Feeling a bit nostalgic about the iPhone 2G? Rejoice because today is the day where you can turn your iPhone 4 into an original iPhone. Well, kinda. The folks at iStickr have created a decal for iPhone that replicates the look and feel of the back of the iPhone 2G with aluminum finish.

That’s probably as close as you’ll get to an iPhone 2G, and this for just about $10…

You can buy this decal from iStickr. Will you?

  • MelodyDictator

    The iphone 2G casing looks like shit Iphone 4 is better

    • Igeek

      I agree

  • Rockstar

    Why would any one want that? Iphone 2g was realy ugly compared to the sexiness of the iPhone 4 🙂

  • drublic

    this is just stupid… the iphone 4 design is way better than any previous ones

  • Micke

    The design looks a lot like the one of HTC Legend, with the aluminium and black battery cover.

    Funny, because I bought my iPhone 4 last friday

  • Micke

    … coming from the Legend and the Android scene. Best decision I ever made.

  • Vitaliy

    welcome to the club Micke =D,
    its all about customization and looking unique, im sure some people will buy it)

  • MrA

    I may buy it. First gen iPhone was best looking iPhone IMO. Aluminum back matched my MBP.

  • BLiNK

    No. just no.

  • six4seven

    I kinda like the grey. Resembles my MBA.

    However, I don’t know if the 3d effect will look cheezy. Not worth the risk of disappointment.

  • Pro

    Who the fuck wants that! I think they should make a iPhone 4 like case for iPhone 2G

  • Georg W. Bush

    It was one of the best iPhone’s made. You can drop it ten times and nothing happens, but drop the iPhone 4 and your assed out $75.