I remember a long time ago when I had my BlackBerry, one of the simple features I appreciated the most was the little LED flashing everytime I received a call, or if I had an unread text message. It was an unobtrusive way to tell me something was going on.

iOS 5 is bringing this idea to the iPhone 4. If you go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and turn LED Flash for Alerts ON, your iPhone camera flash will now flash when receiving a call or an alert…

This video shows the feature in action:

How do you like this new feature?

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  • Will

    Pretty cool

  • DarkReaper


  • BLiNK

    nope. not for me. i never put my phone face down. i like how Apple tries to hide this feature and say its for the hearing impaired. kids will use this more than them. although i do like the new vibration options

  • AMac

    Great. Except the LED is on the wrong side…

  • Micke

    I usually put my iPhone display down. It’s just something I do. But does it continue to flash, or just once? My old Android flashed until you checked it out.

    • William

      That would miserably drain the battery…

      • Anonymous

        It actually didnt, which is why we want the feature…

  • Sascha

    I hardly ever put my iPhone face down, either. So this feature would be of no use for me.

    Can’t some savvy JB developer write a tweak that has a little square flash on the iPhone, simulating an LED on the front? 🙂


    • Sascha

      The square should be flashing in the display, of course. Forgot to write that 🙂

  • LazyBoy

    Sounds like the next iPhone 4S or 5 will have a little LED on the frontside for notifications, and this option implements it on the iPhone4’s camera flash. Talk about blinding annoying notification…hopefully the next iPhone’s LED notification has a “breathing” effect.

  • Robert

    I think this a great feature.

  • Adira

    Kinda old… Like using the volume up button for taking pictures. Nice to have something “new” on my device, but yeah, old.

  • Tony

    The led used as the flash is bright. Wonder how annoying it’ll be

  • Svnelvn

    Like above. The led needs to be on the front side to be effective. I do miss calls sometimes and not know about it because I didn’t check the phone. The blinking light would be a nice addition

  • James

    Nice. Something else stolen from a jailbroken app. Every dev should email steve jobs and say your welcome for all the ideas.

  • ghiles234

    LOL during a movie! anyway this fails

  • David el Gnomo

    I work in a dark room with other people. They’d all be annoyed by this! I hope they do this the right way on tge next iPhone. I also miss it from my BlackBerry 🙁

  • Frank Malloy

    If it only flashes once when the alert first happens it’s not as effective as the BB and others, which flash the light periodically (say every 4 secs) so you’ll always know there are waiting messages. Flashing once every few secs shouldn’t drain the battery too badly…I don’t know how much power that very bright white LED uses tho…

  • Dick Fontaine

    I might like it, if it worked

  • iJay

    It wasn’t working for me until I rebooted the phone. It is blindingly bright (as any flash would be.) An no, you don’t need this on the front of the phone, that is what the display is for.

    I realize that bb does it differently, but personally, I find it annoying. 🙂

  • Tom

    Not working for me, reset phone twice, lying on it’s face in the dark. No Go

  • Paul

    Not working for me either, and stil dispointed over the lack of SIRI.

  • Frank

    I saw the flash once after I enabled it, but since then – nothing.

    Why can’t Apple get even these little tiny things right?

  • dunkadoodle

    What does the l and r do? Also mono audio?

  • 1337inside

    at me on iphone 4 it works only for calls and sms, nothing else

  • Anonymous

    I had this enabled and then forgot about it. Lo and behold I get a call while at work and holding my phone – and the person working next to me thought I was taking photo’s of them -.-

  • Annoying actually. I put it face down at night on silent, vibrate off, so if I get a msg/notification it doesn’t wake me, however the led is very bright and lights up the whole dam room!! Finding that off button now!! I thought it was something to do with the torch at 1st

  • Waste. Of. Time.

  • Frank

    People you know this is an “Accessiblity” feature for those persons who are deaf. So these complaints about the brightness and “it does not work me” are silly. I mean use it if you want, but, it was put there for the deaf to use.

  • Is it possible to change the color of the light?

  • I can’t get mine to work and the led flash thing is set to on!