Apple introduced a handy new feature in iOS 5 called “Shortcuts”. If you are familiar with the Mac app called TextExpander (I highly recommend it), or even the awesome jailbreak app called Xpandr, then Shortcuts shouldn’t seem too foreign to you.

Like the name suggests, Shortcuts allow you to create your own shortcuts. For example, if you’re always typing “Talk to you later” in your emails or text messages, you can create a shortcut for “ttyl”, and every time you type these 4 letters together, it will automatically insert the full “Talk to you later” phrase…

This has been one of my favorite feature on both my Mac and iPhone, and I’m not lying when I say it saved me hours of typing. This is now part of iOS 5, and by doing so, Apple took a direct stab at the 2 apps mentioned above: TextExpander and Xpandr.

How do you like this new feature?

  • Burge

    Apple have spent a lot of time going through Cydia..and finding the best of the best jailbreak tweaks…

    • yo

      Also looking at what android has that iOS didn’t. I think iOS 5 was just Apple trying to catch up to all their competition in the fields they were lacking in. I personally think they did it quite well.

  • Mripod64

    That’s actually kinda cool!

  • josh

    Apparently apple hasnt added the camera grid in the beta 1.

    • Joe

      It’s there, click options.

  • Not many new things in iOS5 if you already have a jailbroken iPhone. Lol or I mean Laugh Out Loud.

  • Érico

    i wanna know when apple is going to let us customize our own page transitions!

  • Zach Wallenta


  • spj

    Great! This is the only feature missing from iPhone that I miss from BlackBerry. I’ve been waiting for this since iOS2 (or whatever the iPhone’s OS was called back then). Thank you, Apple, for finally implementing it.

  • wschloss

    Can it make up for the glaringly missing multiple email signatures? Will it support pre-formatting of the inserted text? Will it permit a line break and indent in the inserted text?

  • Damon

    @ wschloss – no it doesn’t support line breaks…which, sadly for me, makes it kind of useless for auto insertion of email signatures etc…shame. Maybe back to the Blackberry for me!