MuscleNerd confirmed on Twitter earlier today that the Dev Team has figured out a way to use LimeRa1n, GreenPois0n, and PwnageTool for all future firmwares of devices boasting an A4 chip.

Even better, all future jailbreaks for iOS devices with an A4 chip will be untethered. That’s a good news for iPhone 4 owners, as well as Apple TV, iPad and iPod Touch 4G users… 

For those of you who don’t know what a tethered jailbreak is, it basically means you have to plug your iPhone in your computer and run the jailbreak again. That’s a very inconvenient process to say the least.

Hopefully this means that when iOS 4.2 comes out next month, the Dev Team will be able to release update to their jailbreaks rapidly.

What’s your take on that?

  • Tony

    All for one and one for all

    They are more productive when they collaborate instead of competing on who has a better JB tool 😛

  • ramko

    Need for the hour is unlock for bb 5.14.02 and not more jailbreaks.

    • Well, when are you releasing the unlock?

      • i’m sure it’ll be released when its ready. don’t ask for eta, you’ll never, ever get one. in fact, it just annoys them… just an fyi.

  • Yes! We need an unlock right now…. 02.10.04

  • Eric

    The unlock will prolly be out when 4.2 is released STFU and stop hassling the DEV Team for the unlock. It is a work in progress. Be happy for what they do since they do it for free. Sheesh!

  • @datrossboi

    can we have a jailbreak for ficken 3rd gen 8 gig 4.1 ipod touches please

  • Elisabeth

    Ok very nice to know and thanks!!!!! But any news on unlock for Iphone 4 4.1 baseband 02.10????? Is anyone working on it?? The main reason for jailbreak for me is unlock and without it…….. I cannot use my iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    Thanks DEV TEAM.

  • Lou doyle

    Please tell me there wil b an unlock for the latest baseband or my present to my husband is useless!!! No unlock no phone!!! I don’t want an eta and I really appreciate it dev team but I feel so bad for my hubby, nice iPhone that doesn’t work!!! Our fault ofcourse 🙁

  • Hady Morad

    ok i have an idean in mind which i hope it works:
    u jailbreak ur iOS 4.1 iphone 4, save SHSH blobs, downgrade to 4.0.1, install tinyumbrella to preserve the baseband, upgrade to 4.1 again, jailbreak, and unlock!! (i really hope it works)
    please reply

    • Robert

      I believe you cant downgrade once you are 4.1 unless you previously saved your blobs

  • For all the people who ask for unlocks , so u even donate , why not stop begging and demanding here and support the dev team!

  • Z

    Great for A4 chip owners.

  • Musti

    And who did found the bug? Of course GeoHot!

    • iPhoNerd

      You are right!!! All suckers here thanks to dev team totally ignoring Geohot. Remember he said his exploit is non patchable??? He has proven right!!! Everyone including Sebastien took time to call limera1n lamera1n and now all credit goes to Dev team. I agree dev team works hard too, but atleast respect the guy who made it possible!

  • rainrose

    Thanks Dev Team!! Thank you George Hotz!!!! I love you all!!!! :p

  • ism

    my take it is: ill believe it when i see it LOL