Getting Ready for iOS 4

Following the antenna issue fiasco, Apple issued an official statement in which it said it would release an update to iOS 4 “within a few weeks”. What does a few weeks mean? 2? 3? 10? No one knows for sure.

We can still try to figure out when this update might come out by looking at the past updates of iPhone OS 1, 2, and 3. That’s what tiPb did and here is what they found out:

Neither iOS 1.0 nor 2.0 nor 3.0 were bug-free and while it’s easy to forget, users were clamoring for fixes almost as much in years past as they are now. That said, iOS (iPhone) 3.0.1 was released July 31, 2009. 2.0.1 was August 4, 2008. 1.0.1 was was July 31, 2007.

Looking at this past update pattern, one might assume that iOS 54 will get an update in the next 3-4 weeks, however, Apple might be delaying this update in order to work on patching the holes of the exploit found by the Dev Team and Comex. That’s what I, and many others think anyways. Time only will tell.

When do you think iOS 4 will be updated?

  • Bart

    Personally I think August, I don’t know why, just a feeling 😉

    • Ann

      i think you’re corret

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    God I hope ya wrong Bart -_-

  • ghettocowboy

    the release of the new update depends on how many people are returning the iPhone 4. The more people returning it it, the faster they will release it.

  • Bart

    Apart from my instinct, I hope in a week or less…

  • Guest

    The next release will e only after the next hipment ofnothet countries like singapore hongkong Austria etc because that is when they will have a huge shipment release of apple which according
    to them will be before end of July