I don’t know what to think about this iPhone decal. Do I find it absolutely ridiculous? Or is it genially original? This skin shows the iPhone 4’s icons and UI on your iPhone 4, and is to be applied on the back of your iPhone. So basically, the back of your iPhone will now look like the front of your iPhone.

Imagine you’re walking down the street, talking to your friend over the phone. Other people will see you and will most likely believe you’re pretending to have a phone conversation with some imaginary friend…

This skin is definitely not for everyone but I’m sure we have a few readers here at iDB that do like to get people’s attention. If so, this will be spot on!

You can get it for $5 here.

Is that something you see yourself sticking on your iPhone?

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  • Felix

    It may be cool for the first couple of buddies you trick with this. After that the value is gone and you feel guilty for spending your money on this.

  • iKing

    It’s actually kinda funny lol in my opinion

  • Sascha

    Felix is right. It’s insanely funny at first but after a while you’ll wish you’d have spent those five bucks on something more useful. Like… a beer and a hot dog or so :-))

  • Z

    How is the home button replicated on the back?

  • Zz

    yeah what Z said the button does look indented like an iPhone home button

  • Julien

    What about unlock of iphone4 4.1??????

  • luis

    id lol at that

  • Fman52

    This is the funniest case ever

  • thefallen

    I just love when ppl ask about unlock on a topic that has -658% to do with it… smh

  • Soto187

    Unlock?? Case?? I guess people didn’t forget to take there retarded pill today!

  • i can jealbreak iphone 4.1

    • Sascha

      Nnnnnnooo wwwaayyyy! Awesome!

  • I like iphone

  • This has won me over. Hilarious! I don’t even own an iPhone4, but I’m getting one. I’ll keep it until I upgrade. I don’t think Apple has plans of changing the shape of the next gen iPhone, so I should be okay. They better have it in white I tell you, or else I’m not getting one.