We just got a bit of clarification from the Chronic Dev Team who confirmed that GreenPois0n will only jailbreak the iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G. The news was later confirmed by MuscleNerd who made it clear that GreenPois0n will only work for iDevices boasting Apple’s A4 chip.

As a reminder, GreenPoison is supposed to ship this Sunday. We’ll get those guides and tutorials published asap! In the meanwhile, stay tuned for more GreenPois0n news as it becomes available.

Update: Comex is working on a jailbreak for iPhone 3GS

  • Xjb

    oh no! i’m using 3Gs… can’t jb… use back 4.01 πŸ™

  • Esquivo

    @Xjb do You have new iBoot?

    For me is no problem, I’ve old iBoot and I’m already at 4.1 Jb πŸ™‚


    • Do ya knw if the new jailbreak will work with 4.0.2 on iPhone 4 & will there be a a unlock for it ?

  • Blue

    4.1 jb , can u unlock it also? How can i see if i have an old iBoot?

  • Can’t wait to jailbreak my iPhone 4.

  • Appletiser

    boooooo!!! so is this greenpoison only going to be exclusively for those devices or just the intial release, with the 3GS, etc to follow later??

    • Appletiser

      sorry, just re-read – “A4” chip. In which case they knew this all along and strung folks who dont own those device a big fat false hope πŸ™ hopefully Comex will release as soon as ready πŸ™‚

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    JailBreak for my iPhone 4 running 4.1 in meet days!
    Thank God!
    This iPhone 4 feels Naked without Cydia!

  • Bryan

    Is this tethered as earlier reported? Sure hope not.

  • Nest dude


  • Leonidas

    What a disappointment I’m on 4.1 iPhone 3G with the new baseband and 06 bootloader. I just need to unlock my phone, doesn’t really matter which iOS it uses. I’m so blue, my phone is useless.

  • Largie

    Any news on a jailbreak for the iPhone 3G

    • Juan

      search for Redsn0w.

  • Nadd

    Grrrrr damnit I was waiting like two whole months for this to jailbreak my 3GS because it came with 4.0.2!!! And the dev team sed it would jailbreak all devices for life…. Thanks so much comex and if u do release i will even donate? πŸ™‚

  • RAmbo

    They lied all this time. pfff

  • kellray

    πŸ™ I got the Blues… how is this possible .. why could they not say this BEFORE???????? I had 4.0.2 and upgraded simply waiting for this release πŸ™ … Soooo Sad.. I mean seriously WHATS so HARD about saying “ONLY For A4 Chips πŸ™ “

    • Juan

      why would you assume?

      • Raykell foster

        I did not assume bro… All the posts said “ALL DEVICES” πŸ™

  • kellray

    OK .. thats is …… Im switchin to Android!!! ARG!

    • Juan


  • t00bie

    They just gone too greedy as apple himself..jobs is very clever in marketing and i think he is not hesitating use this kind of “marketingploy”. I just starting to adapt to situation that i stuck with this os 4.0.1 jb and its enough for me. I dunno comex but i wouldnt trust too much releasing of jb..

    • c0ntr0l

      Comex is the one that brought you the 4.0.1 Jb he will bring another jailbreak

  • TehKrist

    They should tell before, god damn. Waited about 2-3 weeks for my 3G Jb. F*ck greenpoison.

    • c0ntr0l

      They have released a new version of redsnow for 3G phones 0.9.6 for windows and Mac

  • Tewman

    At lest they got it for the iPhone 4! I’ll have to wait for my iPhone 3GS At least I have an old AT&T sim to allow it to be an iPod touch for now! Good work dev team! You guy’s are awesome! Thank you for all the free jailbreaks! I wish everyone would show appreaciation, but any one stuck like I am! Is going to complain about your work – I appoligise for them!!!

  • Kellray

    No doubt… Great job… The only thing I am personally complaining about is the fact that they did not say before…. But yes great work!!!

  • Angry_Fella

    Lolz… de played a dirty game…no doubt they did a good job makin the jailbreak…but they knew all along that it wudnt work on 3rd generation ipod touches/iphones….they just said “all devices” to increase the number of hits on their page…

  • Sasha

    yeah, pretty shady, for anyone not running an A4 device, these guys have done nothing but dangle a carrot and take it away at the last second, they haven’t done us any favors other than getting our hopes up for the sake of page hits and word of mouth…

    screw these clowns

  • Darren

    i have an o2 contract and an iphone 4 locked to voadfone, it was my understanding that later today when greenpois0n is released i would be able to use any sim in my phone, after waiting all this time i see posts to tell me that i will not be able to unluck, only jailbreak! so i have a totally useless iphone 4