Antenna Research

Steve Jobs demonstrated that all phones have weaknesses. Apple is trying to lead the industry in term of antenna research. To get there, they spent over 100 million dollars on a state of the art testing facility. They also hired 18 PhD scientists and engineers. They sure made sure they wouldn’t screw up this whole antenna thing… [Image: Engadget]

  • SoCoMagNuM

    no comment lmao

  • Chris

    Who cares !!! What’s the fix

  • VnABC

    Apple should read articles from and its visitors comments and fix suggestions, the can save a lots of money! 😀

  • Ab

    Who gives a fuck?
    I hardly make calls on my iPhone 4g…it’s all about the data and enjoying the GUI…all those droidboys are still playing catchup.
    Every new android phone is marketed as the iPhone killer…but you know what, I’m still waiting…I’ve been waiting for years since the 3G. When the iPhone killer finally comes I’ll switch coz I hate iTunes….but I’m still waiting…and waiting…and waiting….