Good news for those of you with an iPhone on AT&T: you can get 1,000 free rollover minutes right now!

All you have to do is text “YES” to 11113020 from any AT&T smartphone. 1,000 extra rollover minutes will then be credited to your account.

This is a nice gesture on AT&T’s part. Who doesn’t like free minutes?

[Thanks, Jeremy!]

  • Chris O.

    so what’s the catch at&t?

  • Chris

    No catch. They’ve done this before.

  • Justin

    Wonder if this works even though I did this in February.

    • Justin

      Yep, guess it worked. It’s the same number as last time, but the reply in February was a little different.
      ‘Thank you for accepting our free 1000 bonus Rollover minute offer. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.’
      Hmm, so in one year, this 1000 minutes will expire and our rollover balance will drop by 1000, right?
      So what is best, try to use them all up, or try to save over 1000 that way you will still have some when these expire?

  • Wow what an awesome gift, after I signed up for free calls to any mobile fone on any network. How the hell will rollover minutes benefit all the people that have the free calls to any mobile fone service.

  • Michael

    Call a land line once in a while, like YOUR MOTHER!

  • William

    You know what’s better…FREE DATA!! THEY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN US 1000 MB OF FREE DATA!!

    • 2zafe

      I second that motion

  • angelofken

    I tried it’s not letting me do it… once i punched in the number and then type YES the number 11113020 disappear from the To: (field)

    • angelofken

      oh NVM… i turned the ph off and on and it’s working now 🙁

  • Jesus

    So what are we saying “Yes” to?

    Should AT&T buy T-mobile? Hell no!

    • Juan

      it says right there in the reply message. read it. =)

  • Dane

    I already have 9,400 rollover minutes and I’m on the smallest plan that supports 5 lines (750)

    A trick to keep your rollovers from expiring is change your rate plan for a month then switch it back. You’re only supposed to keep what the new anytime minutes on your plan are so if you have 5000 RO but switch to a plan with 1000 minutes you’re only supposed to keep 1000 RO but every single time AT&T will credit all your minutes back if you ask. I had them do it 3 times. The best part is all the minutes won’t be set to expire until 12 months past the credit date. This 1000 will put me over the 10000 RO threshold plus about 300 from my anytimes from this month.

  • Bullet

    I think it’s a show for Fed. Govt. On the SAME DAY the govt. publicly said that they oppose an AT$T – Tmobile merger, this benevolent reincarnation of Ma Bell decides to do something “nice” for it’s customers? Really? Is that supposed to make us stay with you after Tmobile gets an iPhone 5, AT$T? Good luck with that!

    If they were really serious about doing something “nice” for us, they could bring back unlimited data plans for iPhones and iPads!

    • Appleguy

      If you want unlimited data plan for iPhone here is the trick that worked for me..
      1) get a iPhone first gen
      2) activate with iTunes process
      3) choose unlimited data for first gen and the basic messaging which is 200 messages ($20.00 unlimited data)
      4) let att register that new activation on your account and use the first gen iPhone in the meantime
      5) after recieving att text and e-mails that the changes on the account were made successfully, take the sim card from the first gen iPhone and put it into a 3G/3GS/iPhone 4
      6) after doing these steps you should receive a few more messages stating they have automatically adjusted your data plan to meet the new phones required data package……confirm the changes by logging into your account and it will read unlimited data for iPhone !!! Those are the steps I took on 3 out of my 5 lines and all of hem have unlimited data now!!! Best of luck!

      • Bullet

        @Appleguy I have heard of that method before, but would it work with an iPad? That’s what I really need. I already have it with iPhone.

  • Josh

    Shit, I would love to live in the US and have AT&T. Unless it’s a bunch of propaganda-based bullshit.

  • How much are 1st Gen iPhones going for?

  • Here is the confermation text AT&T sends you.

    AT&T Free Msg: Thank you for accepting our free 1000 bonus Rollover minute offer. Your mobile account has been validated. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

  • farmerDoug

    Huh…I rcvd this message:
    Thank you for responding to our free 1000 bonus Rollover Minute offer. You will receive a confirmation message upon validation of this mobile account.

  • kimberlina

    farmerdoug–mine said the same thing–guess we’ll see on our month end statements..