While in Vegas, you can find some pretty interesting things, and this is definitely one of them. This is the World’s Biggest and Most Expensive iPhone Case.

This was on display at the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. This case is made out of 300+ Swarovski Crystals, and it retails for $40,000…

Obviously, the case is too big to fit on your iPhone 4, but you actually can buy Swarovski Crystal cases.

Crystal cases are going to be a bit pricy, but if your interested in getting a good case, you can find some on our store.

Here are some more pictures:

What are your thoughts? Pretty awesome, huh?

  • Fojam

    Whats the iteleport on the screen…? Probably a joke app

    • Peenis

      Iteleport is a vnc app. It rocks

    • Csharp

      Actually a vnc client app

    • Jacob

      along with the 4G and strange (maybe pre-me owning an iphone) calculator app icon

  • kokhean

    Worst photoshopped homescreen ever. They can’t even come up with a decent photoshopped homescreen.

  • Home screen is obviosly fake it saus 4g and it has the old calculator.

    • Derrr?

      Ya don’t say…..

  • I’m going to wish me this for my birthday 😉

  • -duh-

    its not fake its just jailbroken; no carrier, live clock, no battery %

    • SimonOrJ

      Isn’t there a toggle for Battery Percentage toggle on iPhone 4 on:
      Settings.app->General->Usage (or somewhere like that)?

  • ihu

    4g? I thought ppl wouldve found out by now that the i4 didn’t jave 4g