It’s no secret that the iPhone 4 has been selling better than hotcakes. As of today, it will be 3 weeks shipping time on Apple’s online store. With the web publicized “issues” surrounding its release, some hard data (as Steve Jobs would call it), has been released courtesy of Change Wave Research. So lets take a look, shall we?

72% of iPhone 4 owners say they are Very Satisfied, while another 21% stated they were Somewhat Satisfied. For the mathematically challenged, that’s 93% giving a favorable rating of the new iDevice. How does this compare to the 3GS you ask? Well, 82% went with Very Satisfied, while 17% said Somewhat Satisfied, totaling a 99% favorable opinion. On the cuff you could say that the iPhone 4 fell a bit short, however it’s pretty tough to go anywhere but down from 99%.

When it comes to the features most and least like, this writer wasn’t what you’d call surprised. Topping out the most liked features, an overwhelming 49% went with the Retina Display screen resolution. The 5 Megapixel camera/flash, and touch screen interface came in 2nd and 3rd, with 31 and 30 percent. The iPhone 4’s most advertised new feature, FaceTime, gathered just 15% of the vote, but since the feature has limited abilities right now, its understandable.

I bet you’re thinking that the antenna walked about with top spot among the dislikes list, aren’t you? Wrong. The exclusivity to AT&T topped the dismayed category, with a 27% total. AT&T’s coverage, speed, quality and 3G came in 2nd, with 24%. Then at 3rd comes the media frenzied antenna blunder. Over half (51%) of the top ranked problems are AT&T related. That’s outrageous, anyway you spin it folks.

As far as reception and dropped calls go, (which came in 4th of the dislike list with 23%), two-thirds (66%) of iPhone 4 users say they Haven’t Experienced ANY issues. Another 14% claim It isn’t much of a problem. That’s 80% basically stating that it’s not affecting them. 14% voted that it was Somewhat of a Problem, and bottoming out the tally was the 7% who announced it was A Very Big Problem. How about Apple’s response to the issue? Almost identically, 3/4 were Satisfied, while 1/5 were not. It would be safe to assume that the few who had problems stayed angry, from start to finish.

The last set of figures is basically what makes you wonder if the opinions about the antenna/dropped calls, were influenced by the hysteria that came with it. iPhone 4 users have reported a better percentage of dropped calls, that those of the 3GS. Just 5.2% have reported a single dropped call on the new device, compared to 6.3% of their 3GS counterparts. I’m sure the antagonists will spin those numbers in a variety of ways, however if the stats went the other way, you can bet they’d be left alone.

So what does all this mean? In reality, not much. The iPhone 4 continues to best all its competition, both in performance and in sales. It’s matching up admirably to the near perfect ratings of its little brother, the iPhone 3GS. One could say, based on these numbers, the only people who don’t like the iPhone 4 are those who don’t use one. It’s true everyone has an opinion about these findings, and we at iDB would love to hear yours in the comment section. What say you?

  • JAK

    Totally satisfied… With my 3GS…. 🙂 will hold my breath for the release of the white iPhone 4, contract for best pricing doesn’t come up til Feb ’11 anyhow… 3GS still beating strong and hasn’t failed me….

  • Mast3rShan3

    Totally agree with JAK. My 3gs is still kicking on 3.1.3. Especially with all the cydia apps that are still compatible with the fw makes it way better than iOS4 ATM. Waiting until my contract ends for the next iPhone. No use in upgrading now when my 3Gs is still perfect for me.

  • Thefallen

    Totally agree with of you.

  • Thefallen

    both* of you

  • Alex

    Went from a 3G to a 4 a week after it released. I am 100% satisfied with it. No dropped calls yet. This whole reception issue has been blown so far out of proportion, it’s a bit ridiculous. I’ve said for a while that the people who have a problem with the antenna are the people who don’t even have an iPhone and this confirms it somewhat.

  • Joey

    I agree with all of you i have the 3gs and is still working perfectly my contract is up next year then i’ll get the white iphone 4

  • I love my iPhone 4 with the latest OS, I have cydia on it with the tethering app and anywhere 3G (which allows FaceTime over 3G)
    I gave my old 3G to my one year old and loaded it with baby apps. It’s also JB 😉
    The iPhone 4 is so much faster then my old phones and 3GS’s I’ve tried. The dual camera’s would be my favorite thing with a close 2nd of the display.

  • Rainrose

    I love my iPhone 4! screen resolution, faster browsing, camera are what I like most about it. 🙂

  • phorsyte

    3 week shipping for the Iphone?? Something is wrong here. There has always been a big demand for the Iphone during the initial release but there has never been a delay this big this long after. I can find NO retailers who have Iphones. Not because they are flying off the self, but rather because they have not received them in the quantities they have in the past.

  • Ghawk

    The iPhone 4 has been over-hyped, if I were asked. Before “antenna-gate” and announcement of 4’s pre-order, I vowed to not be part of any hype and wait till I could buy a case I liked.
    My first and only iPhone is the 3GS, with iOS 401 now. I’m fine, but would like better battery life, camera, and so on. However,….. I can wait.
    Would I go back to Verizon? I am not sure. VZW if fine in this area of New England; ATT&T is also fine – far better than when I made the gamble July 1, 2009 and got 3GS.

    Rumors say a 5 in January; I’ll also wait till I find a case.

  • Ghawk

    PS. VZW is no good in the part of Annapolis, MD where my sister & husband live, but ATT is solid. Two miles from their house VZW is great. Therefore, I’d be hesitant to go back to VZW.

  • Good comments guys.

  • doug

    is the iphone 4 very fragile??????

  • rjpalmer

    @doug – No. Although the joke of is my screen has gone black in one corner where I dropped it after one “merry” Thursday evening. Apart from that, and to be fair that was totally my fault, I’m really pleased with the 4 upgrade. I can’t say that if I had to pay for it I would have done, but with O2 I was entitled to an upgrade for free (I think it’s my overpriced tariff). Have not had any problems with reception, but the answer phone resets every time you turn your phone off which is annoying.