It seems like everyone and their mother is getting an iPhone these days. Millions upon millions of iPhones have been sold, and it has become increasingly evident that there are several stereotypical “types” of people that use the iPhone.

A clever infographic has been made showcasing the 7 main types of iPhone users. Take a look to see which type you fall under…

I know at least one person in my life that represents each of there types. What about you?

Better yet, which “type” of iPhone user do you see yourself as? I think I’m a mix between the fanboy and the hacker.

[via RazorianFly and Obama Pacman]

  • Lerimer Santana

    It seems everyone here is a hacker…. Yeah right!!!! I’m surprised most can turn on a pc….. Anyways I’m an overuser.

  • comex

    I’m totally the senior citizen!

  • Overusing Hacker

  • I’m a combination of the fan boy and hacker. My feelings change with the seasons.

  • dan

    the hacker.. on it all the time..

  • manuel.


    It should be called fagboy not fan boy 🙂

  • nicebutwise

    The complainer would best suite me.

  • abanibi

    a mix between overuser and hacker

    • EmperorXavier

      same here

  • jared

    im the overuser hacker fanboy 😀

  • Guy


  • Noisebag

    Lets keep it @ a combination of the hacker and the overuser.

    I cant handle an iphone thats not jailbroken, but also daily getting complains about using it to mutch and having a better relationship with my iphone then girlfriend haha :p

  • Maglor

    Fanboy & Overuser here! Lol

  • Trista

    Hacker. Overuser when i’m on the subway:)

  • greytone

    Over-user/Hacker/Complainer, or, The Overhackplainer.

    • greytone

      And my girlfriend definitely falls under The Unappreciative.

  • Roberto

    i’m a hacker for sure. 7 types of iphone owners are halarious

  • Excellent Article Alex! It made me laugh too. I’m probably a mixture of the Hacker and the Overuser.

  • Tony

    Overuser and hacker. I do have the viper remote start so I can start my friends car which is in CA, all the way from AZ lol. I need to look into how to turn my neighbors tv on and off tho. But I can record shows on their direct tv DVR haha

  • I’m a fanboy overused and hacker

  • hihecat

    I’m a FANGIRL and loves to play little games apps. Lately a friend introduced me a new game EPELER, it’s a cute word arcade game. I need to make as many words as possible from the falling letters, and the goal is to clean up the world. Took me 2 days to see the ending~

  • Hadji

    DeskJob. I think I did 3 phonecalls off it the last 6 months but it makes a nice paperweight.

  • sandeep singh pharswan

    i phone is the latest tecnolgy and very fast tec.

  • mari

    the complainer is me!!!!!!!!