where can I get one of those Cydia shirts?

We’ve got good news for you…

Graphic artist Amnesiaco has re-created Freeman’s infamous t-shirt and made it available for purchase on RedBubble. The t-shirt looks exactly like the one worn by Freeman himself, with the “Reloading Data” message displayed proudly on the chest.

And guess what? Amnesiaco’s creation actually comes in t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, “girly fitted” t-shirt, and even hoodie form! The design is also available in a range of colors, although black is obviously the preferred choice. You can even get the “Reloading Data” text displayed on the back or front of the shirt as well.

Prices range, with the t-shirt version starting at $25.56. Hoodies cost $49.38. Head over to RedBubble to place your order.

This is an awesome shirt to own if you’re a jailbreak enthusiast. Are you going to buy one of these “Reloading Data” shirts? We at iDB will be buying several.

[Thanks, Andrea!]

  • keith

    25???? damn if it was like 15-20 maybe it would be cool to have.. but 25??? cmon, hey idb do i smell a giveaway here???

  • I would love to wear that but I really don’t like buying shirts without feeling the fabric first. That’s probably the French in me 🙂

    • Selcuk

      +1 same here, besides if i were to get one it’ll probably be too big or small.

    • Me

      Saurik actually answered this at JailbreakCon (AKA MyGreatFest). He said that he was planning to sell the t-shirts, he was just so particular that they had to be “just so” – in terms of quality, fabric feel, logo didn’t peel off after 1 wash, etc – and the t-shirts he wears are literally him stress-testing the latest attempt. He said he was near a final product.

  • Wes

    I like the shirt, but I feel bad… Freeman probably had his made and hasn’t sold the design for a reason… Did Amnesiaco have Freemans blessing on this? I just have to think that it’s ripping off his idea… then again, I don’t know how Freeman got it in the first place… maybe i’m totally off here.

    • Selcuk


  • There is a “report a concern” at the bottom of the page under Copyright Infringement

  • Simon

    See I wanted the one that said “Cydia” on the back, not some overpriced knockoff shirt… I will buy a reasonably priced sticker instead though!

  • Rio

    they have cydia shirts as well. the ones with the cydia package on them.

  • Burge

    Done and paid….now just the wait for the post…

  • Sascha

    Whenever “Reloading Data” comes up and Cydia can’t be used for minutes (literally!) it drives me up the wall! I’d never buy a t-shirt with that >:-))

  • Burge

    For those who think this is to much ..head over to eBay and do a search for Cydia or reloading data ..there is only one on there and it’s cheaper …

  • Justin

    I’m disappointed, I thought this was going to be about Justin bieber buying one?

  • fdxgncgfn

    Next year at jailbreakcon…
    why is nobody wearing a regular t-shirt?????

  • gsfvxvbx

    Next time my friend asks me a question, I will point to my reloading data t-shirt.

  • hanth3dark

    paid and awaiting order! i guess everywhere i go the prices are about the same..