Wifi Passwords is a new jailbreak application that displays all the wifi passwords you have entered on your iPhone when connecting to secure networks.

Let’s say you’re at your favorite coffee shop. You brought your iPad for the first time and you don’t know the wifi password, but you did enter the password on your iPhone before. Well, instead of asking the password to an employee, just launch Wifi Passwords and find out what the password for this coffee shop network is… 

I find this app really useful. And best of all, it’s free! Try it and let us know what you think.

  • Marco

    Now on to a app that show’s me the password of secure networks i dont know haha!!

  • typo: “favorite coffee show”

  • Eric

    A favorite coffee “show”? A little proof reading please. I know you meant coffee shop, but this is just unprofessional.

  • axel Macintosh

    hahaha typing error..
    who’s the proofreader?

  • harry

    and “Never Foget” in the headline …

  • axel Macintosh

    coffee show. it’s nice. i like it

  • Burge

    Well we all make typos but not seen one from you yet ! Lol
    Cool app though

  • Damn I don’t know what happened on that one. Sorry for all the typos. I hate seeing it on other sites but it’s even worse when it’s on mine. Looks very amateurish. Will be fixed in 3… 2… 1…

    • Burge

      Now when others come here looks like the 6 of us have lost the plot on this post…..thanks

  • Is the app password protected? Just kidding!

    Cool app. I really like the second network displayed in your list. I’m surprised everyone noticed the typo but no mention of this!

  • appletiser

    nice little app but would be nice to be able to delete passwords for networks i know i will never use again… unless there is a method and i

    • appletiser

      haven’t found it.

      • Burge

        Just hit restore network settings. Only thing is you will lose all wifi paswords

  • dave

    would be great if only it were real.

  • Phil

    Would be nice if you could delete entries. Not comfortable having certain passwords available for such easy viewing if someone stole my iPhone, but it is so convenient for the other uses you mentioned.

  • Roma

    It working!!!!! Cool!!!

  • Can’t seem to DL this from Cydia, Is there a new source?

    • Anonymous

      Works great. It would by nice to add, edit or delete passwords or even synchronize with fb, or some kind of db or notes. Just sayn…

  • I love this app but it’s missing copy and paste function. I have a friend (that I see only a couple of times a year) who uses the most obscure GD passwords and I typically end up having to open and close notepad to type it out a few characters at a time so I can enter it to gain access to her wifi. Would be nice if I could just copy and paste from the app instead of going through all that.