It seems like it’s been forever ago that my son’s momma walked in the door with matching iPhone 3G’s. Little did I know that day would literally change my life. Never in my life did I think that losing a trackball would open up the doors to substantial opportunity.

My interest in technology, specifically Apple, compounded itself to an infinite proportion. That being said, I started asking myself today, what device did our iDB readers sport before their current iPhone?

My list isn’t anything to write home about, in fact I suspect the gradual trend displayed in my cellular advancement could be an outline for many smartphone users. Here is a brief timeline of the last 5 years of cellphone ownership:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G
  • Blackberry 8300
  • T-Mobile Sidekick
  • Free flip phone

Needless to say I have been quite happy with the way this sequence unfolded. Next to my son, getting gifted an iPhone was the best present I have ever received. How does your list compare to mine? Let us know in the freedom of speech section, known as the comment box.

  • Jason masters

    Oh I forgot I had phones when I lived in japan one similar to a startac a g phone by casio and a phone that believe it or not you could monitor your voicemails live and choose to pick up the phone even if they were leaving a message !!! I used to live that phone we still don’t have technology here!!!

  • Sucre187

    iPhone 3GS 32GB Black (since Feb ’10)
    iPhone 3GS 32GB Black (since launch day 1-1 xchange for bad network issue)
    Blackberry Bold 9000 (6mths)
    Samsung U700 (6mths)
    HTC Touch (6 mths [bad network issue])
    Palm Treo Black Edt. (a year)
    Nokia 6233 Music Edt. (still the best stereo loudspeaker to me)

    I’m an avid Mac user. Since Apple made a cellphone, (which tempt me to buy the 2G or 3G which glad I didn’t), I hardly ‘window shop’ for a new cellphones. >.<

  • Rainrose

    iPhone 4
    iPhone 3g
    Samsung Eternity
    Sony Ericsson

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Hahaha…here we go… (phones I’ve used for 30 days continuously)

    BB 9630
    HTC G2
    BB 9000
    Nokia n95
    Sony Ericsson s710
    Sony Ericsson t630

    Other phones i’ve used over the years:
    8300 series
    8100 series
    Storm 2

    Sony Ericsson–
    Xperia X10



    TU720 Touch
    TU915 VU
    GR500 Xenon

    I don’t remember all the old sSamsung flips…

    Google G1

    I know I’m forgetting some. But that’s a pretty hefty list that spans just 4 or 5 years.
    Phones I plan on having in the immediate future? iPhone 4, BB Torch 9800, and SE X10 mini pro for a back up.

    Looking through peoples cell list I remembered some could I forget the Motorola v360– trusted side kick for 2 months on a Euro trip.
    MT v551, Samsung p207, NK 5300.

    I know there’s even more..but I’ll leave it at this rather than go look at my list of phones.

    I live ’em phones.

  • Gabriella

    iPhone 4
    IPhone 4
    Black g1
    Black g1
    White g1
    Bronze g1
    Blackberry pearl
    iPhone 2g
    Blackberry curve
    That’s all my phone since July 2008 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Abishek

    iPhone 4
    iPhone 2G
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 3230
    all phones since 2003

  • Paco

    iPhone 4
    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 2G
    Treo 700p
    Treo 650p
    Treo 600p
    Sanyo PM-8200
    Sanyo 4900
    Sanyo SCP 6200

    gotta love evolution..

  • slowhand

    Before the iPhone?
    I’m not even sure of my mere existence prior to the iPhone…

  • icnoah

    iPhone 3Gs
    Blackberry 9530 (Tour)
    Blackberry 8330 (Curve)
    Blackberry 8900 (Curve)
    Blackberry 9530 (Storm)
    Blackberry 8320 (Curve)
    Blackberry 8100 (Pearl)
    HTC Dash
    T-Mobile Shadow
    Sidekick 3 Limited Edition D-Wade
    Sidekick 3 Limited Edition LRG
    Sidekick 3
    Sidekick 2 Limited Edition Mr.Cartoon
    Sidekick 2
    Nokia 6800

  • iPhone 3G (8gb)
    Nokia N70
    Nokia 6100
    Nokia 3650
    Nokia 6510
    Nokia 3350 (my first phone)

    i love every phone of my life, so dont wanna change or buy new one if i haven’t trouble on my phone.
    Before decided to buy Apple, it’s hard choice of touchscreen phone between Nokia 9500 and iPhone.
    Yes i love Nokia.
    But now, iPhone is the right choice. And it change my life. Forever.

  • Rafael

    Nokia 6120 (!)
    Nokia 8260
    SE (Cant remember the thing)
    SE w810i
    N95 8GB
    iPhone 4

  • Naomi

    Very old Ericsson SH 888 (1999)
    Bosh Com 509 (2001) – damaged
    Ericsson S 868 (2001) – gift
    Ericsson A1018s (2002)
    Nokia 3210
    Sony Ericsson T610
    Sony Ericsson K800
    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 4

    I didn’t realize there were so many ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meto4you

    iPhone 3Gs
    Blackberry bold

  • Ethan Shelton

    -Samsung SGH-275 Black Bell
    -LG Reveal (LG800) Black Bell
    -iPhone 4S 32GB White Bell/Telus
    -Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH-i896 Black Rogers

    • Ethan Shelton

      -Unlocked Black Samsung Captivate i897 Telus

  • Ethan Shelton

    First of all, Apple is paranoid. They won’t let you have the freedom of making the phone you bought “your own.” The LG G series and the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate are good for that. iPhones suck donkey dick. You cannot download any videos, music, or any audio into your library, and then, Apple has about millions of firewalls, and they won’t let you make your own phone yours unless you got through hell and back.

    • Ethan Shelton

      Plus, you can reset it, and install Norton. Saves you a couple hundred bucks.